the story of blaze amberjack

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my first book ever not for those who hat my little pony and for those who enjoy a good darkfic u should enjoy

Submitted: June 16, 2016

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Submitted: June 16, 2016



Section 1
The Battle of Phillydelphia 

Chapter 1

It was a hot and sunny day, and Blaze was woken up by his superior for morning guard duty. Blaze hated when he was chosen for guard duty, it was always so boring. As he sat at the entrance to the base he got thinking about home about how long he had been away from home now and how he hadn't been sending a lot of letters home lately. He felt sorry for his family knowing that they were very worried the day would come that they would get the notification that he was dead. Thinking of this made him want to cry and his eyes watered up but he was quick to suck back his emotions fearing that someone would see him and make fun of him for it. Suddenly he heard one of his superiors called out “ten hut all members of the blazing pegasus squad and the dark horse squad form up now I got a job for ya” Blaze lined up with his squad and waited for the sergeant to tell them where they were being sent. “ALRIGHT MAGGOTS UR GOING TO PHILLYDELPHIA.” “WHAT!!!!!” said somepony from another squad, ”YOU ARE GOING TO GET US ALL FUCKING KILLED!””YOU’RE NOT ACTUALLY SEND US TO THAT FUCKING HELLHOLE ARE YOU PLEASE TELL ME I MISUNDERSTOOD YOU”! “CAN IT EVERYPONY!” said the sergeant. The reason the pony from the other squad was afraid was because about 2 weeks ago sombras armies captured Phillydelphia and are now brutally defending it with everypony they have. Most of sombras best elites are stationed there to defend it and it’s been a deathtrap for any squad to be sent there but recently our forces have been coming close to breaking through their defense and pushing their way into the city. “As you all know we are close to punching into the city but the ponies trying are being butchered and if they don’t get reinforcements soon they will be forced to retreat. “GOD FUCKING DAMNIT I’M GONNA DIE TODAY AREN’T I” said the random combat pony. “Your squads will be moving out at 0600 hours”.


Chapter 2 The Longest Hour


It was now 0600 hours, and Blaze and his squad were being loaded into transport trucks. They were about 10 minutes away from their mission site.”Welp this is it, we are all FUCKED!” “shut up you’re gonna be fine!” Said Blaze.”FINE, HAHA FINE?! YOU’RE FUCKING INSANE IF YOU THINK ANY OF US ARE GONNA BE FINE!” “Well with that attitude you’re definitely gonna be dead, get a fucking grip on yourself you’re part of the darkhorse squad you guys are known for your courage in battle so start showing it.” said blaze.”Yeah you’re right i need to calm down” said the pony. “So what’s your name?” ”I’m Blake,” “Nice to meet you Blake, I’m Blaze” suddenly the truck stopped and everypony got off and looked to the city.”oh my god look at some of those fortifications” said blake “jesus” “You regretting your brave words about being fine earlier Blaze?” “No I’m not at least not yet”. Suddenly an the truck behind them exploded and artillery shells poured from the sky. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT WE ARE ALL FUCKED!” said somepony. There was explosions everywhere now.the truck that brought Blaze exploded behind him knocking him over. There were other ponies that were still unloading as it exploded blow blood into the air and spraying some of it on Blaze. Blaze managed to get back to his feet, ”OH SHIT EVERYPONY GET TO COVER WHILE YOU CAN” Blaze quickly dashed over to a nearby crater and dove inside of it for shelter. He could now make out gunfire over the deafening noise. Almost as suddenly as it began the artillery stopped, hopefully for good. Blaze ran over to the rest of his team. “So what’s the plan sir” said Blaze “HOLD ON I’M THINKING………...alright according to our intel on the area that fort over there is running low on ammo and men to defend it plus the minefield in front of it has been cleared out the day before let’s make our way over to it. Blaze and his team of 8 ran out into the open charging across the battlefield as fast as they could a storm of bullets whizzing past them. They were finally next to the fort to close for the machineguns inside to reach them. Two of his squadmates were killed during the suicide run both from the machine guns of the bunker they were charging at. There were now six of the original squad left. “Blaze you and Jackson take this bunker the rest of you stay out here and make sure no reinforcements come to help” Blaze tried several times to kick down the door but it was no use.” Stand back Blaze, ima set a charge on this door.” Blaze got to cover as Jackson placed a bomb on the door”FIRE IN THE HOLE”with a thunderous boom the door was no more.”NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! Come on Blaze lets get this over with I’ll get the top floor you get the bottom.” and with that jackson ran into the bunker.there was a lot of smoke lingering in the air from the charge which made it extremely hard to breath around the entrance. Blaze moved cautiously. He came across two machine gunners firing at what was left of the main attack force, one of them had a dead comrade next to him that was probably originally supposed to help load the gun. It struck Blaze as odd that the other gunner didn’t have a loader by his side also, and he also thought it was kind of odd that they were still at their post and not by the door trying to stop him from getting in. ”huh i guess they didn’t hear the explosion at the door over all the other chaos.” Blaze pulled out his knife with his mouth and walked cautiously over to the machine gunner. With a quick motion he grabbed the gunner and slit his, throat threw him on the ground and stabbed him in the head to end his suffering faster. He proceeded to the other one and did the same. Suddenly Blaze felt a heavy and painful force hit the back of his head knocking him to the ground. He look up to see an elite guard aiming his rifle at Blaze.  Blaze closed his eyes knowing it was the end and waited for it to come. Click, click click. Blaze opened his eyes to see the guard loading his apparently empty gun. Blaze jumped to his feet and charged the guard shoving him to the wall. Blaze ripped his attackers gun from his hooves and threw it across the room and proceeded to throw punches at the stallion's face. The enemy let out a hard kick to blazes stomach and shoved him to the ground proceeding to pull his knife out. He got on Blaze and attempted to stab at him. Blaze managed to deny his attacks. The attacker rose his knife high up and was about to take a stronger stab at blaze hoping to break through his defense. Blaze took the opening raised his hind legs against the stallion’s stomach and kicked him off. They both rose to their feet, a look of annoyance on the attackers face. Then the attacker let out a small grin and took a swipe at blaze with the knife. Blaze barely dodged out of the way. Then came another one this time the blade made contact with Blaze’s face leaving a slash mark running down the length of his face. Warm blood started to pour out of the wound onto Blaze’s face. Blaze looked frantically for a weapon. He had dropped his knife when he got hit on the head and now it was nowhere to be found in the confusion of the fight. The attacker took another swipe but Blaze managed to block it. Blaze spotted one of the machine gunners machineguns next to his hoof. He ducked under another attack grabbing the machine gun and unleashed it on the attacker. Blood sprayed all over the concrete walls of the bunker. With a thud the attacker fell to the ground dead. Some of the attackers blood sprayed onto blaze which made him a bit uncomfortable. “Holy shit that was close.”
Blaze walked out the entrance of the bunker where he saw Jackson waiting for him “I heard gunfire are you… damn what the fuck happened to your face?” “I got jumped by one, but don’t worry he is no more” said Blaze gasping for breath ”Now let’s see what the sarge wants us to do next.”  Blaze and his comrade returned to their squadmates. “Alright sargent the bunker is clear what now?” the lead pony of the group was silent “THUNDERWING, WHAT’S THE PLAN!” “um…..alright we let the other squads know this flank is secure.” Their communications pony grabbed his radio and told the news to the other war ponies, “sir” “yes Alex?” “Commander Thunderbolt wants a word with you” Thunder wing took the radio from the communications pony “Uh huh…...ok…..but sir we barely got the one that…….huh yes sir” the sergeant gave Alex the radio. “Alright i got good news and bad news…….good news is that sombra’s men are at breaking point trying to keep our forces out of the city while at the same time sending troops to attempt to reclaim this bunker, and they are making mistakes that are further helping our forces to victory………….huh, the bad news is we need to get to the bunker on their other flank and take that one to and that one is more heavily armed and defended now that we have this one but we will have the wonderbolts at our disposal if we need air support and they are sending in an armored unicorn unit to help us push to the bunker.” “Woah,” said Blaze, “The Wonderbolts are made up of some of the best flyers in equestria, I was originally gonna join them rather than ground forces, but I hurt my wing badly during training and they were forced to discharge me, so I was forced to be an assault pegasus.” “Blaze I have a brother who is a high ranking ace in the wonderbolts who could get you back in.” “Thanks jackson but I’ll pass, I’ve come to enjoy you guys’s company.”Suddenly Blaze saw a rainbow trailing across the sky ….then towards him. He jumped out of the way as the rainbow landed with a thud on the ground next to him. He looked up to see a cyan blue pegasus with a brilliant rainbow colored mane standing before him. “Woops, sorry about that I didn’t see ya standing there.” the blue pony reached out her hoof and helped Blaze up then she turned to thunderwing. “I’m captain Rainbow Dash, leader of the thunderbolt squad, you have us at your disposal” “I’m sergeant thunderwing I hope you know how to fight well ‘cause we are gonna need alot from your team.” Dash smiled at him, “Oh don’t worry my team is one of the best the Wonderbolts have to offer” Dash let out a rhythmic whistle and suddenly 5 other pegasi landed behind her. “Alright Rainbow Dash we need you and your team to give us close air support as we advance on that bunker over there.” “YES SIR!” and with that the team of pegasi took off into the sky with a surprising amount of speed. Blaze had never seen a pegasus who could fly that fast before. “Alright boys let’s move!” the team started charging across the crater filled field. Dodging and weaving through a hailstorm of bullets and explosions they made their way to the bunker which not surprisingly greeted them with a bombardment of bullets. “SHIT WE’RE PINNED DOWN!” said Thunderwing. Suddenly a rainbow streaked passed the opening of the bunker where the machineguns were firing from and dropped something inside. Suddenly a huge cloud of smoke came out of the bunker. The bunker had been smoke bombed. the squad took advantage of the confusion of the smoke to make their way to the bunker's entrance and like before they blew it open only this time when they did bullets started pouring out of the doorway. One nicked blaze in the ear leaving half of it torn off. Blaze ducked behind a sandbag. He saw the metal door that was blown off laying next to it. He grabbed it and started making his way towards the doorway using the door as a shield.”Everypony get behind me!” The squad did as they were told firing their weapons around their makeshift shield. suddenly dash landed next to them with a small bomb next to her.”Get outta the way NOW!” the team jumped away from the door as dash through the bomb through it. They heard somepony yell”HOLY FUCKIN SHIT!” and suddenly a loud crackle followed by 2 bodies and most of the wall that made up the doorway came flying out of the bunker.”You guys are lucky i came to the rescue you weren’t doing too well there.” The team entered the bunker to make sure it was clear. “Blaze and Jackson you two check upstairs the rest of you sort through this rubble. Blaze and jackson went to the top of the bunker. They entered the room where the gunners would shoot from. Suddenly sompony came from behind the open door at the entrance to the room and grabbed jackson and put a gun to his head. “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW BEFORE I BLOW THIS FUCKERS BRAINS OUT YOU’RE NOT FUCKING KILLING ME I’M NOT DYING TODAY SO LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!” “Woah woah take it easy pal” Blaze was speaking with as calm of a voice as he could conjure up in the given situation, “No one has to die just put the gun down and surrender yourself.” “NO NO NO FUCK THAT SHIT I’M NOT FALLING FOR THAT” blaze could see the rainbow streaking towards the open slit in the bunker that allowed the gunners to see out to shoot it was just wide enough for somepony to fit through. “Just stay calm buddy I’m not gonna hurt you if you could just put that down and let my squadmate go we can come up with a compromise to this” suddenly the rainbow streak flew through the slit plowing into the two ponies and sending all three to the floor as the gun went off and a scream of pain was let out. Blaze looked down to see Rainbow Dash's wing bleeding severely Blaze ran to her to help treat the wound. Then Jackson and his attacker got up and looked at the gun. They looked at eachother and started dashing to it. The attacker reached it first but as he grabbed it Jackson tackled him. As they wrestled the attacker grabbed his knife from its holster. Blaze saw the two fighting and ran over to help but as he reached the two ponies the attacker punched Jackson in the face and proceeded to drive the knife into Jackson’s chest and repeatedly stabbed him, the blood drained from the wound and all over the floor as well as all over the attacker. The attacker then went to stab Jackson in the neck but mid swing Blaze grabbed his hoof and uppercutted the attacker send him to the ground and, causing him to lose the knife, the attacker was knocked out. Blaze went to his friend. “Holy fuck come on Jackson stay with me!” All Jackson could let out as a response was a gurgle as blood filled his mouth and the combat pony passed. Tears started welling in Blaze’s eyes from what had transpired. Suddenly he noticed movement behind him. He turned to see the attacker attempting to grab the knife. Blaze walked over and slammed his hoof down on the attackers arm. The attacker screamed in pain as an audible snapping sound was heard coming from the arm. It was clearly broken. Blaze stood over the distressed pony and began to unleash his fury on the now helpless pony. Kick after furious kick was unleashed on the attacker. Blazes whooves were now becoming coated with blood from the attackers face. Then another Blaze let out one last punch using all the strength he could muster. SNAP! Another snapping sound this time coming from the ponies neck signalled that the punch had broke the ponies neck. Blaze was out of breath and gasping for air when he heard a pained moan come from behind him. He turned and his angered face turned to a concerned one as he saw Rainbow Dash lying on the ground with a small puddle of blood around her trailing from her wing. It was clear that when the gun went off it hit her.”Shit how’d it hit you he didn’t even have it pointing at you! Fuck it must have ricocheted off the wall” Blaze darted over to the wounded mare side and began to put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding.”Help!…..I NEED SOME HELP UP HERE! I GOT WOUNDED PEGASUS HERE AND NEED A MEDIC!” Suddenly the rest of his team came up and began to assist with the mares wounds. “We need to get the bullet out I don’t think i went through. Thunderwing reached into his pack and grabbed tweezers. “We are gonna need to cauterize this, Pete, get an engineer they should have a blow torch on them, Justin you look a metal pole or something in the rubble downstairs.” The two ponies disappeared from the room. Thunderwing looked at Jackson and the mangled corpse of his attacker. “What in Celestia's name happened up here!” “I don’t want to talk about it.” After a few minutes went by Pete and Justin came back with a metal rod and an engineer. “I’m Darek what’s going on.” “Hi Derek I’m Blaze get your blowtorch out and heat up that rod, Thunderwing get the bullet out I’ll hold her down.” As Thunderwing put the tweezers into the wound Dash began to yell out in pain. Then with some effort Thunderwing pulled out the bullet. Dash’s body finally relaxed a little but her misery was not over yet. “Alright this isn’t gonna stop bleeding anytime soon and we don’t have anything to stitch up the wound with so unfortunately this is our last option.” Thunderwing positioned the red hot metal rod close to Dash’s wing. “Huh you know Dash I’ve had this done to me before and I’m not going to lie this is going to really fucking hurt like nothing you’ve ever felt before so get ready, we’ll do it when you’re ready ok.” She looked at the red hot metal bar inches from her wing, the heat radiating from it burned the surface of her wing a bit. There was now fear in her eyes and Blaze could clearly see it. “I’m gonna have to hold you down ‘cause we don’t want this to be any worse than it needs to be.” Dash looked at Blaze fear still in her eyes. “Ok I’m re….ready.” Blaze held dash down securely as thunderwing drove the bar down onto the wound. Dash let out a blood curdling shriek as pain corsed through her body “AAAHHHHHH FFUUUUUCCCCKKKKIIINNNGGGG SSSTTTTOOOOPPPP!!!!!!!!!!” Then she blacked out from pain. Thunderwing took the rod off the wound which was now closed. “Alright let’s get her out of here now Alex radio in an evac truck.” Alex did as he was told. Blaze looked at the wing and could see the bullet had done a lot of damage to the wing and wondered if she would have to lose it. His brother had lost one of his wings and it was crippling to him for the first 10 months, and Blaze could tell dash was an athletic pony who probably cared a lot about her ability to fly. Suddenly an explosion was heard at the main bunker next to the one they were in. Blaze looked to see it collapsing and watched with amazement as sombra’s men retreated into the city with the other assault groups following in pursuit. “Good Celestia’s grace we did it our forces have pushed into the city. “YEAH BOY!” Blazes excitement was quickly extinguished as he looked back at the unconscious mare that he was growing to like. He heard a truck pull up next to the bunker and lifted Rainbow Dash onto his back and carried her to the truck. Blaze looked at Thunderwing and he said “Blaze get in the truck with her and make sure she gets back safe and sound me the the rest of the squad will finish up here and get back later.” Blaze did as he was told and got in with the blue pegasus. The truck pulled out and started heading for the base. Blaze looked at Dash. He now had a great respect for her courage in combat. Then suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at him. “Huh, Blaze where am I what’s happening?” “We are in a truck headed back to base to get you fixed up.” Dash looked at her wing and could see how damaged it was. “I’m afraid i can only assume the worst for that wing’s condition.” Tears began to form in her eyes as she realized that what he said was probably right. They eventually got back to the base and dash was rushed into a medical tent. Blaze wasn’t allowed to go in with her so he waited outside. After 3 hours had passed he was allowed in finally. When he found Dash she was asleep, probably from anesthetic and painkillers he had known how drowsy they make you especially when your critically injured. He looked over at Dash’s left wing which was now nothing more than a stub. He looked over at his left wing which was made of metal and let a few tears escape his eyes in sorrow for the poor mare. “Jeez I’m sorry you’re gonna have to go through this Dash.” He sat down next to her and fell asleep being exhausted from the fighting he had gone through earlier.









Chapter 3  New Day New Problems


Blaze awoke to see Dash still in a deep sleep. “Doesn’t look like she is waking up anytime soon.” Blaze rubbed his eyes and jumped a bit to see his hooves covered in blood. He then looked down and saw the rest of his body and he began to remember what had happened the day before. Blaze headed over to the shower rooms and got cleaned off, afterwards he looked at a mirror and he realized the mark from the knife cutting his face was stitched up and beginning to scar. ”Huh, I guess while i was sleeping one of the doctors stitched me up.” Blaze looked at the wound and felt a bit of pride. He saw every scar he got as a trophy showing that he was through intense combat and injury, and had survived which was more than most others could say unfortunately. Blaze returned to dashes side hoping she would awaken soon. Eventually he fell back to sleep. He awoke sometime later. He a famished and got up to go to the canteen for food. Suddenly he heard a moan and turned to see Dash’s eyes open. She looked around confused. “Where am I?” Blaze returned to her side. “You’re in the medical bay, you were shot.” Dash looked around and then to her side spotting the stub that was once her wing “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED WHERE’S MY WING!” A doctor came over to the bed Dash was in “I’m afraid the bullet severed several tendons that were vital for the use of your wing, it would have been paralysed, useless.” Dash began crying heavily from the news. “What am I gonna do, flying is the most important thing for a pegasus, especially for me! I have a reputation to hold back in ponyville.” The doctor walked away. “Aww don’t worry, look at me I lost a wing in a similar way, that you did you can get a prosthetic wing it takes some getting used to, but once you are used to it it’s as if you never lost your wing at all.” Hearing this calmed the distressed mare down. “Now you get some rest you still have a bit to go before you are recovered enough to get up I’m gonna get something from the canteen and I’ll be back to keep ya company, it gets lonely and boring fast in these beds and i would know I’ve been in your position before.” “Uh thanks I guess, ummm,” “The name’s Blaze…...Blaze amberjack.” “I’m Rainbow Dash but you can just call me Dash, that’s what my friends call me”


Chapter 4 A New Friend

2 days later

Blaze was now spending most of his time by his new friends side exchanging stories and keeping one another entertained. The two were becoming great friends. Dash started telling Blaze stories about her friends. Blaze listened intently. “I live in Ponyville I’ll tell ya there are quite a few interesting faces there, like this one mare named Derpy, oh man she is such a goof.” Hearing the name Ponyville made Blaze think about his childhood. When he was a foal his parents stayed there for a month to visit friends. “But out of all my friends Pinkie Pie is the most fun to be around.” Pinkie is the first pony Dash mentioned that Blaze actually recalled knowing. While he was staying in ponyville she was the first pony to greet him and his family. She eventually became his best friend. They played all day every day until he had to leave Ponyville. “Oh man Pinkie is so crazy sometimes.” Blaze smiled, “Yeah she is isn't she, “Blaise murmured to himself, “What did you say? I didn't catch that.” “Oh it was nothing please continue the story.” ………

1 week later

“Take it easy Dash, those meds they give you really mess with your body and can make it difficult to stand.” the blue mare got on her feet and stumbled, almost falling over but Blaze caught her as she fell and got her back up. “Man, you weren't kidding.” “Come on I’ll help you walk to the engineering tent, we need to get your new wing sized so it fits when it’s done.”  “I hope I’ll be able to fly like I used to,” replied Dash. “Don’t worry I’ll help you until you get used to it,” said Blaze. They made it to the tent, and the wing was sized and put into place where dash’s original wing used to be. “Alright miss Dash we just need to do a few tests to make sure the wing is operational and responds properly to your movements, now if you could please spread it out.” Dash did as the engineer told, and the metal wing opened up “good it's working, ok now flap it a few times.” She flapped the wing, “Alright it seems to be working fine, we will have you training with how to fly with it next week. In the mean time try and get used to it, most find it uncomfortable for the first few days”

1 week later

“Alright, try and lift yourself off the ground and hover.” Dash started flapping, and shakily made it into the air. “Alright good now follow my lead.” The instructor began slowly flying around with dash following closely behind. After 3 weeks of therapy and lessons on how to use the wing, Dash was becoming a confident and speedy flyer again. She wasn't quite as fast as she used to be, but she was close. Unfortunately Dash would be discharged due to the injury, airforce pegasi, unlike assault pegasi were discharged for damaged wings. “So when are you going home dash?” Said Blaze. “Tomorrow,” Dash said, “well, I might join ya then, ‘cause my brother was discharged for an injury to his eye causing him to lose it last month. And i need to go home and help him, and he just so happened to have moved to Ponyville.” “Oh my god are you serious!” “yep.”








Chapter 5 A New Home With New Friends


It was a long ride from the base to Ponyville. Blaze was bored out of his mind and Rainbow Dash was still fairly depressed about her wing, and didn’t want to talk. Blaze managed to sleep for the majority of the ride. He awoke to a sudden halt. He looked out the window, and saw he was at the train station at Ponyville. He looked at Dash who was still asleep, “Hey dash get your lazy but up we are at the station.” Dash looked up at him, “huh finally” the two got off the train. “Welp blaze welcome to Ponyville, happiest place in equestria.” Blaze looked around at all the friendly ponies he was happy to be in such a friendly looking place after spending the time he did in combat. “HI!” Blaze flew into the air, after hearing a random voice scream into his ear. Blaze looked up shaking a bit to see a pink pony staring at him. “Uh………….hi who are you?” “I'M PINKIE PIE” dash walked over “oh hey i see you meant pinkiepie” pinkiepie turned towards dash and tackled her “OMG RAINBOW DASH YOU'RE BACK I MISSED YOU SOOOOO MUCH IT WASN'T THE SAME PRANKING EVERYPONY WITHOUT YOU…….OH MY GOD I HAVE TO TELL THE OTHERS” the pink pony suddenly disappeared. Blaze looked at dash “well she is interesting may i ask you how much sugar she eats she looked and acted really hyper” “yeah she eats a lot of it like all the time she works at a bakery” “i can see that” “THEY'RE OVER HERE” the two looked over to see pinkie bouncing over to them with four other ponies walking up to them two of them started crying when they saw dash and ran over to her “rainbow dash thank celestia you're ok i was worried you would get killed” “it ok twilight i'm not gonna let a few bullies with weapons kill me i mean after all i am the fastest flier in equestria” “well i'm glad your alright” “so who is this” asked twilight “ho this is blaze we fought together” at that point twilight noticed rainbow dash’s metal wing “OH MY GOD YOUR WING WHAT HAPPENED DASH” it got shot while i was trying to help blaze and i'm afraid it had to be removed” suddenly an enraged looking orange pony came over “what was happening to this pony that you helping him caused you to get shot” blaze was surprised how aggressive towards him she was “i got jumped by somepony with a gun, dash came in and tackled him, his gun went off the bullet ricochet of a wall and hit her i might have been killed if it wasn't for her” some of the anger left the ponies face “well you owe her big time” “yeah i do” dash looked a bit uneasy she probably didn't expect blaze to be greeted by her friends like this  “so blaze these are my best friends applejack, rarity, fluttershy, twilight sparkle and you already know pinkie” “it's nice to meet you guys i'm glad to finally meet the ponies dash has told me so much about but i have to get to my brother now and make sure he is okay so i guess i'll have to chat with you guys later” blaze walked away. He was going through the exit of the train station when he heard a familiar voice behind him “hey bro” blaze stopped and turned to see a pure black stallion with a bright red mane who he recognized “JAKE oh my god i was just going to find your house” the pony walked up to blaze blaze saw all the war wounds on his brother's body. He lost both wings,his right eye was bionic, his left hind leg was fake, most of his left ear was gone, and he had a scar across his left eye and another one going across his muzzle “i figured you'd probably have trouble finding the place without help so i figured i'd come and meet you at the train station come on i'll show ya the way” the duo started walking “in the morning i'll show ya around ponyville there are alotta nice ponies here like this one named pinkie pie oh man you gotta meet her” “yeah i already have” blaze was lead to an old looking house on the edge of the village “welp here we are make yourself at home” the inside was surprisingly neat and well organized “man for a pony as scarred as you you can sure keep a house nice looking” “yeah tomorrow i'm gonna work on the outside” “so your good you don't need help with anything do you” “naw you go out and do whatever i can handle myself” blaze looked out the window and saw dash with her friends walking down the road. He went to the door and raced over to them.





CHAPTER 6 A New Fate
…….4 years later………

Blaze now loved his new group of friends. Every weekend him dash and pinkie pie would get together and spend the weekend pulling pranks on unsuspecting ponies. He even got a job with dash at cloudsdale weather factory. Dash was the lower floors manager and managed to get him a spot as an engineer. The factory was very strict about workers for the lower floors staying on the lower floors and not going up to the upper levels where the devices that produced rainbows were. Blaze never understood this and constantly questioned the reasoning behind it. He could sometimes make out screams coming from the upper floor and when he questioned his superiors about it they would tell him the devices that produced rainbows were very dangerous to maintain and accidents were common but blaze didn't believe what they told him. One tuesday afternoon dash was summoned to the upper floor. After an hour she came back with an uneasy look on her face but she appeared to be trying to hide it with happiness. “So what did they want” dash gave a smile “they recently had an accident with their previous manager and WANT ME TO TAKE HIS PLACE” “really oh that's great” after that day blaze seldom saw dash outside of the factory and the few time he did see her she always seemed bothered by something especially in the factory that she now managed. Blaze grew worried for her. One day after his shift ended blaze was leaving the factory when dash came up behind him and stopped him “hey blaze can i ask you something” today she seemed especially bothered and even looked sad about something “sure ask away” “if you found out i hurt or even killed ponies would you be able to forgive me” blaze felt a bit uneasy “well i mean you kind of have before i mean we both have we were in war remember” “i mean after the war” “well of course i would you're my best friend and nothing could change that but i mean you wouldn't hurt anypony” dash’s expression became even more sad “but i already have” dash muttered quietly to herself. After that blaze didn't see dash for nearly a year in or outside of the factory. He became lonely without her company. Even pranking ponies with pinky wasn't the same without her. Blaze felt empty without her around. He began to realize that he loved her.







Chapter 7 The Factory As Black As Night
……...8 months later……


Blaze was working on a machine when rainbow dash walked over to him “rainbow dash i haven't seen you in forever where have you been” she looked sad “yeah i had been busy lately with keeping the factory in order but i am here to tell you you've been requested upstairs” dash seemed really sad now and had a worried look on her face “are you ok dash” “i'm fine just follow me” “i'm sorry i have to do this to you” she said under her breath. Blaze was lead to an elevator and was taken upstairs where he was met by a pony in a lab coat with glasses. He was lead into a small room with a small metal table where he was sat down. Dash left the room and the pony looked at blaze. “So blaze is it i have heard you're one of our best engineers downstairs” “why yes i am mr…….” “not mister doctor i am doctor atmosphere head of the technological development unit we are in charge of upgrading and advancing our machines in this factory so it can be even more profitable and effective now you must be wondering why you're here” “yes i am doc” “well blaze lately we have been running short on engineers up here and can't get replacements fast enough so we thought you could assist us” “so i'm being promoted” “yes you will be our new head engineer up here” the scientist walked over to blaze and smiled at him. Blaze started to feel uneasy. “Now since you are now working up here you ,may not leave without permission and you will be terminated if you tell anypony of what is up here are we clear” blaze grew scared “what's up here that's so important that you are willing to kill me if i tell somepony about it” suddenly the doctor's smile became bigger as if he was hoping blaze would say this “it's not what we have it's what we do you see blaze i know about your suspicious of what we do up here i've been told you've heard screaming from up here and you know what the story they told you is a cover up so you don't find out what we are doing now you see a rainbow isnt quite as nice as the story of sugar and spice you know haven't you ever wondered what happens to those fillies who are quote unquote banished from equestria for failing their flight exams well i'll tell you where they really go they are sent here where they can find purpose and make up to cloudsdale for failing it and themselves they are made into rainbows” blaze's eyes widened as he realized what he meant “by……..ho…… the fu……...WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU KILL FILLIES TO MAKE RAINBOWS WHAT THE FUCK IS…..” the scientist put his hoof on blazes mouth to stop him from continuing “huh…….heh heh heh…..i knew you would react like this everyone does and if you care so much about those poor excuses of ponies those….those FUCKING FAILURES……. if you care so much for them then i have a proposition for you” an evil look grew on the scientists face “either A you take this job and maintain the pegasus devices and help with the production of rainbows for all of equestria to enjoy along with giving these failures a chance at redemption…...or B……..when the next flight test come around we will quote unquote pass one failure and let them live a happy life puting cloud sales reputation at risk and in return you take their place in the device” tears swelled in blaze's eyes “you can't actually be making me make this decision” “aaaawwwww poor blaze well if it's to hard of a decision i guess i can choose for you but i'm afraid my choice is gonna be throwing you in with the next failures” blaze was silent deep in thought he was brave but he had a lot of family that were badly hurt in fights and in wars and he was one of the healthiest in his family he couldn't sacrifice himself and leave them without someone to care for them but at the same time he couldn't live with himself for letting a filly die so he could live considering he was a combat pony his job was to make sure any civilians were protected no matter the cost. “Remember our motto with all great things come with great responsibility you aren't going to let some runt rui cloudsdale are you” blaze had made up his mind he would sacrifice himself so he could save at least one filly plus he wouldn't go on as a murderer. “I'll take the job” blaze's eyes had widened did he mis hear what he had said or did he really accept to murder an innocent filly “great i knew you'd make the right choice you know some actually chose to save those failing bastards can you believe it welp i'll show you to your room and you'll get started next week”


Chapter 8 All Great Things Come With Great Responsibility
1 year later

Blaze was no longer the pony he used to be. He lost his sanity long ago. He is now haunted and tormented by the screams of dying ponies and is often covered in their blood. Although he did have ways to escape from the madness. Dash being the manager was able to give him the special permission that she also had to leave the factory airspace at will so he could see his friends and family. He also had dash and had realized he was dash’s escape from the horrors to. They would always talk about the horrible place and dash even sometimes would talk about trying to escape. Blaze knew the effort the factory would go through to find them if they would successfully escape. 
Blaze was sitting in his room or his cell as he would consider it. He was thinking about his decision he made a year ago to do this. Why did he say yes he had wanted to accept his fate and die honorably but when he moved his mouth the wrong words came out he said yes. Ever since he hated himself for it. Why did things like this always happen to him even when he was young. He started thinking about his childhood. He was always bullied in school mostly because he was a blank flank for most of his life until he joined the army and discovered his talent in combat. He was an excellent fighter in hoof to hoof combat. All the torment and harassment in school made him a lot more aggressive towards other ponies. He hated the world  and all in it. He never knew any form of good only hate. He thought many times about killing himself and ending his miserable suffering until one day when he was about 16 he found a group of ponies that liked and accepted him. They were part of a gang known as the black horseshoe gang. They robbed trains and banks, kidnapped ponies and held them for ransom, they killed anypony they didn't like. Blaze finally felt accepted. He also thought he was doing a good thing. The gang was like a bunch of robin hoods. They would take from banks in rich cities and gave the money they collected to poor towns and villages like ponyville. Eventually the leader of the gang started to lose his faith in the equine race much like blaze had at one point he started seeing things never change. Then one day during a bank robbery blaze was shot specifically in the wing much like dash had. His gang left him behind as they made their escape. Blaze barely escaped from the police. He managed to get to the hospital but by that time it was to late for his wing and like dash he lost it. He told them he got attacked by timber wolves and the hospital believed the story. Afterwards he tried to leave the life behind but he felt empty again like his job wasn't done yet. By this time he had started a new life he had a farm and a soon to be wife named jessica who was a unicorn. But even then he still felt empty. He eventually joined the army and became a respected sharpshooter the best at his academy. Eventually blazes commander along with two government officials came up to blaze at his bunk. They knew who he was and what he used to do. “So this is the famed bank robber blaze amberjack huh so you thought after a life of robbing banks and murdering you could just forget it ever happened and run of to the army” blaze thought he knew what they wanted “well if you're here to take me in then you better be in for a fight” the gov agent laughed at him “oh dear boy we aren't here to arrest you although we really should have you hung for what you've done we are here to give you a chance to redeem yourself for all you've done all we ask is that you hunt down and kill your old gang members. Blaze couldn't believe what he was hearing as much as he hated his old gang for leaving him he still cared for them they gave him light in his dark world. “So what's stopping me from saying no” the agent looked a bit annoyed but he managed to put a sarcastic smile on his face “well let's just say your little girlfriend would probably tell you to accept the offer” blaze was suddenly filled with a blood curdling rage “what did you do with her i swear to celestia if you hurt her you'll regret it” the agent laughed “don't worry she is fine for now we have her in a facility far from here she is in good hands but i can't guarantee her safety if you don't do exactly what we ask of you dear boy” so blaze went off after his old gang and after a month he had found and killed them all. He hated himself for it but he knew he had to for his girlfriend's sake. After he killed the final member the government gave him his loved one back. After the ordeal he decided to leave the army and return to his farm. He realized that he would need to protect her and he did. A year later he was returning from a trip to the store for supplies for the farm when he heard a gunshot. He rushed to the house to find his wife lying by the front door with a pool of blood forming around her head. Somepony had come and shot her in the head while he wa gone. He would later find out that a friend of one of his old gang members was angered by his loss and seeked revenge on blaze. The loss of his wife destroyed him. Once again he had nothing left to live for. A few years later war broke out and blaze rejoined the army to help out with the war effort he knew how useful a crack shot like him was to the army during wartime. Little did he know that the eight years he would spend in the war would be the most horrible and gruesome years of his life until the final year of it when he was assigned to the blazing pegasus squad and meant dash at philadelphia. But now he was lost again. The factory was like a mental prison for him eating away at his sanity and his view of himself. He used to think he was a hero but now he thought of himself as a monster. Working to maintain and improve those wretched killing machines that killed innocent children. He couldn't take it anymore and he knew dash couldn't either. She was probably closer to breaking point than he was. She was insane now. The only good side of her left only came out when her and blaze were alone together talking. Blaze was ready to end his life much like when he was a child but he knew dash would be broken without him in the factory to comfort her and make her feel better about what she was doing.



Chapter  9 The Rainbow Factory Where Failures Pay Their Toll


It was the day of the flight tests which meant more psychological torture for blaze. Dash was fairly excited all she talked about all day was a filly named scootaloo. Finally the tests were over and those who failed were being readied for their journey to the factory. Blaze and dash looked over the rosters for the failures. Dash let out a silent gasp that blaze was just able to pick up. Blaze looked at her “what's wrong” dash was silent her face a in a blank stare at the sheet of paper. She was focused on one of the names. “Dash are you okay what's on there” she put the paper down and walked away blaze was able to hear her mutter “that fucking bitch is done for” silently to herself as she walked away to her quarters. Blaze picked up the papers and was shocked to see scootaloo on the list of names. He knew after listening to dash talk about her all day and about how she was sad she wouldn't be there to watch scoots as she called her pass her flight exam. Scootaloo was (other than blaze) dashes escape from the reality of what she does. Blaze and scootaloo are her only sources of sanity and the only ponies left that she cares about. Blaze could imagine what she was going through mentally  knowing what she was going to have to do to scootaloo. He knew what it is like to lose someone you loved dearly especially if they are all you got only blaze didn't have to kill his wife like dash was gonna kill the pony she looked at as a little sister. Eventually the failures arrived dash was in a full suit of body armor so her identity was secret. She hated having the children knowing that the pony that many of them looked at as an idol was going to kill them. Blaze and dash helped the security herd the failures into a big containment room to hold the children until the pegasus devices were ready to slaughter them. Blaze was in a room with a balcony that overlooked the storage room. Then the doctor atmosphere the scientist blaze had the least respect for after his first encounter with him in the interrogation room where he made blaze choose between his life and that of a child's. The scientist followed by dash still in her uniform went onto the balcony. “Hello everypony now i know you are wondering why you are here” blaze came out with the doctor and dash and stood by her side. “Do you like yourself for this taking us from our families like this” said one of the children. “Now as i was saying you have been sent here with an important job to help with the production of rainbows for all of equestria” blaze could see dash was staring at scootaloo. Suddenly scootaloo started yelling “how can you do this you take us from our families and now you expect us to work for you” dash looked angry. She took off her mask. When scootaloo saw dash and realized she worked for this horrible place she just collapsed to the ground and started crying like he had never seen anyone cry before she was now broken much like dash and blaze and blaze felt bad for her. Dash stepped forward “ now do we have any volunteers to show the others how the machines work” suddenly scootaloo shouted out “I LOVED YOU HOW CAN YOU DO THIS I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS I THOUGHT OF YOU AS A SISTER” blaze could now see rage in dash's eyes “NO YOU ARE NOTHING TO ME YOU FAILED ME YOU COULDN'T EVEN PASS THAT STUPID FUCKING FLIGHT TEST AFTER I SPENT HOW MANY YEARS PREPARING YOU FOR IT YOU ARE NOTHING TO ME YOU PATHETIC LITTLE BITCH” scootaloo was heartbroken and went silent “now do we have any volunteers” ……….”alright then i volunteer you” dash pointed to a young colt next to scootaloo and to guards went to retrieve him “ARCHER NO” scootaloo screamed “its okay scoots its fine” the guards chained him into the device and activated it archer was slowly pulled inside the machine and suddenly terrifying screams of pain and agony poured out of the machine scootaloo watched in horror and shock as her friend was literally ripped to shreds. As more ponies were loaded into the device blaze noticed scootaloo whispering to the remaining failures. Suddenly she shouted “NOW” and all the failures sprang into action attacking the guards and attempting to break down the exit doors. Dash had a look of murder on her face now “blaze stop her...i mean them from escaping” blaze grabbed his taser and started attacking the children. A bunch of them tackled blaze and started attempting to beat him to death he managed fight them off with his taser. One flew into his side at full speed ramming him to the floor he heard a horrible cracking noise. He tried to fly after his attacker but when he tried to spread his wing a horrible pain struck through his body causing him to lose consciousness. He woke up in the emergency center of the factory dash was next to him looking happy about something. Blaze noticed he couldn't feel his wing and when he looked it was gone replaced with yet another metal one.




Chapter 10 What Nopony Saw Coming

Dash help blaze to his feet “come blaze i'll need you in case anything goes wrong we caught some of the bastards and are holding them” dash lead blaze to the storage room and when he walked inside he was shocked to see scootaloo strapped to a conveyor belt that feeds into a pegasus device the philly’s face was slightly bruised showing she had been recently beaten. Dash walked over to her a satisfied look on her face which suddenly turned to a look of rage as she punched scootaloo in the face several times. Blaze was disturbed at the site he knew this wasn't dash but the murderer that took her over when she was in the factory. “You fucker you fucking failed me” she mercilessly beat the poor philly. To blazes surprise the philly was smiling after each hit as she looked at dash. Suddenly dash ceased her attacks and just stared back. Then a loving look overtook her face as she smiled. “Scootaloo i…...i……” it was her it was dash the real dash taking back control “i…...FUCKING HATE YOU” she punched scootaloo right in the jaw as the murderous psychopath took over once more. Then she stopped again and she was once again smiling “oh scoots look at what i did to you i'm so sorry could you ever forgive me” she hugged scootaloo “i could never stay mad at you dash” the dash pulled away “i….looooove you…….YOU FUCKING WORTHLESS BITCH” the murderer once again in control wailed on the helpless philly she then went over to a lever and pulled it and the conveyor belt started slowly pulling scootaloo into the device. Then dash had the loving look again and then the empty murderous look again she was having an inner battle for control blaze could do nothing but watch as the pony he now loved was being torn apart mentally. Then she screamed the a scream louder than anything he ever heard before. Dash started flying around frantically until she collided with the conveyor belt. The collision detached the chains from scootaloo but dash was now tangled in them being pulled into the device she had spent most of her life now throwing fillies and colts into the blaze saw it the battle was won by the good side of dash who was trying to sacrifice herself so the bad side couldn't harm anypony ever again. “Scootaloo i'm so sorry i love you could you ever forgive me” “i love you to rainbow dash and i forgive you” the two cried until dash was pulled into the device and her cries were replaced with agonizing shrieks of pain and then it went silent rainbow dash was no more. Doctor atmosphere saw the whole thing. He walked over to scootaloo. “Blaze we need to deal with this runt but i think she deserves better after all this” he handed blaze a gun “i'll be in my quarters you know what to do and you can keep that” blaze looked at scootaloo who was crying “i'm sorry about all of this and for what i'm about to do i wish you didn't have to find out about this place” scootaloo looked at him “i looked up to her my whole life i can't believe she did this” blaze had tears streaming at his eyes. He struggled to hold them back as he put the gun to the philly’s head. “I understand at least i'll be with dash once again” she smiled. Blaze closed his eyes and with a loud crack scootaloo was no more. Blaze went to his quarters and spent the rest of the day crying.


Chapter 11 The Fall Of The Rainbow Factory (part 1) THE ESCAPE

Blaze was devastated from dash’s death. What was even worse is that he was assigned to take her place. And worse yet was he would have to tell her friends and family. He told them she was killed in an accident with a machine. They may never know the truth about her death. She was now all he thought about. She haunted him in his dreams. She would tell him to end it but he never understood what she meant. A year went by since the incident. The factory was now growing and expanding. Blaze was practically insane now. He lost his sense of mercy long ago when he lost his dashie. He stopped caring for the innocent kids he was killing. He had nothing left to care about now. He owned a factory that robs all its workers of their sanity and killed his beloved dashie. Blaze killed workers and failures alike and he hated himself for it. He spent most of his time hiding his face in his quarters which he forbid anypony from entering unless he requested it. He spent most of his time in their thinking about dash “why did you do it dash why’d you leave me i never would have left you” “i didn't leave you i'd never do that” blaze was startled he looked up and saw dash flying above him. He was amazed. He was sad though to know it wasn't really her but his mind but at the same time it felt good to see her and hear her. “Dash why i don't understand why you sacrificed yourself like that” “well i had know choice i love scoots and would hate myself even more than i already did if i killed her you see i was sick of it the killing the torture the mental torment i saw that as the only way to redeem myself for all the pain i caused” blaze felt some closure in these words “well what do i do now dash i'm basically in your shoes now” dash came close and whispered “end the madness” blaze was confused but realized what she meant finally “wait you mean the factory” dash laughed “well duh what else would i mean end the suffering do what i never could but always dreamed of” then with that she disappeared “dash no please don't go yet” but she was gone now. Blaze stared out the window in his quarters “time to end this”. Blaze backed to the end of his room and charged at the window crashing through it and started racing towards ponyville. “I've been asleep long enough hoping all this madness would end on its own but i've awoken and i'm   taking back control”.

Chapter 12 Fall Of The Rainbow Factory part 2 and may the truth set you free

Blaze was resting on a cloud exhausted from being pursued by security from the factory. He was looking everywhere for signs of one coming at him. He could hear the sirens from the factory in the distance. Then he took off with as much speed as he could. He knew what he had to do he needed to get to celestia in canterlot and tell her of the atrocities the factory committed. As he thought of this he realized that with how severe the situation was she might not believe him with just his word alone he would need others to back up his word. He raced to ponyville. The first pony he went to was pinkiepie. He knew she could tell when somepony was lying better than anypony else in ponyville and if she believed his story than he could get anypony else to believe him with her backing him up. He arrived at sugarcube corner and found pinkie and told her everything. She was shocked but believed him. Suddenly blazes senses started acting up he felt like something was wrong. Then pinkie's pinkie sense went off as well and she quickly shoved blaze out of the way of a pegasus flying threw the window at him. The pegasus charged blaze. He kicked his hind legs out making contact with his attackers face knocking him out. “Pinkie we need to tell the others and get this to celestia now” the two raced to the rest of their friends and told them the story. Most of them didn't believe it at first but pinkiepie backed blaze's story. They then rushed to canterlot a guard stopped them at the gates of celestia's castle. “State your business” “my name is blaze amberjack and i have urgent news that needs to get to the princess now this could be life and death for hundreds of children across equestria” the guard took them to celestia. “Twilight what are you doing here” “princess this pony has brought to me news the terrible truth about rainbows and cloudsdale weather factories true intentions” “what are you talking about” blaze stepped forward “princess do you know the story of where rainbows come from” she looked confused “yes they are made at cloudsdale weather factory using water and magic” “im afraid thats a lie they told you so you would let the factory continue to function you see they come from children when pegasi fail their flight test they are sent to the factory now i never though much of this since i spent a lot of my career there as a lower class engineer i never saw most of the factory but when i got my promotion and moved up where the children were sent i discovered that rainbows are made from a type of cell in everypony's blood called spectra which is responsible for your mane and coat color and is the source of unicorn magic the factory harvests it from the failures blood but unfortunately they are killed in the process often in painful manors i'm half insane myself from listening to them scream for all these years i managed to escape and now they are hunting me down so this doesn't get to you now princess you must shut the factory down immediately but u need to send everyone your guardsmen the army the police everyone you can because they won't let the factory go without a fight and they have an entire army of security totalling in about 100 security guards armed to the teeth so workers are less likely to try and escape” celestia looked at blaze in shock “how….how could i have let them do this all these years how did i not know of this…….ok i'm sending my best men to shut it down blaze if what you say is true and they do have men hunting for you then until the factory is no more i'll send eight guards home with you to keep you safe same for the rest of you” with that blaze and his friends were sent to their homes and were instructed to remain in them until it was safe. Blaze looked out his window and the silhouette of the factory in the distance. He saw hundreds of soldiers flying towards it and could hear the faint sound of gunfire. Then he heard an explosion as the factory started falling out of the sky. The rainbow factory was finally no more. Blaze was relieved to have his nightmare ended and now he could return to a normal life. Or could he. Would he be able to live with what he had done or what he saw what he went through with dash and scootaloo. He knew he had gone through similar ordeals before but this might have permanently changed blaze. After a week blaze got a job working on applejacks farm. He even had his own house now. He was finally working a normal job and his life was normal or at least as normal as it could get.




CHAPTER 13 you can't forget the past
15 years later


Blaze had now almost completely forgot about his past and the monster he used to be. He had managed to leave it behind much like his criminal life he erased it from his memory and has started over. By this time he had saved enough up to start a peach and apple ranch and it was a great success. Blaze had married a mare named anabel whose family was killed by thieves when she was little forcing her to a life of crime to get by until blaze found her and had a colt with her named alex. He also had a daughter who unfortunately died during birth. It took him a bit but blaze managed to get over it. Blaze was happy with what he had become. How he was able to help his wife leave a bad life behind to start a good one. Blaze was still visited by dash in his dreams. He would always be delighted to see her and hated that this was the only time he could see her and how he couldn't introduce her to his family or how the two of them couldn't have been fated to start a family. “You sure have done a lot of improving on yourself blaze when we were in that factory you were a wreck but now i see good in you” “thanks dash i wish you could be here with me to help on the ranch you would be an amazing help with your speed” “yeah i just wish i could be there period but the past is the past what can you do you know what they say you can't forget the past but don't let it stop you from doing great things don't let my death haunt you blaze i know it must be hard on you but i'm happy with my decisions and only regret working at that factory in the first place but hey i'm here with you now so it's not like we can't be together in spirit” blaze started tearing up “yeah your right dash” rainbow dash started laughing “don't start getting all emotional on me now you big egghead” blaze began to laugh with her until she suddenly got a worried look on her face. Blaze stopped laughing “what is it” “BLAZE WAKE UP NOW” suddenly blaze awoke to a hard impact on his head he attempted to get up when he felt another blow to his head and everything went black. He was now surrounded by black “dash...dash...rainbow dash are you here where am i” he was alone. Then he groggily opened his eyes. He was in an almost pitch black room. His head was throbbing and he tried to put his hoof on his head but to his surprise he couldn't move it or any of his legs even his wings couldn't move. “What…...what the hell is happening why can't i move” blaze heard a silent laugh in the darkness “heh heh heh i was starting to think i hit your head to hard and killed you for a second there but i guess that would be good for you but i guess then you wouldn't have nearly as much fun as your gonna now that you're awake. Suddenly the lights flickered on. Blaze could clearly see in the room and the first thing he noticed was dried blood all over the floor beneath him and a cart with all kinds of syringes and blades and surgical equipment on it. Then blaze saw a gray pony in a lab coat staring at him. The pony looked familiar to blaze but he couldn't quite tell who it was. “Now let's take some time to answer a few questions” the pony had an evil grin on his face making him look oddly even more familiar. “Now i know alot about you blaze and i know it was you who betrayed the rainbow factory” at that moment blaze knew who he was “doctor atmosphere is that you” blaze knew his evil grin since he had the same grin on when he forced blaze to choose between his life and a child's life. “What do you seriously not remember me why i was your boss at one point i thought you'd remember me” “what do you want atmosphere” “why my dear boy i want revenge for what you did you ruined me YOU FUCKING TRAITOR” “i did the right thing and what happened was inevitable if i didn't let the truth out somepony else would of eventually” “DO YOU REALLY THINK SO hehehehe oh you are an idiot most of those idiots were brainwashed through insanity they didn't have the mental capacity to do an uprising but you oh you are special blaze you know i thought we were alike at one point but i guess i was wrong you see i don't care my heart is black those children are the product my factory needed to run in my eyes and that's it do you know what i've done for that factory do you i made sacrifices that were hard to make dash did to what did you call her your dashie……” “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT HER YOU PIECE OF SHIT YOU RUINED HER YOU FUCKING BROKE HER AND GOT HER KILLED” “heheheheheheheheheheh oh really boy you really are an idiot aren't you i did next to nothing to her the factory killed her and took her sanity and ability to feel or at least it almost did you know until that accident all those years ago i thought she was empty inside just like me but i was surprised she had a good side left in her and i was astonished that it managed to take back enough control of her to stop her from what she was doing huh it sometimes makes me question my own reality maybe i have a good side like her but it just is chained away too tightly or maybe i haven't found something i cared about enough to trigger it to take control” the doctor looked deep in thought “now about what you did to the factory you see i'm gonna make you burn for that you see i would of called my team of from searching for you after a few days and just forget about you but nooooo you had to tell her you fuck you had to betray the factory” “wow you really are heartless aren't you how do you listen to those poor children scream in agony and just not feel anything how just how you fucking monster” “wow thats a low blow there blaze…….do you know how much of a hypocrite you are i know who you are you are a murderer you always have been you can play rancher on that pathetic little ranch you got there but you know you really are a lot like me you used to be in that gang you murdered you robbed and you kidnapped ponies now i don't know how you do that and then sit here calling me the murderer you probably killed more ponies than i have” blaze felt his rage begin to build up “no we didn't just kill i will admit we did kill some ponies unfairly or unjustifiably but we robbed and kidnapped rich snobs we took from them and gave to those less fortunate we didn't just kill for fun either we had codes that we followed you know my gang also hunted down other gangs who actually did murder for fun and we stopped them we probably did more to clean up the filth of equestria than the law ever did” “oh blaze you always did have a high opinion of yourself but i'm gonna ask you how well do you handle pain i imagine very well by now judging by your past injuries” “nothing you do can or will ever hurt me i won't let it” the evil grin returned “oh we'll just have to see about that wont we blaze heh heh heh let's begin shall we BRING THEM IN” a metal door opened and what blaze recognized as a factory worker carried in anabel and alex into the room “BLAZE” his wife was in tears “DAD” blaze never saw so much terror in his son's eyes “anabel alex it's ok we are gonna be fine” “hehehehehehe oh blaze you've never been so far from the truth” rage filled blazes body “YOU FUCKING LET THEM GO OR I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL RIP YOU APART AND FEED YOU TO THE TIMBERWOLVES” the doctor was unfazed by this “those are some brave words coming from the pony who is tied up heh heh oh don't you worry i have no beef with your family just you i just brought them along so that it would torture you more to know they have to see what is gonna happen to you” the doctor grabbed one of the syringes “alright enough chit chat let's get started now you see this syringe it has a substance in it that will make your nerves more sensitive which will increase the amount of pain you will feel from any injury once i inject you with this even a simple paper cut will feel like you were cut by a knife” the syringe entered blazes side the doctor waited a few minutes for it to kick in and then grabbed one of the serrated blades from the cart “now you see this this is gonna be the first of a long day of pain for you so i would try to get used to it now cause believe me i know how to do this and keep you alive for a long time now where to begin” the doctor examined blazes body. He began to stare at his head “i got it” the doctor forced blaze's head down and began cutting his ear off. The room was filled with crys of agony. Blaze’s head felt like it was on fire. The doctor then grabbed a hoof ful of blazes mane and ripped it off. Blaze could tell the shot was working because at this point he was experiencing the most pain he had ever felt in his life. With a big grin on the doctor's face he added a restraint to blaze’s head. “Now don't you worry i'm only cutting out your eye but have faith it shouldn't be that bad it's only gonna FEEL LIKE THE MOST HELLISH PAIN YOU'VE EVER FELT” the doctor grabbed a surgical knife and began repeatedly stabbing at blaze’s eye. Various fluids spewed out of the now destroyed eye. The doctor then shoved the knife as far into the eye as he could and managed to pull it out. By this point blaze struggled to stay conscious but he didn't want his family to think he was being hurt that bad so he struggled to keep conscious despite his burning face and head willing him to pass out. The doctor then put the knife to blazes belly “now i'm gonna show you what your insides look like. Then a several gunshots could be heard along with an explosion. The doctor had an annoyed look on his face. He looked at blaze who was slowly slipping out of consciousness. He quickly grabbed an adrenaline needle and stabbed it into blaze’s chest to revive him and then he looked at the door. “Huh what the hell is that” the doctor left the room along with the guards leaving the family alone. Alex and anabel ran over to blaze who was in agony. “Blaze oh my god what did he do to you” she was balling. Blaze looked at the cart and saw a needle. He recognized the look of the liquid in it as morphine. “see ….that syringe it…..has morphine in it inject it in me it should do a good job of ending the pain…...for a little while” anabel did as told. Suddenly the door burst open and blaze's brother and a doctor burst through the door. His brothers eyes widened as he saw his brother “what in celestia's name did they do to you blaze” the doctor began to work on blazes injuries and gave him several shots of painkillers. After a while blaze was patched up. “We can get you a glass eye but we will need to get you to the hospital first” “no i need to get my family to safety first that psycho will hunt them down if i leave em alone” blaze managed to get to his feet “give me a weapon i need to protect myself. His brother handed him a pistol. Then the gunfire from outside stopped. “The police must have finished the last of atmospheres gang off” “ooohhhh blazzee come out come out wherever you are i just wanna chat” “shit that's peter atmosphere” alex hugged blaze “who is this guy and why does he want to hurt you dad” “son i've done some horrible things in my life but the worst was working for him his name is doctor peter atmosphere and he was the owner of the rainbow factory” alex’s eyes widened by this time everyone in equestria knew very well of what the rainbow factory was and what it did “oh… could you work there” “i had no choice i was forced into it and was threatened with death and i had someone that i held dear to me that worked with me in that factory who would have lost it if i left or was killed” “was it mom” “no but your mother knew her she was her idol when your mother was a filly her name was rainbow dash” “you knew rainbow dash all the older ponies at my school always talk about her and how cool she was and all the amazing things she did” “yeah she was quite the character and she was forced into that nightmare to” “BLAZE THEY ARE COMING TO THE DOOR WE CAN'T LET THEM IN WE NEED TO MAKE A STAND NOW” “ok you guys stay back here and keep this door shut i'll be in the next room i don't want you guys coming out for anything at all you guys here me anything” with that blaze joined his brother in the main room of the building “you ready for one last fight bro” “let's give them hell” “oora brother oora” the two shattered a window and began opening fire on the gang and were met with a hail of bullets. They were picking off the attackers quickly. They already managed to take out 10 men. Blaze’s brother was hit. The bullet just grazed his heart. The wounded pony fell to the ground and the gang retreated. Blaze went to him and put pressure on the wound “shit your gonna be ok man don't you die on me” “bla….blaze i'm too hurt i'm not gonna make it you….you go and…..take anabel and alex and you…… get them outta here i'll hold them off” and then he was gone. Pure hatred filled blaze’s heart. He knew this wasn't gonna be over until blaze ended it atmosphere wanted blaze dead now for what he did to the factory and would stop at nothing to catch and kill him. Blaze didn't want to live a life on the run or have his family in constant danger. It would be hard but blaze knew what he had to do. His time had come. He ran out to his family and the doctor. “Alex anabel i want you to go with the doctor and get back to town ok you'll be safe there” “you're coming with us dad” blaze teared up but held back his emotion “i'll catch up i need to take care of something first” “you stay out of trouble now blaze you hear me” “i will anabel” blaze and anabel kissed. “Now go get outta here. The three fled out the back door of the building. “I'll stay outta trouble many” a tear streamed down blazes cheek. He was doing the right thing and he knew it he had no other choice but this to save his family. He had let too many loved ones die because he failed to protect them but not this time he was gonna make the ultimate sacrifice for them now. He would finally get his chance at redemption for everything he did in his life like dash did in the factory. He walked over to the double doors at the entrance of the building he slowly cracked it open and revealed what looked like 20 ponies half of them unicorns all aiming at the door. Blaze stepped back and looked at his fallen brother. “I'll see ya soon bro” blaze loaded his gun. 8 bullets to stop 20 ponies. Blaze knew he was doomed. He took a deep breath and put his hooves on the doors and push them open walking out to confront the group he saw atmosphere behind the small army. Everything was slowing down blaze picked his targets and grabbed his gun and opened fire. One,two,three,four,five,six,seven as blaze pulled the hammer back on the revolver for the final shot the group opened fire on him. His body filled with bullets. He could no longer feel h=the pain of his eye or ear in fact he couldn't feel anything anymore. He was breathing heavily as the gunfire stopped. Blaze struggled to breath. Blaze fell to his knees. Atmosphere trotted up to his with a smile of satisfaction on his face. Blaze stared back at him hatred filling his body then blaze couldn't breath anymore and he collapsed onto the ground. Everything started to go black. All he could think of at this final moment was of his family that would finally be safe. “Heh heh poor blaze” atmosphere looked at blaze satisfied with what he did “alright boys let's get outta here we still need to find a place for our new gang to call home” now blaze amberjack was no more. Suddenly blaze opened his eyes again and started floating up to the sky. “What but i thought i was dead” “you are ya dork” blaze turned to see rainbowdash “welcome to the afterlife blaze” blaze smiled “you did good blaze you really did” blaze could finally be with dash once again and was satisfied that he could be happy knowing his family would be safe. “Dash i missed you so much” “i missed you to” tears formed in her eyes “now you got me all emotional you dork come on let's see if you are still as fast as you used to be” blaze was at peace with his dashie finally.



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CHAPTER 1 remember my family
3 days later

Here lyes blaze amberjack a pony who tryd his best right to the end to do what is right. A pony with courage showing great courage in the line of duty. A pony who was an excellent father and husband. You will be missed may you rest in peace. Alex was holding his mother who was balling her eyes out. He was struggling not to cry not because he didnt want to but because he knew his dad would want him to hold it together and stay strong for both himself and his mother. All he was thinking about was when it happened. “Alex you hear that the gunfire stopped we need to go back and make sure your father is ok” “i agree lets go” “i was instructed to get you to safety and thats what i intend to do” “if you want to help then go on without us go to the city and get help now” the medical pony began running off. The two ran back to the building. There was nopony around. “DAD WHERE ARE YOU” they went to the front of the building and found the remains of blaze “blaze oh celestia’s sake what did they do to you” “oh celestia dad no” the two grieved together as the police arrived. Alex looked at the picture of blaze above his coffin. Rage filled his mind. He knew who did this to his father . he couldnt just sit around and do nothing but what could he do his dad taught him how to use a gun but he wasnt as good as his dad and was nowhere near good enough to take on peter atmosphere. He vowed to get revenge and he wouldnt stop until his fathers killer was brought down.

10 years later
Alex was on the porch of his house polishing his pistol he named blaze after his father. He looked up to see his friend jack approach him. “Alex i have great news” alex starred “well what is it” “i got a lead on where you can begin your search i found where peters wife lives she probably knows where you can find him” a smile formed on alex’s face “alright ill head over now where is it “jack pulled out a map of equestria “right here” alex began his journey. A year ago now alex’s mother anabel died afterwards alex decided now that his mother wasnt around for him to protect and he had noone left he would begin hunting down doctor atmosphere.
The next day
He approached the front door and knocked. An older mare answered the door “hello may i help you” “yeah i have a letter for peter atmosphere do you know where i can find him” “im sorry im afraid i cant help you we have been divorced for a few years now if your looking for peter some of his gang hang out by a bar at manehattan they should be able to help you” “okay thank you very much mam. Alex arrived at manehattan and headed for a  bar close to the edge of the city he figured it would make sense for a gang to hang out there since its close to the edge of town so if somthing happened it would be easy to get out of town at speed. He walked inside and looked around. He saw a pony with a big scar across his face and a tattoo of the logo of the rainbowfactory on his left shoulder. He was definetly part of peters gang. “Excuse me are you part of a gang run by peter atmosphere” “yes i am why” “i have a letter for him can you help me find him” “im afraid he left the gang last month to pursue an honest life and all that horse shit last i heard he was out duck hunting by gaptooth lake with his brother” “ok thank you for the information” alex headed to the lake he searched the shore for an hour before he spotted smoke in the distance. When he got closer he found a campsite with one occupant. He approached the stranger “hello can you help me find a pony by the name of peter atmosphere i have a letter for him” “heh why im his brother peter is downstream hunting a flock of ducks that must be an important letter if you came all the way out here to find him” “oh its really important thank you ill get this to him now” alex walked along the shoreline until he heard a gunshot he went to the source and there he was he was unmistakable. Alex approached him “hello sir” “uh hello” “do you remember me” “um… i dont should i” “my name is alex amberjack you killed my father blaze amberjack” “oh alex well i have to say for what its worth im sorry i did a horrible thing that day and im not proud of it i was insane and he ticked me off he destroyed my lively hood but ive tried to leave that behind” do you think after what you did to him im just gonna forgive you he was a good stallion and you killed him you shot him like a dog” “heheh he was a killer like me dont you see he worked for a factory that killed kids like you and he didnt care at all and before that he was part of a gang of murderers your father was far from a good guy now get outta here kid before i kill you to” rage surged through alex “im not going anywhere jackass” the two looked at eachother “so its gonna come to this” the two reached for their guns. Everything was silent except the sounds of nature. The to had a standoff. Then peter pulled his gun out. Alex began to do the same. Everything went to slow motion alex slowed his breath and focused on where he would fire then they drew their guns alex shot first hitting peters gun out of his hand then alex continued to unload his gun on his victim. Click click. Atmoshere was on the ground gasping for air just barely alive. “Heh like father like so…….like sone your a cold heartless killer just like me and just like your father used to be i guess it runs in the family” alex realized what he just did he was right now he wasnt any better than him and he had become the thing that his father dispised and left behind. Alex loaded his gun “please forgive me for this blaze i wasnt thinking straight” “kid your father would have hated you at this point hell he’d kill you probably” the rage returned “YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP RIGHT NOW” “heh make me kid shut me up hey hows that whore mother of yours hell she was a killer to wasnt she wasnt she a whore before blaze found her doesnt that make you a son of a (BAM)” alex shot him in the head before he could finish. “Huh im sorry father i realise now how selfish i was but im sure if you were here you would be at least happy to see that piece of trash dead” with that he walked back to his ranch.


CHAPTER 2 hardship

After getting his revenge Alex didnt feel right. He felt like a murderer like he didnt need to do that like he is now no better than the pony he killed. He looked at the gun in his hoof. He thought. “Maybe ill see my dad again” he put it to his head. ……….”no” he dropped it “im not going out like that my father would turn in his grave if i gave up like this” he walked to ponyville to clear his head. He heard screaming. He ran over to see a mare fighting off a colt with a knife who appared to be attempting to rape her. “Hey thats enough” the colt looked at him and started laughing. “Dont make me kill you get out of here now” alex walked closer “get off her now or you are really not gonna like what happens next” the colt started laughing histarically at him “i have a knife what do you have” “i have my hooves and fighting experience” “whatever you say” the colt charged him and swung his knife at him. Alex dodged and grabbed his arm and pulled it outta place and shoved him to the ground. He then kicked the knife well outta reach. “Are you okay madam” “i am now thank you so much” she gave him 40 bits as a reward. Alex handed over the colt to the authorities and continued on with his day happy with what he did. When he got back to his house he noticed a note on his doorstep “dear alex please come to my library i need to talk to you to assist me with somthing really important, Twilight Sparkle” alex whent to twilights library. He knocked on the door. It opened “hey alex come in and follow me i need you to help me with an expiriment” she lead him into a dark corridor and into a room. He saw a filly strapped to a metallic table he recognized her as applebloom applejacks sister “RUN SAVE YOURSELF” alex felt a blunt force hit the back of his head knocking him to the ground his vision blurred and then he blacked out.



Chapter 3 Twilight’s Experiments 

Alex awoke to applebloom screming in pain. He couldnt move he was restrained to a table. He looked next to him to see applebloom who looked barely alive moaning in pain as twilight was cutting out her organs and putting them into jars of alcohol. He couldnt believe what he was seeing. “Woah twilight what the hell” she looked at him “what i said i need help you see im about to do an experiment on my friends to learn more about friendship and i need to practice for some of the things i have planned”. Fear coursed through alex’s body. He knew he had little chance of escaping from this. Applebloom stopped moaning finally. She was probably dead but after seeing what she was going through that was probably for the best but now he was alone with twilight. She walked over to him. “Now what to do with you” she looked deep in thought. “I know” she brought up a test tube full of some green liquid and started drinking it. As she did her horn appeared to glow brighter almost as if her magic was becoming stonger. “Man i love that stuff its my favourite drink you know” she then came over to alex’s hind quarters and examined his areas. Alex felt uncomfortable. She outlined parts of his legs and genitals and did the same on his chest. “Ok i think im ready to get started” she levatated a surgical knife to alex and placed on his testicles” alex braced for what would come next. Then she seemed to think of somthing and took it away “i have an even better idea for you lets see your pain tolerance” she came back to him with a glass full of a clear liquid she driped some of it on the table next to him and it disintegrated the area it touched. Fear coursed through alex as he realized it was corrosive acid. She dumpued it on his left leg. And agonizing pain coursed through his lower body. Alex managed to hold in all the screams that wanted to come out. He knew what she was doing she was torturing him at this point and he wasnt going to let her make him scream he refused to give her what she wanted. “Wow your leg has been melted off with acid and you managed to not even let out a peep you are one strong willed pony but don’t worry i can break that” she came over with the surgical knife and began to slowly cut the flesh off the remaining foot. Alex fought his will to scream in pain. Twilight had an annoyed look on her face from alex’s silence “this should break your will” she dipped the blade in alcohol. Alex braced as she shoved it into his leg the alcohol seemed to double the pain instantly Alex began to moan in discomfort but he still remained resilient he wasn’t gonna let her break him. “Huh your no fun huh welp playtime is over time to get back to work” she brought the blade up to his waist and carved it open into to flaps. Alex could hardly take the pain. Twilight dumped a bunch of alcohol into his waist to disenfect it tripleing the alreadly crippling pain he was feeling. Finally he couldnt ake it and screamed in agony. Twilight then did the same to his chest cutting it open and dumping alcohol in it. Alex was now dieing he was begining to lose the feeling in his body the pain wasnt as noticable now. As he watched his organs being pulled out everything slowly began to go black and suddenly the pain was gone and so was Alex.

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