Land Of Faerie

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Through the keyhole you can see the Land of Fae, but shoud you keep looking?

Submitted: June 16, 2016

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Submitted: June 16, 2016



Land Of Faerie


Through the keyhole of the gate

There is another land

Tall people wander back and forth

Some are hand in hand.


But as you look you can see

That they are really elves

And all is not such harmony,

They fight among themselves.


This is the land of Faerie

But not the Disney sort

It's ruled by an iron fist

Of the Unseelie Court.


They twist you round in circles

They tie you in a knot

They seem to get you so confused

Your real life you forgot.


And then there will be binding

They will trick you 'til you tell

Everything they need to know

To keep you in this hell.


Once you're stuck there's no pretence

Of how they really look

These creatures that are so grotesque

Their glamours they have shook.


Evil eyes and noses sharp

And what about those teeth

Just be glad the clothes they wear

Cover what is underneath.


Their fingernails are spiky

Their fingers thin and strong

But their voices still are magical

And enchant you with their song.


Time will pass quite differently

You really cannot say

If you've been gone 100 years

Or perhaps just for a day.


It's best for you to look away

Before you catch their eye

But if you want to doubt me

You'll soon find out just why.


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