Macaroni at Midnight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a very short story I wrote for English class. I hope you enjoy it. If it has bad grammar or spelling feel free to correct me.

Submitted: June 16, 2016

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Submitted: June 16, 2016




Chapter One

It’s Friday night, and Dane is packing his bag while the t.v. plays on in the background. He’s in a hurry because Sara and everyone else will be here any minute. Everyone told him to pack early, but he didn’t. Dane’s never been good at doing stuff right away. So now as he swings his backpack on and runs downstairs, he leaves the t.v. on. After almost falling down the stairs, he runs to the fridge. His parents aren’t home, and he's going out for the weekend. He packs a cooler full of warm milk, Warmer milk, and everything inbetween. His parents won’t notice, because they never check down there. He lugs the heavy cooler upstairs, and opens his front door open just as Sara and everyone arrives.


Sara leans out and yells “Come on Dane, get in! We’re late!”. Dane’s world stops for a minute. He’s had a crush on Sara for 4 years, Since the beginning of grade 8. Somehow no one has noticed. But he just can’t help but stop and admire her perfectly messy hair, or her beautiful face. But Dane manages to snap out of it and run to the car, throwing the cooler in the back and keeping his backpack with him. As he struggles into shotgun, trying to fit his huge camping backpack, Grav says “Finally! I thought you were planning on watching us leave.”. Dane gives a friendly reminder he brought the Warm milk.


Morgan and Kent give a small hello, because they’d much rather be talking to each other. Morgan was really hot, and was a great laugh anytime. She wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she could get the job done. Kent was incredibly academic. 100s in math, language, history, geography, you name it. He wasn’t the most athletic or strong person, but he and Morgan seemed to just click.  Morgan and Kent have been together for a little while now, so it’s starting to get serious. As they mumble to themselves, Sara turns to Dane and asks “You ready to get this show on the road?”. Dane can’t even answer before the car flies down the street, almost crashing into many things.


Nobody really trusts Sara to drive, but she’s the only one who can legally drive. Sara was always the spontaneous adventurous one. She always did something stupid or dangerous because she thought it would be fun. She was incredibly fit and was on more sports teams than most other girls. But they take off, and turn to their own means of entertainment. It’s 6 hour drive to the cabin, because it’s in the middle of nowhere. During the ride, Grav just sits on his computer. Grav never really looks up from his computer. Ever. Some say he's constantly on the stock market. Some say he watches t.v. shows all day. No one bothers to try to get him off because they know they can’t. Sara drives, however crazily, towards the highway. Morgan and Kent keep to themselves and are practically unreachable.


Dane nods off and has a dream about Sara. It’s him and Sara, as a couple. Enjoying life. Living it to the fullest, doing ordinary things, but also being adventurous. they’re off on one of their world famous trips discovering lost treasures. This time they’re hunting down Henry Avery’s ship, the ship of the legendary pirate captain. They have to scale a cliff to get around to the colonies on the island, but Sara’s grip slips. He reaches out, tries to save her, but he can’t reach her. This is the end and he watches as she falls, all the way down. He awakes with sudden ferocity. “Dude. what was that? You kept mumbling my name in your sleep...” Sara says, in a hushed tone so no one will eavesdrop.

“Nothing, just.. Nothing.” Dane replies.

“It’s not nothing. Nothing is ever Nothing” Sara pesters, “You have to tell me. It’s about me.”.

Dane wants to be anywhere but here at this moment. This is his worst nightmare come true. But Sara’s right, he does have to tell her. You can’t just bring something up and leave them hanging. More so for your crush. “So here’s what 4 whole years boils down to: this moment. What I tell her now will decide my future for the rest of the year.” he thinks. He's gonna make it or break it. So with every ounce of courage Dane has, he opens his mouth .

“What’s taking you so long, gonna say you love me or something” Sara says, even though she wants him to say that.

“Yea..” Dane mutters, ashamed.

“Really? I never saw that coming! Never in my life!” Sara blurts sarcastically, even though it’s just a bluff.

Dane can’t think. She knew? “How did you know?” He stutters.

“Wait- You’re not kidding are you?”

“No, I’m not kidding! How could you know? I thought Ihid it from you...”

“You were... I was bluffing. I wanted to see if it was a joke... because I didn’t want to be made a fool of.”

“How would that make you a fool? There’s no way that could be bad for you unless... Wait-”

“-You’re really bad at hiding things. I’ve known since 8th grade.” Sara says, wanting to have some sense of protection and not let all her feelings out. After a little while, Dane starts to lean over to Sara, but before he even starts leaning over, Sara stops him. “Not so fast, hotshot. I’m driving.” She says. “Anyway, save that for the cabin.”


Chapter Two

Dane has never been happier. Everything that was wrong is now right. He can’t sleep, but that’s okay. He doesn’t need to. They’re almost at the cottage, and he’s about the have the greatest weekend ever. As they arrive at the cabin, a single tile slides off the roof. Grav puts away his computer and stares at the desolate cabin judgingly. It stares back. Grav opens his mouth, but is cut off by Dane. “Let the fiesta begin!” Yells Dane. Sara is already inside, with everything she needs in tow. She already stated she would have first pick of the rooms. As Dane enters the house with the rest of them, Sara practically flies out of a room, and blocks off the entrance. “MINE” she hisses, “No one is allowed in. Never. No matter what. Not even if I’m screaming. ” she says, winking at Dane. Luckily no one sees the wink, and Dane grabs the room to the right.


As he enters, he is greeted by a huge canvas with a large piece of macaroni painted on it, mounted on the right wall. It seems to radiate a light, but below a visible level. You could sense it subconsciously. He puts a blanket over the canvas and unpacks. It’s not too much later that they’re all drunk and hanging in the living room. Dane and Sara are having an incredibly unsupported and under researched argument about the American economy, which somehow ends up in them watching Die Hard. Morgan and Kent finally separate to join in and joke around. All is good.


Around midnight, the cabin makes some weird noises. But no one hears over the movie, and they continue on through the night. They go to bed one by one, Grav at 1:30 A.M., Morgan and Kent at 2:00 and 2:15, which leaves Dane and Sara up. “Gud night Dane, I will see u later” Sara slurs, along with an uncomfortably long wink. So Sara leaves to go to bed. Dane is alone, and gets ready for bed. As he’s walking to his room, he hears scratching coming from his room. He grabs a fire poker and has it at the ready as he enters the room, only to find a drunk Sara scratching something into his wall. He walks over to try  to figure it out, but it’s complete gibberish.


Chapter Three

He walks Sara to her bed, and lays her down. She’s asleep instantly. As he turns to leave, he looks into the mirror. He sees the giant piece of macaroni, with arms and legs, hanging off the ceiling, with it’s head backwards (if macaroni can even do that) and the words “SHE’S FIRST” scratched into the wall. He whips around and slashes the fire poker where it was, and then notices that there's nothing there. He leaves to go back to his room, and above the bed, there are the words: “SHE’S FIRST”. Dane is now about to flip his sh*t. He leaves, bars the door, and goes into Sara’s room. He lies down next to her and tries to sleep, but can’t.


Next thing he knows, it’s 11 A.M. and everyone’s up and moving around. Dane leaves the room without checking for people, and pays the price. “DANE WAS IN SARA’S ROOM LAST NIGHT!” Morgan yelled so loud the neighbors must’ve heard it. And they live 3 miles away. Kent leans through the doorway of their room, and Grav basically falls down getting to Dane. Simultaneously, they say “WHAT?”. Sara fumbles through the door. “What in the hell is going on out here?” she demands. “Dane and you slept together last night!” Morgan excitedly says. Sara is small. No argument. But she pinned Dane, a linebacker, to the wall in 0.7 seconds flat. “WHAT. DID YOU. DO.” she demands, not loosening at all. “I-I... there was... let me show you...” Dane gasps out. Sara let him go, ready to kill him if there wasn’t a good reason.

Dane unbarred the door to reveal piles and piles of Kraft Dinner Classic macaroni everywhere. On the walls, on the bed, in every nook and cranny. And written on the wall, in the places not covered by macaroni, were the words “SHE’S FIRST”. “You’re that desperate to sleep with her huh?” Kent says, ready for whatever came next. “He couldn’t have done it. How would he get that much macaroni up here?” Grav says. “You have a point, but he’s still the only suspect” Morgan replies. The conversation came to a standstill.


They ate breakfast and went down to the lake to go kayaking. They had a grand time exploring the river system and swimming. It was almost 5 when they got back to the cabin. They had eaten a lunch of cheese and cucumber sandwiches (something Kent liked but no one else did) and warm milk. Dinner was a whole lot better. Dane was a good cook. It was one of his passions. He had been cooking since he was 8, and was aspiring to be a master chef. He made a bunch of hot wings (tradition) and other snack type foods. Some were original creations, like Dorito Juice (nobody liked that) and others just chips. As they settled in to watch Die Hard, Sara gravitated towards Dane, without even realizing it Dane put his arm around her.


Soon enough they were practically cuddling. After the movie ended, Kent and Morgan left and went to bed. That left Dane, Sara, and Grav. Dane half shoved, half carried Grav back to his room (as he was totally wasted). He sat down on the couch with Sara and they cuddled. Dane hoped this moment would never end. He was so entranced Sara almost had to yank him onto his feet as she led him towards the bedroom. Their romance wasn’t something out of the notebook. There was no rain, no heavy feelings, and no notebook. It was light, non-official and breezy. As he found his way down the hall to her bedroom, she was already inside. He entered, to find her laying on the bed.


But just as dreamy  and perfect as this felt, it soon turned into  a nightmare. The bed opened up to reveal a swirling mass of macaroni. It churned with intensity and the might of much more below. Sara fell into the macaroni, and was swallowed whole almost instantly. Dane ran and woke up the others, bringing them all to the massive hole. “I... I don’t understand” Kent mumbles.

“How could this happen?” exclaims Grav

“We need to go after her!” Dane insists.

“That’s insane! We don’t know what’s in there!” Morgan argued.

“We can’t just leave her” Dane was pleading now.

“I’m with Dane” kent said, with certainty.

“Me too” said grav.

“Fine. Let’s do this.” Morgan says, begrudgingly.


Dane runs and jumps into the mass of macaroni. It feels gooey, squishy even, as it surrounds his body. He is submerged in macaroni, and he falls lower and lower. Suddenly, he drops out of the macaroni, falling maybe 7 feet to the ground. As he awakes, he rolls to the side just in time to not have Kent land on him. He gets up as Morgan and Grav fall in the same spot.  There are 2 hallways leading from the room. A soft, yellow-orange glow. Down the other is darkness.


They head towards the light. As they travel towards the light, the smell of cheese reaches their nose. It smells as if 100s of pounds of cheddar cheese powder are in the next room. The floor is soft beneath their feet, but doesn’t provide much stealth as it makes sticky noises as they walk, as if they were walking in honey. As they neared the room with the light, they heard cries for help. “That’s Sara!” Dane exclaimed with a tang of bravery. They ran up to the room and peered around the grand arch that served as the main entrance to the room. They first saw Sara, submerged in macaroni up to her knees. She couldn’t move without two people pulling her out first.


But that wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the massive, limbed macaroni monster hanging from the ceiling, head turned 180°, scanning the room, over and over and over. This was not going to be easy.  They devised a plan to get past the monster and save Sara. Grav would be the distraction. This meant almost certain death, but Grav said he’d do it anyway. Grav thought this would be just like the movies. It wasn’t going to be. Dane and Kent were going to pull her out and and run, with Morgan staying behind to assist after they got to safety.


Grav ran out, flailing his arms, running like a madman. Dane and Kent ran out after Grav drew the attention of the monster, running straight for Sara. The monster moved with frightening speed towards Grav. It was at this moment Grav knew this was not like the movies. He was going to die. In maybe 10 seconds the monster would be upon him. This was not good. Dane and Kent had reached Sara and were lifting her up and out of her prison. But by the time they lifted her out, Grav had already been chased down and killed. His blood stained the floor, running through unlikely canals, threading towards them.


The monster turned to Morgan with lighting speed after she let out a frightened shriek. Kent ran towards her in an attempt to save her life, but even though he was closer, he was no match for the creature’s incredible speed. The monster reached Morgan and picked her up before she could even call for help. In a swift moment, It crushed her with the strength of 50 men, and threw her lifeless body to the feet of Dane, Sara and Kent. Their courage was broken. There was no way to fight this creature. Their morale, tossed aside.


They felt utterly hopeless. Kent, in a surge of anger and fury, ran at the creature. He ran straight up to it and ripped a chunk off of his body. The creature pulled back, showing its true height and size. It was at this moment kent realized, he f**ked up. The monster came down with incredible force, smashing Kent into something that was barely human. Dane grabbed Sara and ran. He ran behind a mound of macaroni before the abomination spotted them. Dane looked around. The main exit was blocked by the macaroni creature. There was nowhere they could go but behind them.


Behind them, maybe 20 feet away, was a small door. Too small for that inhuman creature to fit in. This was their only option. He told Sara of this and they ran. They ran for their life. Maybe a second after they started, it noticed them. They had only gotten 7 feet forward by then. Another second passed. The monster had covered half of the distance to the cave. They had covered 5-6 feet. They were not going to make it. They were a foot or 2 away when Dane yelled “SLIDE!”. Sara dropped and slid into the tunnel. Dane came in  after, but was not as lucky as her. He had two large gashes across his chest. He was bleeding heavily, and his breathing was laboured. They sat down.


It wasn’t very dark in here, so they could see ahead, down the tunnel. There was no exit. There was a skeleton. And nothing else. Just a dead end. They were doomed. “What can we do? It has inhuman strength and speed. There’s no way to win.” Sara said with utter defeat in her voice. “We can’t stay here. We’ll die. I want to die fighting.” Dane said, with certainty. “You’ll just die in vain. There’s no point in running to our deaths. We have to fight with a plan or don’t fight at all.” Sara said with a voice that would not compromise. “You know how in movies the good guy throws something, and the bad guys go investigate it? And they run past?” Dane asked. “Yea. Where are you going with this?” Sara countered. “Let’s throw a bone as far as we can, and it can chase it down as we run to the exit.” Dane suggested. “You know, that’s not half bad. Well, it’s the best we’ve got.” Sara said.


Dane walked over and picked up an arm one. He didn’t know the name, though he should’ve. He was taking  anatomy in school. But it didn’t matter now. He walked to the front of the cave. “Let’s do this.” he spoke with otherworldly courage, like he had an army and he could beat this creature easily. He threw the bone, and miraculously, it bounced. The monster took off after the bone, chasing it away from the main entrance. They bolted. They got to the exit to this chamber and stopped. Bad decision. The creature skidded to a stop in front of the hallway. He was maybe 20 feet away.


They couldn’t run. He was sitting there, waiting for them to move, try to escape. He looked like playing with his food was his thing. That was his sadistic guilty pleasure. He sat there. Watching them for what felt like an eternity. Dane kissed Sara for what he wish was an eternity and whispered “Run”. He charged the beast. The beast moved back in shock. “Yes! This is what I need!” Dane thought. He had the upper hand in this battle. It was going great. And then the entire tide of battle turned in a matter of seconds. He was picked up off his feet. He felt the force of something unnatural wrap around his body. It felt like mist, but heavy and somehow constricted him. He attempted escape only to be constricted farther. He couldn’t move, he could barely breathe. This was bad. That was his last thought as he was ripped in half by this spectral abomination.

Sara watched this as she ran, down the dark tunnel, the one they hadn’t gone through before. She was desperately trying to escape. The creature had already moved on from Dane’s body. She was crying now. As tears streamed down her face, each step was more laboured, each second ever more hopeless. The monster behind her, nothing in front of her, she had nowhere to go. So she ran into the wall. She immediately lost track of where she was. There was nowhere to go. Oxygen was running out. Her mouth filling with macaroni and cheese every time she took a breath.


She finally had to swallow some of this food - if you could call it that -. She started to change. She grew larger. Her limbs became mist, and wraith-like. He body became hollow. She no longer felt the need to breathe. She just felt anger. Anger fuel by the death of her friends. She burst out into the hall, ready to fight this monster one on one. As she smashes it and rips it apart, she becomes more and more blinded by rage. It didn’t even try to fight back. After she has pleased her need for violence, she looks down. Her hands were not her own. She was no longer human. She became what she tried so hard to stop. She had become the reason for all her friend's’ death. She did not want to live like this. But she had no choice. This was her now. And she was already going insane, forgetting that she was human. She thought of Dane  in her last moments with control over her mind.



Sara woke up in bed. She looked at the clock. It read 10:29. She rolled over to see an empty spot in bed, though someone had been sleeping there. She got up and walked downstairs. She entered the kitchen, where she found Dane making a beautiful breakfast for their daughter. She walked up to him and hugged him from behind. “Well hello there beautiful, you come here often?” Dane joked. They all sat down for breakfast. “How did you sleep Ash?” Dane asked their daughter. “Pretty well. Oh yea, I’m going to the mall later today with my friends. Can I have some money?” Ash responded. “Sure, here's 400$” Dane said and handed 4 bills over.


“Honey, what about you? How’d you sleep?” Dane asked Sara. “I had the weirdest dream... we were going camping and you dreamed about going exploring the world with me, and that’s how I found out you liked me, and there was a bunch of macaroni and stuff.” Sara messed up a couple words. She was not a morning person. “Well part of that is right. Up until the macaroni. We pursued that dream and now we’re multi-millionaires, living on an island in the caribbean.” Dane explained.

“DAD, come on. She knows that. She’s been here for 17 years. You tell her that every time. I know she has some small memory problems. But seriously?” Ash complains to her dad. “Fine, I guess she does. Well, have fun at the mall. I’ll have my cell phone. Your mother and I are going boating. See you for dinner tonight.” And with that Dane and Sara walked out onto their private beach area and sailed away.

© Copyright 2020 BenjiBalls11. All rights reserved.

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