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Hi. It's me. Here I am, bored yet again, but I have a new idea. Not just a story idea, but a book idea. I hereby challenge myself to write a story in every genre in Booksie and Wattpad. DO NOT READ THE FIRST ROMANCE CHAPTER!!!!! It may take a while, but I am up for the challenge. Some may be monstrosities, but I don't care. Oh, and by the way, I challenge you to do the same thing if you can. Feel free to comment!

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Please Don't Read This Lame Attempt of Romance From the Mystical Magical Time of Last School Year

Submitted: June 16, 2016

This was a monstrosity, a train wreck, a fail, and it hardly has anything to do with it's genre. Don't judge. Please don't judge. Please please don't judge. It's so horrible. It's so terrible. It sucks. Read Chapter

Romance (Take Two)

Submitted: May 15, 2017

Okay, the first one, well, it wasn't cancer. It was AIDS. It gave people AIDS. And it became one of my most viewed stories. It's odd, because I don't know why so many people wanted AIDS. Well, I suck at romance, but I shouldn't suck THAT much. Because the last attempt was trashier than trash. I am better now. Oh, yeah, and I finally blew the dust off of this cover. Jeez, it's been a while. Almost a year? Well, anyway, now that I actually have a little bit more experience in this topic, I'll know how to write this WAAAAYYYY better. Like, just like how I wished my relationship went. Heh. The way mine went. Heh heh. That was, well, dumb. If you want backstory of that, well, just ask me. I have some information on how terribly I handled it, because I posted some interesting rants. Read Chapter


Submitted: August 25, 2016

Fantasy is great. I just don't know how to does. It'll probably be way better than the romance one. Even thinking of it makes me cringe internally. You know those Tumblr things that show up on 9gag? It's like a clever joke, and sure it's kind of funny, but I feel like people say "I fell out of my chair from laughing', but they just wrote it with a straight face, and only barely smiled at the pun. Read Chapter

Science Fiction?

Submitted: September 16, 2016

This story is based on a dream that I had last night, so some of the concepts might seem stupid. Just as a warning, this story is not going to be near as awesome as the dream was, and it’s only going to be the first part of the dream because the second part of the dream fits more under mystery. Keep in mind that this book is under Humour because my attempts of these stories are going to be so sad that they’re almost funny. So, this book is a fail compilation of random stories that probably looks like I was high when I wrote them. Anyway, here’s the concept: every school year, for the past two years, Imperial School would have a purge. Or, basically the Hunger Games. The main character, Andrew, was the reason for this purge. At a science fair, he researched that the students of the school all have stress and anger deep inside them, and some of them just need to take it out by beating something or someone up. Andrew then designed a way to put a barrier over a certain space, where when inside, you can’t die, and can’t feel pain. When you bleed, you instead bleed colourful paint. There is a sensor that can sense when you would have died in real life, and then you go unconscious for 5-10 seconds, and you are still invincible until you make it out of the barrier, where you then watch from the outside. When you are in play, you or any weapons cannot go through the invisible barrier. That’s basically everything, so bare with me as I make this attempt to turn that into a story. Hi, this is Bruvton from the future. Like, half a story later in the future. Is this even Science Fiction? Ah, I don’t care. Read Chapter

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