Hollow Eyes

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Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016



The movement of running was what woke her. It took her a moment to realize it wasn't even her own. She couldn't open her eyes. She couldn't move. “Brendan.” Caci tried to gurgle her husband's name but wasn't sure the noises coming out of her mouth were even words. She was certain she was limp in his arms. It had gotten her, whatever it was. A ghost? Demon? Something without mass or form, but it still seemed to exist in the darkness and suck the life right out of her with one intense gaze. Her last memory was the image of deep red hollow eyes ingrained in her mind forever. Somewhere etched in her mind were the sounds of screams inside its deep dark hollow bloodred eye sockets. How did she know they were behind its eyes? For a moment she just existed there frozen in fear, and she was still paralyzed.


Brendan's deep breathing brought her back to reality. She was still unable to move her limbs and tried for something easier. Her eyelids. Finally with all the power she had, she opened them wishing she hadn't. Staring back at her was that red-eyed void or essence just hovering slowly behind them as if at any moment, it could devour them entirely. It was stalking them. Somewhere in her mind, she heard screams she knew came from its eyes. She knew, because she was almost there. Maybe Brendan pulled her out. “I need some help!” He yelled jolting her focus off its eyes, but she still couldn't move. She was surely dead and he was about to be too. It was going to kill him, and he had no idea.


“Brendan.” She tried to gurgle again to warn him. The hospital was abandoned. How did she know that? More of her last memory came back to her. She was in the ER. Her vegetable knife sliced her hand open while cutting carrots for dinner. They had gone for stitches, and no one was there, which was odd. Tuesday nights were usually slow, but most of the lights were off, and everything seemed to be in shambles. It was dark and almost eerie, but she knew nothing of true fright until meeting the intense glare of a dark evil essence and hearing the echoes of screams. It didn't even seem to take up mass, but it was there. Following them. Glaring at her. She couldn't get locked in its gaze. She needed to warn her husband. Her amazing husband who just wanted to get her help. He had no idea what was behind him.


“Where is everyone?” His voice was shaking. “Caci.” He fell to his knees and cradled her in his arms. He began patting at her cheeks trying to get her to look at him, but all she could do was watch that thing inch closer to them. Preying. Stalking. She had to warn him. He had to run. “I need help!” He screamed out. Fifteen years of marriage, and she had never heard that shake in his voice. It caused tears to fall out of her eyes. “Caci? Caci what happened to you?” He was crying. Her husband was crying.


What did happen to her? They were in the ER wondering where everyone was. She was walking behind Brendan, and all she could remember next was that black essence appearing next to her staring at her with those evil eyes. She remembered matching screams with the echoes she heard.


She needed to move something. She had to warn her husband. It was too late for her, and he had to get out of there. She focused on her hand all the while watching that thing slowly move closer. It seemed like something that would have the ability to move as fast as it wanted, so all it did was toy with her. Caci finally found herself pointing. “Run.” She knew she said it that time. It wasn't a gurgle.


She knew she was right about its potential speed when it darted out of her sight. She watched as Brendan's eyes followed the direction of her finger wondering what she was pointing at trying to scour the area for a clue. He was more concerned with her, though and turned his attention back on her. His own eyes were full of love and fear. But he didn't know fear yet. “Caci.” He took her pointed hand in his. She still couldn't move.


“Run.” She said again. A simple one syllable word would probably be her last as she watched the dark essence crawl the ceiling. It's red eyes were full of fury, yet it seemed to have pleasure in toying with her. She now knew it was possible to read the body language of something without mass. She knew at any moment it was going to choose to pounce on them like a cat.


Brendan leaned forward and kissed her lips first then forehead before scooping her back up in his arms to stand up. He began running again. “Somebody help me!” He yelled out again. At this point it was obvious the hospital was abandoned. Most likely that thing got everyone. That's who she heard screaming. He turned around to run back down the halls toward the exit, and she got a brief look at the dark essence dart away from sight. He didn't seem to notice though. It blended in with the shadows.


She wanted to tell him to run again, but couldn't form words. She wanted to tell him to leave her and sprint to the exit. That thing had gotten her, and he was next. She wanted to tell him she loved him. She wanted to tell him she was afraid to die, because he was the one that she shared all her fears with.


It was on the ceiling again moving in sync with his running. It was still watching her. She had to avoid meeting those eyes. They got back to the waiting area, and Brendan set her on one of the seats. He reached into his pocket and started tapping frantically at his phone. “Caci. Caci, stay with me.” He patted at her cheeks. “Hi. I need an ambulance. "I'm at Grace Hospital. It's empty. My wife. Something's wrong with her. I think she's having a seizure or had a stroke or something. Yes. Grace Hospital the ER. Caci. Caci look at me.”


She couldn't look at him. She kept watching it stare at her. Brendan's voice was becoming distant as the echoes of screams began taking over. Those blood red eyes were becoming closer as they descended from the ceiling. That intense hollow angry red emptiness inside that dark essence of a void was about to make her one of those screamers. The red began devouring her. The screams penetrated the insides of her ears. She wanted to see her husband's face one last time, but it was too late.  


Word Count: 1158

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