The Boy Who Paint

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A boy with talent who got bullied.

Submitted: June 16, 2016

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Submitted: June 16, 2016



"Please stop, why is it me? Why do you need to be so mean? I hate it!" said a boy with a hoarse voice and frail body kneeling on a floor crying.


It all happened when the boy was having a fun day in his home playing with his toys. He also wore a pretty dress and painted his nails with pretty colors. The variation of the colors are so unique that his mother wanted him to painted her nails too. Her mother told him he have a talent to be a stylist.The boy asked the mother;

"What's a stylist, Mom?"
"Stylist is a person who spreads joy and confident to the others by grooming someone's hair and nails. It's a wonderful job, my dear."


After hearing his mother, he felt happy because of the praise he received so he decided to share it with everybody at his school. At first the girls were so pleased and amaze of his talent. And one of the girl started to ask;

"Wow, you're a prodigy in this? Where do you learn that from?"
"I'm not sure, either. I guess it was passed down by my parents?" said the boy while laughing with the girls.

Everything seems fine and happy but then a group of mean boys came in and saw many girls were around the talented boy. They became very jealous and started to approach him. One of the mean boys said sarcasticly to the boy;

"Oww, that's a pretty nail, isn't it?"
"Aww, thanks. I painted it myself"


Then the group of mean boys started to flip the table and throw all of the boy's nail-painting appliances. All the girls started to scream and trying to get away from the situation meanwhile the boy was standing over while seeing his dream were being crushed in front of his eyes like there were no tomorrow. The boy cried and cried and the mean boys started to push him to the ground.

"Wake up you, sissy. These are girl stuff. You ain't suppose to play with these things, you gay."

The boy just sitting there while crying till his tears dried up, closing his ears as he tried not to hear their comments and mean slurs but his attempt failed. He just sit there while nobody around him said a thing.

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