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Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016



She was beautiful,
An unusual kind of beautiful
The kind that took you hours of staring to uncover
But when you did it was undeniable
With an olive complexion 
And sleek black hair that parted to the left 
Causing the perfect shadow to fall across her face
Eyes a sharp grey like an incoming storm
And lips that formed to make a crooked grin
She had freckles
That looked like a splash of mud across her face
Just below her right ear was a small mole
Which complimented her freckles in the perfect array
Her teeth were chipped and slanted in opposite directions
But they fell in line with her dimples like a constellation that had never been discovered.  
She was mystery waiting to be uncovered
A secret hideaway few know of, but many have been to 
For it used to be open to everyone until it was destroyed and closed off 
When her bright smile turned to a cold stare and her world collided with darkness 
Many would stare as she walked by in the halls 
Confused on what could've happened to the girl they once knew 
She kept her feelings isolated inside her 
Her face showed no expression, but her heart ached for the love she had lost
Crying herself to sleep most nights waking with tear-stained pillows
With swollen and bloodshot eyes she would repeat the words
“Just tired, didn’t get much sleep last night” 
Convincing so many people she often convinced herself as well 
The pain continued 
She believed there would be no end 
All her days spent alone in her room 
Only her and her overwhelming thoughts 
That took over her mind more often than not 
The once beautiful girl became a wreck
With a ghost white complexion 
And ratted black hair that held itself in a messy bun atop her head
Her face sunken in from the lack of food
For she couldn’t keep it down anyway  
Eyes almost black like the never ending abyss she had become
Lips that stayed in the same neutral position never to change 
She was now nothing of what she had been
A person no one knew and no one ever got the chance to know
For she is now a shell keeping the person she once was locked away  

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