"whispers in the dark!"

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"whispers in the dark!" is a short horror story...?" about three teenage girl's named kristy, mia and o' dido which was a dark and unusual and mia's cousin brad. kristy was having a big halloween party on all hollow's eve....?" when everyone left to go home it was only the three teenage girl's and they was bored now that everyone was gone home so o' dido talked kristy and mia into playing a bored game. kristy asks o 'dido what kind of a bored game...?" o' dido said the ouija bored mia did not agree on that but kristy talked her into it and so o' dido sit up candles lite them around the ouija bored and all three of them sit down at the ouija bored and started asking it questions...?" no answer to the questions so mia asks it questions and five seconds later she get's an answer...?" now if you want to know more...?" then read the short horror story and find out and till me what you thank...?" and Please by all means do leave me Comments to let me know how I am doing Please Thank You!

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By: Ms. Vicky 'A' Blevins Reavis!”

“Whispers in the Dark!” 
Chapter One!
“It was all Hallows Eve. And a young woman name Mia that had her own old apartment and a Son and she was asked to Baby sit her Brother's Three Kids and take them trickery treating. The kids got Dressed up and so did Mia and her Son she took them trickery treating in the Rich section. which she new that they would be four very Happy Kids cause they would get Plenty of candy's and treats of all kinds. After she took the four kids all trickery treating, They all four  came Back with Full bags of different Goodies. Her Brother came got them and also took her 
Son with him they was tired and ready to go to bed.  He gave Mia a Big hug and said Thanks Sis. And she said thank you, and her Brother her Son and his Three kids left to his house.Mia decided will I'm still in Costume so why not go to her friends Big Halloween Party...?”  Mia went to her Friends Halloween party. Her friend Kristy had a house full. And they got Drunk had a great time but by 12:00 Midnight came everybody else was gone and there was only Mia, Kristy, Genii, Lara, Sheena, and there dark and Unusual Friend O dido and O dido want to do something that you really Shouldn't do especially at 12:00 Midnight on all Hallows Eve. O' dido said hey Girls let's play a Bored Game...?” Kristy said what Kind of Bored Game...?” O dido said it's called a Ouija Bored ever seen one...?” Kristy said No I've never even heard of it...?” O dido said I'll show you do you have candles...?” Kristy said what color Candles...?” o dido said you know them Big thick white Candles...?” Kristy said oh yeah I have plenty of them. O dido said oh Cool go get them..?” Kristy said OK...?”She did and  O dido sit the little living room 
table and took the Game from her back pack and sit it down on the table and lite the Candles around the top of the Ouija Bored.Mia said O dido I don't Thank this is a good Idea...?” O dido said what you Scared Mia...?” Mia said yes I mean no of course not don't be silly...?' O dido said OK then whats the problem Then...?” Mia said What if you Conjure up something Not Good..?” O dido giggled you don't Bleeve in that Sheeit do you...?” Mia said Maybe...?” O dido said On my Gosh are you serious...?” Mia said yes as a matter a fact I am. O dido said OK then go...?' Mia said I ain't going no where after I've been drinking sorry I do not thank so. Kristy said No don't go stay please Mia just this once. Mia said Kristy that's all it takes...?” Kristy said please. Mia said Fine what ever but if you do Conjure up something it better not Miss with me cause this was not My Idea. O dido said OK lets all put our hands on this thing here on the Bored …?” They all do.
O dido said OK now is any body here this Hallows Eve Night that wishes to talk to us or pass a Message to someone we know from you...?” at first nothing happened  then O dido repeated herself and all of the sodding the thing on the Bored moved in a circle just a little. Mia said O dido stop moving it...?” O dido said Mia I'm not..?” Mia said did any of you move it...?” They all said No...?” Mia said OK then who moved it...?” It moved again Faster. Mia took her hand from it . And it stopped moving Mia said OK I don't like this. Kristy said oh cool Mia put your hand back on it...?” Mia said “NO!” Kristy garbed her hand put it back on the thing with her's yes. And again after Kristy had put Mia's hand back on it with her's it Moved again. It wasn't going to move without Mia's hand on it for some reason...?” O dido said Mia Obviously who ever this is wants to talk to you has anyone passed away in your family not to long ago...?” Mia said yeah My cousin Mandy...?” O dido said maybe she wants to get in touch with you ask it a 
Question...?” Mia said what are you Frekken insane girl...?” Kristy said do it Mia...?” Mia said Fine is this Mandy...?” there you happy now. Right then and there it Moved to “NO!” Mia said No then do I know you...?” the thing Moved to yes...?” Mia said OK then who are you...?” It moved to G..r..e..g..g..?” Mia said it said it's Greg. Are you a Male or a Female...?” The thing spells out M..a..l..e?” Mia said it's a He I'm sorry Gregg But I don't Know a Gregg...?” The thing spelled out I K..n..o..w.. y..o..u!” O dido said Obviously this Guy Gregg Knows you Mia...?” Mia said but how Have I ever met you...?” It moved to NO!  B..u..t I H..a..V..e M..e..t y..o..u!” Mia said Where...?” He said I..N.. Y..o..u..r D..r..e..a..m..s..?” Mia said What I don't reamer dreaming about a Guy Named Gregg..?” Kristy said Shh... watch...?” He moved it again I Have long Black hair, Bright eye's I am Tall
and I am muscular I am the Gothic Guy in your Dreams...?” Mia took her hands from the Thing again Covering her Mouth with an Oh my god...?” O dido said awe... Girls it looks like Mia's been holding out on us she has a dream man oh and Gothic even...?” so Mia you have a dark and unusual Dream man humph...?” Mia said  Oh Hush so what I'm sure you all do too will especially you O dido...?” O dido said will can't say no to that...?” Mia said What are you the living dead or something..?” Gregg moves the thing to Yes in My Darkness there is no Sunshine...?” Mia said so you are dead...?” Gregg moves it to Yes and then to No I just feel like I am...?” O dido said I know the feeling man...?” Mia said then how are you talking to us  only dead people can speak to us through this...?” Gregg moved the thing to Not Necessary True Mia, I can do Black Magi-ck I can talk to you however I wish...?” Mia took her hands off the thing yeah OK look girls I've seen enough Imam call my Cousin to come get me and take me home OK sorry but no more this is way to creepy I'll come back tomorrow Kristy to get my car can I use your Phone Kristy please I need to leave now you have fun but no not me no more OK sorry. Kristy said But...?” Mia said No buts to...please can I just use you phone...?” Kristy said OK sure Mia you know where it's at. Mia said thank you Kristy. She went to the phone she had a very bad Creepy feeling in her stomach she was feeling just a little sick now she called up her Cousin Brad and ask him to please come get her and take her home …?” he said sure Cu z what's wrong...?” Mia said please just come get me I'm at Kristy's and I've been Drinking I'm not feeling very well please just come get me...?” Brad said OK On My way …?” Mia said Thank you, thank you..?” she hung up made her a Plate to go grabbed her things and buy the time she done that Brad was there to pick her up and she left. On her way to her apartment she was talking to her cousin...?” Mia asked hey Cu z have you by any chance like missed with a Ouija Bored before...?” Brad said actually yeah I have and never missed with it again why...?” Mia...?” Mia said oh no reason just thought I'd ask...?”
Brad said OK but a Ouija Bored is nothing to Play with you can Conjure things up Like what's in your worse Nightmares girl. Mia said OK Cu z I was just asking...?” Brad said OK we are here have a good rest of the Night...?” Mia said yeah OK you be careful Cu z and thanks for coming and getting me...?” Brad said No Problem girl. Mia hugged her cousin told him she loved him and he said he loved her too. Mia got out of the car walking up to her apartment door waved at Brad he waved back and she takes her Key to Unlock her apartment door she goes in Brad pulls out and left she locks her door the first thing she does is goes and makes her a Bath with bubbles and she get's in and relaxes with candle light and a sensual in-since burning in the bathroom Mia was laying in her antique tub with her head upon her Blow up pillow in her Tub. Laying there relaxed in her hot bubble bath the steam from the water soothed her as it rose up around her the candles lite all around the tub and in since burning a sensual smell that smelt of the heavens she closed her eye's just for a second and took a deep breath breathing gently within. Then she felt as if she was pulled down into the water like someone was Drowning her every 
time she'd try coming up she got pulled back down deeper and deeper into the water she pan-ticked when she realized that she keep getting pulled down deeper into the water when she was trying to swim up and the water went down her nose and mouth feeling her Lungs and Nose and throat with Much water. Theses hands would take her deeper and deeper into the water she pantacks which was not good when every time she'd try and come up the hands would pull her back down deeper and deeper she'd struggle to fight these hands off her so she could reach the top of the water so she can get some air but the hands wouldn't let her all of a sodding every thing went Black. And quiet almost like she blacked out and she sink and sink ed getting Closer to Death but for some reason she woke and she was still sink-ed deeper and deeper into this was not water no more... it was something very Thick and Black and musty and smelt very harshly should I say realized she was not in her Bath tub no more...?” Mia was so week and could Barely move into this Thick Black musty stuff still Nakked and it felt like this Thick Musty stuff had a sink whole in it like sink sand or like a Current pulling her deeper down into This Darkness felt like hands just trying their hardest to Pull her down deeper into this so called Deep pit and she would fight them off her but there was to many grabbing onto her pulling her down

Chapter Two!
“Like it was a bottomless pit of Doom Mia would Kick and she would Push them and hit them off and try swimming up hoping there was away out of this what ever it was so thick Musty Black and gross yucky Muck hoping she'd soon reach the top but finally she got free and finally reached the top bringing her head up out of this Gross stuff and gasped which only made the smell of it worse and realized it wasn't just Black Muck but also had white toilet paper and also had a misty wetness she looked up covered in this stuff when she seen a Hole with a Dem light she gasped and started Climbing up this Brick or what ever 
it was  as her Nakked body Plopped out of this Mucky stuff she knew she was then Free from it to Reach the top of this hole when she finally put her Black Mucky covered hands up out of this whole with a Dem Light barely but surely pulling her self up and out this Hole and fail to a floor of some kind and all covered in all this yucky gooey stinky Muck with Toilet paper and all over her. Mia hit the floor gasping for Breath and laid there for a bit to rest and calm her Heart From Beating out her Breast it felt she looked and realized it was in some small Building of some sort cause she looked and seen a door cracked open to this little Building could see just a little moon light she noticed she was not in her Bathroom no longer. She got up and began to crawl out this little Building when she heard a whisper in the Dem Building Mia wait for me...?' Mia looked around who is that what do you want. The deep whisper said over here she turned to Look when she seen that she had Crawled herself up and out of the pit of an outhouse the whole she came out of had a place to sit on it  with a roll of Toilet paper hung up on a Nail waiting to be used she got sick and realized she was in the deep Pitt of an out house gagged and up shocked, and Notice another Pare of big hands all covered in smothered in Muck and Toilet paper and whispered Help me 
out...?” The deep voice asked she came back to it to help who ever this was out of there and realized he wasn't just covered in Muck and toilet paper but Leashes too she jumped back and fail on her ass  from him looking at her arms and she too wasn't only covered in Black Muck and Toilet paper but Leashes as well she grab them and pull them off one at a time  hurt like Hale but she finally got them all off her she got up barely but surely thanks by the help of the wall that had something to grab a hold onto to help you up and she looked back at the Hole and them big white hands yet covered in Muck head come out of the hole he was also covered in Muck toilet paper and leashes came crawling up and out of the pit of the outhouse he too was Nakked and roped with muscles with long black brads in his long Black hair a deep Whisper Mia wait for me it's Kr-egg. Mia said Kr-egg....?” she couldn't Bleeve how big and muscalent this Kr-egg guy was but yet to see his face his long black brads hung down over his face she felt sick again watching this thick icky black gook dripping down him and the smell was awful enough that made your nose Curl Mia put her hand over her nose which made it no better cause she too was covered in it too she said Awe.. God it stinks she walked back a little away from him but he 
 kept crawling tore her she would back off  from him and she would say what do you want...?” Kr egg said Mia I want you...?” Mia said me why me as she backed off more and more from him...?” It seemed  that he would flash before her and every back walked she'd walk from him the more faster and closer he'd get tore her closer and closer to her she cried “STOP!” he'd stop just for a second and He would say what Mia don't you want to see me...?” Mia said No, No please not right now. Then he'd flash closer and closer to her again. Mia cried Stop..., Stop... but he plead to ignore her cry  and came closer Kr-egg Whispered I must look into your eyes Mia...?” Mia fail back out of the outhouse onto the Ground outside the outhouse and he came up over her she was still Breathless and so was he as he lifted his head to look at her she seen the most scariest looking face you can Imagine with his eye's black as night and mouth wide open with sharp fangs coming down tore her with maggots falling out of it onto her she screamed and Jumped up out her bath water screaming splashing water everywhere she looked in front her there he sit before her looking at her the same way she screamed again and this time came splashing up out
 her Bath looking at her self seeing if she had the Black Muck all over her and it wasn't she was in her tub again and Obviously she had Fail a sleep in the tub and she just had a bad Nightmare then another nightmare in a nightmare and she gasped Breathless looked around making sure that she was  in here Bathroom and not  some out house somewhere like in her dream. And she was she gasped taking her hands on her face awe.. my god and breathed and swallowed hard. She sit there catching her breath and finally calm down enough to shave and wash her and her hair and get out drying her hair with a towel the bathroom was all steamed up by her hot bubble bath she went to her mirror and wiped the  steam with it and looked in the Mirror when in behind her stood the Big tall figure with the long Black brads and as white as a ghost looking at her from behind with his dark black eyes with his long brad es hanging down over his right eye looking at her she grabbed her mouth and screamed gasped looking behind her but no one was there she looked back in the Mirror and no one was there she gasped she said to her self OK Mia lay off the Ac-hole next time she done her thing got dressed in her long Night y and Brushed her hair going to her living room and stopped by the kitchen to get a glass of her sweet tea and went back into the living room sitting down in her favorite chair 
underneath the lamp putting her glass of tea on her table beside the Chair with her knees to her tummy grabbed a book and started reading it was Quiet through out her Apartment all she could hear was her reading in the Back her Mind she was just starting to get into the book she was reading and had getting Lost in the Book like she was in it herself as the main Corrector. Then all of a sodding there was a Crash, Boom Bang of Thunder and Lightening outside her living-room window and she jumped by the sound and her Lamp started Flickering on, and off... off... and on again right when she got into her book another crash , Boom, Bang and her lamp went off a power fail-er where all the lights had went off and everything was Dark all she could see was The light from the Lightning another Crash, Boom Bang she Jumped again she put her Book mark in her book on the page she was on looked around it was Pitch Black even outside she sit there in her chair with her Knees up in her chest with her arms around her legs looking around when she all of a sodding  she heard something other then the Crash, Boom, Bang of lightning it was another loud noes coming from the Kitchen in the Likes of  Glasses through n across the Kitchen and being broken and she froze then she sit and waiting to see if she would hear it again then she heard more rakes in the Kitchen Pot's and Pans also 
being through n across The  kitchen too Mia said who's there...?” no answer did reply then she heard nothing then she heard something again sounded Like a picture or Two in the hallway moving then Fail off the wall, then their at the door way from the hall to the living room stood a Big tall Dark Figure when the lightning Crashed again sending off a Flash of Light and it whispers Mia...?” then the Lightning struck again the tall Dark figure was not there now...?” but every time  the Lightning Struck and sent a Bright light along wit a Bright Fright when she again seen the Tall Dark Figure standing there again at her Living-room door and then it went dark again then Lightning again and with a Flash of Light every time The Lightning struck the Tall Dark figure would Float closer and closer to her again and she freaked and said please go away it got closer and closer Mia closed her eye's Rocking Back in forwards and kept saying your not real  she opened her eye's and it had diapered she got up and went to the Kitchen to Grab a Knife and tried slicing it but the Knife just went right through him she tried it again go away I don't Bleeve in you...?” Gregg Whispered I Bleeve in you...?” she tried taking the Knife to him again but it just went right through him she jumped back dropping the Knife go away, and all of a sudden a Force so hard 
pushed her down right in the P owl of Glass he broke face first and class had Cut her all up she said Please just go away, when she looked at her hands and all she could see was her “Blood!” all over her hands she looked up and there he was right in her Face his face pure white he looked like the Living dead black around his eyes long Black hair and all of a sodden his mouth opens again full of Sharp monster fangs top and bottom four row's of them and laughed at her. She crawled out the Kitchen all cut up from the Broken glass trying to reach the phone in hopes it was still working somehow she had speed dial she got the phone but it fail out of her hands and the big tall dark shadow was grabbing her and pulling her from the phone and she would try and crawl back to the phone this tall dark Shadow was so strong she pushed a Button on the phone hoping it would speed dial someone in which she did but it was not 911 it was her Friend Kristy and she answered the Phone she could hear Hard Breathing she said Hello...?” and she heard a light voice scared to death but weak Help Me!” Kristy said who is this...?” all she heard was the light voice again HELP ME!” Kristy looked at her caller Idea and seen that it was Mia...?” Kristy said Mia is this you...?”
 Mia said HELP ME AGAIN Gregg's after me  he won't let go he pulled her away again she Screamed go away...?” Leave me alone...?” she even heard his Voice say No...?' she would kick at him trying to fight him away...?” Kristy started laughing OK Mia this is not Funny stop fucking around what are you doing?” Kristy heard Mia Scream again...?” Mia Screamed  Help Me Pl z Someone Help me...?” I'm Bleeding there's Blood Everywhere Help, Help!” then Mia Screamed again and then the Phone Clicked off...?” Kristy said Mia, Mia you still there Hello! Hello! Nothing it was silent as the Star's then the Busy signal came on...?” OK now Kristy was a little Scared she called O' Dido …?” O' Dido answered Greetings?” Kristy sounded Scared Breathless O' Dido...?” O' Dido said what is it babe what's wrong...?” Kristy was crying and she asked O' Dodo have you ever Missed with The Ouija bored before tonight...?” O' Dido said No I heard about it from Mia's Cousin so I Thought I'd try it...?” Kristy said what did he say about it...?” O' Dido said Oh just some Bull Sheeit about him accidentally...?"
Chapter Three!
“Conjuring Up some stooped Fucked up Spirit that came after him...?” Kristy said didn't you Bleeve him...?” O' Dido said Of-course not  Why...?” Kristy said reamer The Spirit we Conjured up Tonight...?” O' Dido said what Oh Gregg  it was Right...?” Kristy said Yes him Mia just called me she sounded Scared to death talking about she was Bleeding1 and There was Blood 
everywhere and she was Screaming for help she mentioned Gregg's name...?” O' Dido Laughed and you Bleeved her she's Probably just playing a Phone Prank...?” Kristy said No O' Dido that's just it I don't thank she was what if she is really Hurt and Bleeding  what if it really isn't a Prank what if it's real if you don't Bleeve me Call her and I sure you, that you will get a Busy signal cause it Hung up on me do it you'll see...?” O' Dido said yeah OK I will...?” Kristy said then Call me back...?” O' Dido said OK Girl lemme check this out...?” Kristy said OK Thank you O' Dido...?” O' Dido said Sure...?” So They hang up and then O' Dido calls Mia and Just as Kristy sad it was a Busy Signal O' Dido Hung Up then Tried again still a Busy signal she called a couple more times still the Busy Signal OK so now O 'Dido was getting a little Freaked out and That was Unusual for her she calls Back Kristy, Kristy answered...?” O' Dido said you was right I called Five times and still Got the busy Signal...?” Kristy said see I told you we've got to do something...?”
O' Dido said OK you call 911 and I'll Call her Cousin OK Then I'll call you Back OK...?” Kristy said OK. So they Hung up again Kristy called 911 and O' Dido called Mia's Cousin her cousin Rolled out again...?” Kristy called 911 and they to was on there way to Mia's House Then O' Dido called Kristy Back and said get ready I'm on my way to get you and we will go Check this out Ourselves as well...?” Kristy said I'm ready just come and Get me....?” O' dido said On My way. So they hung up then O' Dido took off to get Kristy and go from Kristy's to Mia's Apartment...?” Otherwise back to Mia at her Apartment still trying to get away from this so called Gregg Spirit  that just had to be Purdy Much a Daemonic was Pulling Mia back from the phone and Bruising  her up she was already Bleeding from the Broken glass from the kitchen and he was really the Domestic valence type of Spirit he had his arm around her neck and she couldn't breath was real taut around her neck Mia Tried to take is big four-arm from her neck but she couldn't Budge it and all Mia remembered was a a hard loud Beat on her Door and she Blacked out in other-words passed out when she woke she woke in The Hospital she hurt still breathless and hooked up to many tubs and things and she opened her eye's she was so weak she was Wrapped up with bandages but she was also very bad Bruised up to but she wasso Doped up with all the Medications that was going in her Ives everything was a Blur to her...?” and she finally Fail back to sleep but this time when Mia woke she was not in the same Hospital she was in another one it was a Creeper one she looked around she could hear Whispers in the dark sounded like she was in a sane a sale tmany people Screaming and saying a Bunch of Crazy Sheeit but when she sit up in her bed she was not alone in the Room she had a Roommate she was in a stray Jacket but her roommate was not she wasn't even a she it was a he and guess who it was yes it was Gregg...?” Gregg said Welcome to my world Bitch and he'd laugh Wickedly she screamed but she couldn't move her arm's but she jumped off her bed and started Running down the Hospital Hall  she kept looking behind her to see if Gregg was fallowing right behind her when she Bumped into this other insane person Scared her and she screamed again  she ran away from them from the side and through This Dark Hospital hall with the lights Blinking on and off the father she ran Gregg was cashing right up with her on her Heels she fail screamed got up ran again and all around her different pat-ions scream or getting the Shock Therapy she kept looking behind her for Gregg and ran right into a Black room andGregg Fallowed in behind her and they shut and Locked the door she was all over the Dark room trying to get away from Gregg but couldn't get away from him she was screaming kicking at him  Gregg kept blink on and off in-front her  Frekken her out with the Blinking Lights and his white scary face opening his mouth wide of three row's of Sharp monster teeth and his wicked looks and Laugh's just as Gregg was coming closer tore her putting his hands around her throat  then all of a sodden her Cousin Brad woke her she was Breathless  sweaty and as white as a ghost scared to Death she sit up moving her cousin out her way as Vomit came splashing out her Mouth her cousin a Bit surprised  when he looked at her and it wasn't her eye's he was looking into and was pitch dark black eye's  and she had vomit all over her but she wasn't her she was somebody else Long Black hair wet and greasy face as white as a Ghost with Pitch Black eye's and Vomit all over her Mouth and her and all of a sodden she or should I say Gregg Opened his Mouth at her Cousin with the three Row's of Sharp Monster teeth and her Cousin Brad Screams.....?”

Word Count  5071

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