two girls in the box

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Submitted: June 16, 2016

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Submitted: June 16, 2016



In the winter of 1770 in a small rural village, known as “Box village”

It was full of greenery, stunning landscapes in front of the sea and mountains in the back with a various animals and stables, it's people were in love with Alcohol Especially at night and because of this, they began to work late in the day due to the hangovers..The village was teeming with difficult slopes and narrow streets .

A twenty two years old Beautiful girl named Sophie , she had a narrow eyes , light eyebrows, long black hair and big breasts ,she was short and her friend Sara was twenty years old with brown hair and blue eyes, and she was tall, well very tall !

A visit to  a house in the village was abnormal, because it was unusually for People to go out ,They were like recluses , but this visit was for young Sophie ,he was a huge rich man from another village came with his father to Ask for her hand!

And the first thing sophie has heard  .. their words and she knew they were from another town ,her heart was beating fast and she stood behind the door almost crying because of happiness with her bright teeth in front of her mirror, saying..

Sophie:  Yes!!  this is what i wished for , finally!

Here is the one who will open my eyes and my heart to the new world the beautiful and different villages ,ughh not this stupid box town , my man traveled from afar to take me with him ..

Then she looked from her room window at the fields and the sky then she went to tell her family the word .. Yes!

In the ceremony that night, Sara came to celebrate with Sophie, Sophie entered the tight room smiling with a little bit artificial happy face, as if she was afraid of saying something

Sara :  I'm really happy for you, O Sophie Now, are you going to what they call “the charming villages” on the other side ..

Sophie : Yes, this is what I've always dreamed of! Thank you, my lovely friend for coming

Sophie has remained turning around quickly and she was drenched in Happiness,while Sara was looking at sophie's suitcases in a little bit of despair then she caught her hand to stop her from turning around

Sara : Sophie you're my only friend and now you will travel far away, and I want to tell you something important ..

then sophie's face reactions has changed

Sophie : Okay! Tell me!

Sara : Do you Remember Adam ? we've talked about marriage and I'm thinking  about saying yes !

Sophie stopped for a silent moment , as if she doesn't know what is happening and what she is talking about, then she smiled

Sophie : It's okay ,I'm not angry sara,but unfortunately i will not be there at your wedding , I'll be on the other side, not in this stupid box !


Sophie had rejected young Adam in the past after a short term relationship, because all of the village habits, the people were suffering from some disorders like drinking and having sex with girls and that all was about five years ago, but as long as adam loved Sophie, it was a great love , she was the first heart that picked from the tree of love in the box village.

sarah became more happy like an open rose and she stood up to dance While Sophie was busy packing her luggage that will take it with her after a three-day  ..

After the night of celebration sara went  to meet Adam to tell him her consent about their marriage ,she met him in an empty street in the village and the rain was falling slightly and the sky were clearer than ever

Adam took the answer with a very stupid happy face and he promised her to dedicate his love for her and to stop all the bad habits he was doing it in the village and she cried from the happiness then She settled into his lap.

Sophie rushed her road with her new husband to the ship and she was not looking behind her at all, and when she asked him to try to use a spyglass to look at the new magic city ,she found it was similar to the box village completely , filled with difficult slopes and even the greens were very few  then she asked surprisingly

Sophie : What is that ? It’s just the same like the box village !

Her husband laughs..

Husband : Honey, if you looked accurately by the spyglass you would understand ,Because This coastal town on the right called the tenth - box and other village on the left called the seventeen box ,in fact all the villages are Boxes and this names are nothing but the people gave it to themselves and their towns , pretending to be civilized people wearing good clothes and always trying to look good in the first place , but only when they go to a new village

He laughs again..

Especially if they will ask for a daughter’s hand and this gives them a sense of excellence and completely different shape in the other villages.


Sophie felt remorse, then she looked toward at the direction of the box village where she lived her past life , and she wept bitterly.


© Copyright 2018 Ahmed Farouk. All rights reserved.

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