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This is a character that will appear in "The chained Island"

Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016



Jasper is raised in the beginning by his mother and grandparents. His twin brother always next to him, and always following behind the footsteps of his older sister.
Around their seventh year, is when they begun to drift apart. Jasper forces his brother to tag along with him on an expedition into the woods. His brother quickly refuses at first, but soon it's clear that Jasper wasn't taking a no, and eventually they ended up sneaking away. Inside of the magical forest, they stumble upon their first taste of real magic. Power. Unusual. 
They meet a pair of creatures that they mistake for cats. The creatures at first both seem to be wild and uncontrollable, but soon they both warm up to one of the twins, and decide which one to spend their lives with. Jasper befrends a dark cat-looking demon with blue fur where a cat would normally have white, and at the base of the tail. The creature demonstrates it's ability to sprout green flames, and Jasper soon names her 'Cosmo'. His brother finds a being who looks the opposite, having light blonde fur and then orange fur where the white would be. This creature spouts blue-ish flames. Skyler names it "Serena", unoriginally after his crush from third grade.

As they grow older, they both unlock their powers through different means. Skyler unlocks his first on accident, starting all the way at the beginning. As Skyler is going through a panic attack, the bubble shield appears around him, and he opens his eyes to reveal that he had temporarily transformed.

Jasper awakens, after he looses Cosmo, and finds her about to be murdered by a pair of bad kids. He awakens to gain a burst of speed and was able to quickly come to her rescue, but doesn't notice that his eyes were also transformed into the first level.

One day, late in the night, Jasper's showing off came to haunt him. Soldiers came to storm his house, and tried taking his family away. They manage to catch his mother, and the rest get away. Jasper and Skyler are quickly split up, and their sister goes into hiding never to be found. Their grandpa is the one who takes him to their place to go, and then heads back to his home quickly to fight off the invaders, and then use his remaining power to completely destroy the house.

Jasper is handed off to a mansion, where the lady he has to serve, which charades as his foster-sister in front of company, is supposed to be able to protect him from her abusive parents. 
During that time, he's completely stripped of his will for a bit, and only did what he was told, unless it came to Cosmo, and was basically a little pet.
However, soon, he would snap out of it. Whenever the father guy threatened his daughter about Jasper, he always secretly got angry. Whenever people weren't looking, he began secretly training himself, in part to do better at his job, and also to one day run away. 
Training alone, he was able to accumulate a lot of strength and stamina. And he also would unlocking a new eye transformation, remembering that his grandfather once showed him that his eyes were golden, but Jasper's eyes at the time were only a silver color. He unlocked a transformation to the blue level, and then the green. He focused and learned how to control his power to make constructs, and then also focused alot on the physical part of his power, knowing from experience that his power needed to be secret.
Eventually, after a day of unfortunate events, the girl who was his 'foster-sister' decided on aiding his escape from the place. And planned on coming along, but the father guy wouldn't have that. 
As Jasper was escaping he tried bringing her along as he ran as fast as he could, but he realized what he was forgetting. Cosmo.
When he turned around, the evil man held the only thing he ever cared about by the tail in mid air. Without hesitation, Jasper simply gave the girl up, in exchange for the creature and got away with it. He knew that he did something horrible, and couldn't stop feeling miserable about it for a while. But eventually, with a bunch of wise words from the past, and then with training he was able to get back up, and unlocked more power. From the blue level all the way to his red level. But he still tried for the golden level, but couldn't get any further anymore. As he starts to go broke and hungry, he eventually finds street money. At first he's doing simple tricks like vanishing cards and stuff, and eventually he starts pulling out actual power to impress. He gets alot of money from those cheap tricks. One day, a girl would hear about the tricks and watch as he did them.. At first, he thinks he has her fooled, but then suddenly she starts describing exactly how he did it, and then describing his power in details he didn't know.

She tells him that he could be putting his power to good use, and then they come together. Together, they formed a small detective agency. They get to the bottom of crimes that involved power, and it also turns out that the girl who recruits him isn't even old enough to be an actual cop, but neither was he.
Most of the time they get to the bottom of ridiculous crimes, but then every once in a while they get major cases, like R@pe and murders and whatnot. 
It's clear to Jasper, that the girl in question doesn't have alot of power, and especially not the power to do all of this alone, so he agrees to help, meanwhile she also helps him. 
She's able to help Jasper out of the dark hole that he had been in, and gave him some confidence, along with some observation skill and good training.

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