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Chloe's parents had been taken away when she was only four. Now she is trying to reunite with them

Submitted: June 16, 2016

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Submitted: June 16, 2016





It had been 12 years since Chloe Mortez's parents had left her and since then everything had changed. Her parents had been taken from her by an international agency, the I.P.P.A, (International Poverty Prevention Agency) that helps poor countries around the world.

 For the 4 years Chloe had had parents, she had called Oakland home, but since they had left her, she had lived in the streets of Chicago. Chloe was slim-built with hunched shoulders, tired grey eyes with creamy white skin. She had short, hazel hair that draped across her left eye and what used to be her clothes were now just strands of tethered material. Chloe had become tom-boy and tough, because she had to take care of and nurture herself in the harsh, inclement city of Chicago.


The 16 year old had learned to accept her life as it was and hoped that someday, her parents would come back to her and all would go back normal but now, for years she had yearned for that day, waiting and waiting, but it had never arrived. Life in Chicago was not easy, in fact, life in Chicago was hard. Chloe lived near an old, run down back street; Grey Street, which ran through a park.

Grey Street was home to a collection of decrepit, weatherboard houses and the town's communal Centre.

This Town Hall was somewhere where people would go for important meetings or announcements and the last time anyone had cared about it, was when the new mayor was being announced.

 Chloe didn't even live in one of the houses, she lived in the park that was visited roughly twice in a fortnight by some strangers. Even when these rare visitors came, they were instantly driven away by the cruel and sinister appearance of the park.


It was late at night and Chloe had been woken up by heavy raindrops lashing out on the red, tin shelter and the whip-like lightning cracking on the horizon. Chloe knew she was right in the midst of an extreme thunderstorm. She dug her head into her black sweater that was passed down from her parents and small but rapid tears were streaming down her face until she finally dosed off. Chloe wanted her normal life back, the one where she had control.....


The next morning when she woke up, Chloe found herself soaked with rain making her black, kneaded sweater feel like rocks. She'd had a rough night with little sleep only about three to five hours.

Chloe had little ways to pass the time and every so often she would take a stroll down the street to the cemetery where her dead grandfather’s was buried. She was used to going down and paying respect but today the grief overwhelmed her, the 16 year old was standing over the grave with tears spilling out of her red eyes when suddenly, in a split second, her mind was going crazy over what she had just thought of, she had never realised it or let alone thought to think of it but it suddenly hit her," Where were her parents, what were they doing, why were they not her with her?”


Chloe knew that her parents were never coming back for her, but she did not want to believe it all together. She always tried to believe there was an up-side to everything. She always thought there was hope but the reality trampled over any positive thoughts she had left.

Chloe's parents weren't coming back, ever, and she knew if she wanted to be with them, she would have to go find them for herself.

It had been two days since she had gone to visit the cemetery and things had started to worsen. She started to take less care of herself and she didn't go to pay respect for her grandfather like she usually would, she didn't care about anything anymore. Chloe knew that in the city of Chicago, she wouldn't make it.


It was early one morning and the lightning storms from previous nights had disappeared only to leave a dark blue sky with blustering winds. Chloe had woken up, but she was still groggy, so the sirens were only slowly penetrating her consciousness, until she was wide awake. The group of cars that was making the noises had closed in swarming round the communal Centre.

Chloe, slumped and tired, waddled over to the commotion still unsure of what was going on. "Greetings fellow citizens of America, it is no secret that you, Chicagoans, are experiencing extreme poverty and as members of the I.P.P.A, we are proud to announce that we will be working alongside you to provide shelter, food and most of all support!" These words from the, what looked like the leader of the I.P.P.A, caused an uproar amongst the people gathered round the town hall.


"We will be taking you to our private homestead in Oakland as of the 13th of February!" Again this raised a roar of approval of the people. Chloe wasn't sure what the date was, but because of the sudden whispers, she heard that it was the 13th of February.

She started to think about this idea, although she had learnt how to cope in Chicago she knew that she had no hope of making it in the rest of the world, by herself, away from all that was familiar.


Confused Chloe walked away with a worried expression on her face, but she soon broke into a slow jog which became a run.


To be continued.


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