The Nightmare next door

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Henry never realised that Turret Town would be like this: Spooky.

Submitted: June 16, 2016

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Submitted: June 16, 2016



Chapter 1

The night was young. The full moon glowed among the stars in a cloudless sky. The serenity of it all was only disturbed by a scream. It was Hallow's eve, which was why no one bothered about it. His name was Henry William Smith. A crime writer in his own right. Turret town was new to him. It took some time before he could decide on a very particular house on Death Berry Lane. He was soon to meet a very unpleasant neighbour. The house next to his was a decrepit old stone building, with thick walls and dusty old windows. It was the home of none other than Chucky Slaughter. And on this fine wondrous night he followed his neighbour to a crypt in Chuckie's backyard. And when Henry looked through the cracks of the crypt door,what did he see : Chucky and a Man with horns, and red skin. That's when Henry realised that it wasn't any man! Nay, it was the devil. Chucky was making a deal with the devil. For Chucky to become immortal, he agreed to sell his soul. There and then he became a talking puppet. All of a sudden a noise distracted Henry's vigilant watch. He felt something creep up his back. It made a noise like kree-kree.

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