Dear life, get well soon...

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Umm liked the cover page, don't you? Now read below and decide if you buy the book.
Have you ever met a guy whose hobby is to dig up troubles where on earth he goes?
He tried suicide, but could not die; proposed a girl, but no luck; created revolutionary software, but deceived by his boss; won a lottery, but got cheated again!!!
Meet Fatso, a chubby and gruesome geek, whose half the time spends in eating and the other in wrestling the troubles of life. Will his life become better, or he will give up the ghost saying Dear life, get well soon?
His wild and witty anecdotes will strike a chord in your heart and remind you when you were at high school; when a guy discovers the power of hair gel and deodorant, and a girl enters a beauty parlor for the first time. It will then take you to college-life; the preeminent instance of human existence. Subsequent the corporate life, where laughing at your boss lame jokes will be the solitary purpose of life.
You may find this book in the rack of fiction, but the lessons it deals are not factitious at all. A pure-veg, hilarious book which you can read with your family members around.

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Arpit Agrawal

Submitted: June 16, 2016

Like a fictional character in books, Arpit is not a tall-dark-handsome, he lives a simple life, crosses the road checking both the sides, orders Mix-Veg and asks for complementary salad in restaurants, asks people for the address in spite of having a smart-phone.

Born in a small town of Orissa (19th April,1989) and brought up in another small town near Raipur, Chhattisgarh, Arpit has spent one-third of his life living a mediocre life. (which he still continues...)

Sent by his parents, in his four years of exile (also called ‘Engineering’), he studied Mechanical related stuff in a classroom deficient in ‘XX’ chromosomes but ended up working in an IT firm in Pune.

Like Peter Parker turned Spider-Man out of the blue, Arpit also became a writer all of a sudden after a writer-bug bite him when he was sleeping on the last bench of his class.

By the third year of Engineering, he had never read even a single book out of his curriculum, but then'Chetan Bhagat' and 'Shidney Sheldon' entered his life and he realized he has to go very far in fiction.

After cultivating his ideas for few hundred days, Arpit wrote his debut novel ‘Dear life, Get well soon...' Read Chapter