....and they kept her word.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

'...and they kept her word' is a short novel with two central characters. Revolving around the friendship of Avanti and Arnav since childhood, the story takes the readers to their love lives in the future. Amidst hatred, fights, arguments and naughtiness as kids, when these two realize the presence of a strong bond of connection, the story throws light over their transformation, love, reality and maturity.

Table of Contents


PROLOGUE   “But Avanti, I am sure we can convince them”, with anxious voice Arnav had said this for the third time; ev... Read Chapter

The beginning of a new tale

“Avanti! Avanti! Listen! You know, what is the meaning of marriage?” with excitement of a discoverer Arnav ran towards her. As al... Read Chapter

Hatred and jealousy - ingredients of a childish friendship

For the next four years, while they stayed in the same community, the routine of forced friendship and unavoidable walks to the bus ... Read Chapter

Increasing distance, rising differences

With passing years in school, Avanti and Arnav got into the flow of progress. Repetitive cycle of studies, examination and vacation compl... Read Chapter

Consistent flames with sustained differences

With their residences being far away from each other, unpleasant and forceful encounters like the carom episode were completely reduced t... Read Chapter

Glowing colors of maturity

With the end of secondary school and start of last two years of higher grades, Arnav realized his years of fun, carelessness, enjoyment a... Read Chapter

About connections and re-connections

Arnav worked sincerely and completed his four years of graduation with excellent results. As it was a subject of his interest, he possess... Read Chapter

Departure: HATE, Arrival: LOVE

With passing time and growing contact, both of them were delighted to discover an amazing friendship. Realizing its true nature, they loo... Read Chapter

Sweet, bitter, sour- the flavors of relation

As Arnav landed at the airport, he was extremely excited to meet his parents. The happiness of seeing them after a long gap was indeed wo... Read Chapter

The start of a new beginning

With arrival of the big day, there was tension, anxiety and fear in the air. Clueless about the future, Avanti and Arnav were worried abo... Read Chapter


“What was that expression, Arnav?” fuming with rage, Avanti could not wait to get an answer right at the moment, as they exchanged ga... Read Chapter

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