That Ugly Announcement

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Someone has fun with a school principal.

Submitted: June 16, 2016

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Submitted: June 16, 2016



That Ugly Announcement

By Shadowgate


Potter Realm was 10 years old and he was in the principal's office for fighting. When his mother Kathy Realm aged 42 arrived she had her 16 year old son Jason Realm with her who got off early for a doctor appointment.

The principal Edward Black said "oh good you're here Miss Realm."

Kathy asked "why is my son getting suspended when he had to fight a bully?"

The principal said "the other student has been suspended and his parents already picked him up."

Kathy said "well that other student started the fight."

The school principal said "well too bad" and was interrupted by a teacher who said "Mister Black there's a fight in the school gym between three girls and we need you right away."

Potter laughed and the principal said "it's not funny and you're in big trouble as it is."


A teacher said "Mister Black we need you right away."

The principal rushed to the gym.

Two minutes later Jason picked up the intercom and said "attention teachers and students. I understand there is a teacher named Mrs. Pitch in this school. I say we should call her Mrs. Bitch!"

Mrs. Pitch a second grade teacher who was in the middle of a math lesson yelled "GODDAMN IT" and then covered her mouth. Students in her class and nearby laughed.

Jason continued "furthermore at this time the school principal is in the gym with his pants down jacking off."

All the students laughed in the entire school especially those in the gym.

The gym teachers tried their best to get the kids to quiet down.

The school principal had to rush back to his office to deal with the announcement and when he got back there Jason said "that's what you get for unjustly punishing my brother."

Kathy left the school with her two children.

It took 30 minutes for Mrs. Pitch to get her class settled down. After school all the kids ran out laughing and whenever a student saw Mister Black that day they'd break down laughing so hard.




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