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Poems from Love

Submitted: June 16, 2016

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Submitted: June 16, 2016



Is your composition so vague that you do not understand the beginning of time? For it is written to show this in your land and the peace of the heart will lead you as you are smart for to accept any other is to say I have never been in the presence of the Most High. For the mind will and emotions want only to be at rest whether life is smooth yet others turn around and destroy there is still peace with expectant joy. In the Masters plan there is no room for a game  where the mind tries to trick the will with undisturbed passion of hate. This attempt is a hopeless gain where life feels good as an over
expenditure is a clamp that will only get attention as others soon forget what lies in the capsule of trap that is set. For curiosity  is an acceptance of turmoil as one ventures forward with no weapon or shield going to battle as the plan is secure and the forest is thick with many who can cheer one on as
they think revenge belongs to the one who is gone. 


The world needs balance as the fields are set where there is a damsel who is lost without her prince for many want to trick and lead astray for death is the curse where many will hang. For as the forest all seems well and in the battle it is a place where the strong will prevail. For where is your strength you feeble one for I am your source for everything.

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