The Fall of Gods and Men

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This is not a collab. This is a story where the author will write out everyone's characters and make them interact with one another. Have fun and enjoy :)


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The Fall of Gods and Men

The arrival of an unknown entity has threatened all life on planet Earth. With the ancient sworn rivalries held between the gods, will the Keepers of the Earth succeed in bringing them to unity or fail to stop the ultimate demise of both gods and mankind?

Welcome to "The Fall of Gods and Men". This is a story where your original character will mingle with other writer's. If you wish to participate, please fill in the character form below and post it in the comments section:






Species: (ex: fairy, elf, or even a god)


Place of Birth: (ex: Mount Penglai, Olympus, Asgard)



Worst fears:


Picture link (optional):


(There will always be room for more. All pictures belong to their rightful owners)








Name: Asta

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Species: Valkyrie

Abilities: Summon and communicate with the dead.

Place of Birth: Asgard

Looks: She has stunning emerald eyes, a straight nose, and full crimson lips. Her hair is a thick, flaming red that reaches down to her waist. She usually has her armor on with a scarlet cape and an eagle helmet that covers her forehead.

Personality: Closed, hostile, vague.

Worst fears: Ragnarök and the vengeful dead.

Background: Asta was an orphan. She and her twin older sister, Alvilda, never knew their parents, but they grew to be strong, independent warriors. Her sister, Alvilda, became the leader of the Valkyries, thus making Asta second-in-command. Because of a clash of thoughts, Asta was banished. She once had wings, just like all Valkyries, but they were cut off when she was disposed to Earth. She feeds off her hatred for her own kind and had been roaming the mountains of Sweden in isolation for six hundred years ever since.




Name: Triena.

Gender: Female.

Age: Twenty Nine.

Species: Spiritual Witch. A Spiritual Witch is a witch who is born with next to no powers, but is in tune with the spirits. This kind of witch is very rare because they have no powers. They also don’t tend to live very long due to their unfortunate ability to attract danger. Because of this, the parents of the children go to great lengths to keep their kids safe. Sometimes this leads them to search for a guardian, whether that guardian is a fantasy wolf, unicorn, or in Triena’s case, a phoenix. This guardian is like a spirit. It lives within their souls until it wishes to take action towards things. The guardian’s choose who it wants to protect, therefore, some have a guardian and some don’t. The parents themselves have to not only earn their trust, but also prove themselves worthy. They give their lives to protect the child so have to know themselves if it is truly worth it.

Abilities: Because of Triena’s Guardian, her abilities are based off the phoenix, giving her the power to control the temperature of other's blood. Just by a simple stare, she can boil their blood at will. Sometimes it can be so intense that they die. She can also reverse time for merely two minutes backwards, and only in a concentrated area. It gives her the ability to reverse slight things to a previous state, like if something was broken it would be taken back to before it was damaged. It uses up a lot of her energy to do that though, but she is willing to use it if necessary.

Place of birth: Triena lives in her work place. Her house is at the very top floor of the main building of a large, high security prison. The prison consists of two buildings and a main building with three stories, and is located down the road from a nearby town.

Looks: Triena looks younger than she really is. Due to her phoenix spirit that inhabits her, she doesn’t age. She has mildly curly blonde hair that goes just below her shoulders. Her eyes are an emerald green, but occasionally her eyes change to an orange red. That happened whenever the Phoenix wishes to talk to her or see through her eyes. She wears a sunhat, and always wears clothes that are warm in colour like orange and yellow. She only wears t-shirts and shorts, but long boots and gloves that have flame patterns and designs.

Personality: Triena is as unpredictable as fire. Sometimes she is calm and not worried about anything at all, but other times she is easily excited, energetic, and quick. She loves her job in the police force, even though she is the youngest and smallest their. She uses that to her advantage since people think lowly of her since she’s a ‘child’ when she actually isn’t.

Worst Fear: Triena is most afraid of the idea of the sun disappearing forever. She isn’t afraid of the dark, but hates the idea of the world going dark and staying dark.

Background: Triena was born unique. Her family’s powers skips every two generations, landing her without magic. Because of this, her parents went to great lengths to keep their unborn daughter safe. They knew that when she was born, she would need the power of the phoenix. Before she was even born, the family went on a journey of magic to find one. They had to prove themselves worthy, but didn’t even have to pass the trial before one of the phoenix took a great liking to what they saw the child become. When Triena was born, she not only didn’t shy from the danger that she unfortunately brings, she also grew up seeking it. She grew up with the aspirations and dreams to become a cop.


Ch. R.'s OC

Name: Danae. (pronounced DAH-NAY)

Gender: Female.

Age: 24.

Species: Fairy

Abilities: Healing, restoring health, giving energy.

Place of birth: Luminoria City.

Looks: Her sleek blonde hair is crowned by a golden diadem and cascades to her feet, and her bright blue eyes remind you of turquoise gemstones. She has an innocent face, with a dainty nose and bow-shaped lips. Her wings are a translucent silver and shimmer like stars, and she wears a silky white dress as a symbol of purity.

Personality: Graceful, pure-hearted, nurturing, wise.

Worst fears: Failing to save someone's life, dying alone.

Background: Back in Luminoria, Danae had one reckless little brother who never stayed out of trouble, but thankfully she was always there to heal his wounds whenever he'd get hurt. When he came of age, Danae left her home in search of a bigger calling, and decided to settle on Earth where she can use her healing powers for the greater good. In her free time, Danae enjoys flying above green pastures and sipping afternoon tea inside her comfy hut in the woods.


Name: Niko

Gender: Male

Age: Precise age unknown. He looks about 25, but is more like 60 or 70.

Species: Incubus—a sort of vampiric creature that feeds off of the life force of others to survive. He drains this life force by touch—if he isn't careful the victim might go insane or even die.

Abilities: Due to his species he is technically immortal—as long as he feeds often enough he will remain frozen at age 25, but if he doesn't feed he can wither away. Generally he has increased strength, speed, stamina and heightened senses, although again without feeding these abilities can be dulled. As well as this, he is a top marksman and an expert in almost all sorts of weaponry as well as hand to hand combat.

Place of birth: Unknown (see background)

Looks: Tallish (maybe 6'2) and quite muscled (although due to his supernatural abilities he is much stronger than he looks and people tend to underestimate him). Platinum blond hair and icy blue eyes. Handsome but in a sharp, dangerous way. He has a helix piercing in one ear and a small scar across one of his eyebrows. Generally he looks human but when he is feeding his eyes glow slightly. He mainly wears dark, practical clothing, and always wears black gloves (except when feeding).

Personality: Cool and sarcastic—generally closed off. Definitely not a people person. Mainly this is because of his past... On the inside he is quite a bit mellower and actually cares about his few friends deeply.

Worst fears: That he might lose control of himself and accidentally hurt someone he cares about.

Background: He was abandoned as a baby, and he doesn't know who his parents were. He has never met another incubus so he was never taught how to control his abilities which is part of the reason he pushes people away. Growing up he went from place to place—although some were kind to him, most shunned him because they were scared of what he could do. Due to living on the road he quickly learned how to take care of himself and ended up becoming an assassin for hire at about 21.


Name: Dorris Almston

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Species: Infected human/potential to become Caro (an intelligent form of zombie)... She is vegetarian, however, and refrains from eating meat, and on a complete vegan diet keeps her sanity

Abilities: She can go several weeks without food, but small amounts are necessary in order for her to not lash out for flesh.

Looks: Light gray/blue eyes (depending on lighting) and brown hair that has an auburn wave

Personality: Dorris has a winning personality. She has a warped sense of humor, and a great deal of empathy and an unending amount of motivation. She likes telling stories of her former life when she used to live in The Valley with her husband, and all her adventures outside of the valley. Her wit can be slightly crippling.

Worst fears: Did I mention she's five months pregnant? She's afraid that she'll lose the baby... Or that it'll end up diseased. She has a fear of not being well equipped and thus has great preparation skills, and an almost crippling fear of the unknown that she still struggles to overcome, even after fleeing the Valley. Habit is her best friend and savior. Another fear is not being able to find springs-which, providing fresh water, cure the illness. To combat this, she carries two gallons of water on her back at all times. She also fears that her husband won't accept her back, and so avoids going back to the Valley for fear of rejection and death. ...She's also afraid of being eaten but I do suppose that's a given. :3

Background: She's from The Valley, a small isolated sanctuary for humans who successfully fled the onslaught of raves (unintelligent zombies). She lived happily for several years and was recently married to her husband, Jay Almston, who gave her a dazzling sapphire wedding ring, which she keeps around her neck on a leather strap. When she realized she was infected, she fled her home, stealing a weapon from the military camp, instead of suffering the humiliation, fear and slow death of becoming infected.....without letting her husband know and three months pregnant. Outside of the Valley, she slowly learned to survive, scavenging for food, avoiding and sometimes fighting predators. One day, on the brink of death from thirst and fighting insanity, she gulped down water from a spring and was instantly revived, realizing that clean water is the cure for the infection. The people in the valley had only drank milk and pecca (a type of fruit) juice instead of touching the water they feared harbored the illness. In case of a lack of water, she is slowly developing an effective filter, and has a map of springs across a vast amount of land, having to constantly relocate in order to avoid the intelligent and brainless hunters.


Name: Tora Aizome

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Species: Human

Abilities: She is an exceptional swordsman and her two katanas can cut through almost everything even a steel plate. She's a very skilled martial arts fighter and can defeat up to 7 opponents at once.

Place of birth: Japan

Looks: She has long black hair, brown eyes and a very fit figure. Most of the time she wears her light, red colored samurai armor. She has two Katanas hanging from the sides of her hips.

Personality: She's very calm and want's to avoid fights as much as possible. But when a fight does erupt she shows no mercy to her enemies. Sometimes it's as if she loses herself and a Oni takes control over her body, when that happens she's even more dangerous than she is already though not just to her foes but to her friends as well. She doesn't want to hurt people in any way but sometimes there is no other option.

Worst fears: Losing herself completely, letting the Oni take control of her and killing everyone she cares about.

Background: She was born in a village in Japan and grew to work on the farm of her parents.

But she never wanted that live, when she was 9 years old she discovered her fascination and talent with sword fighting and begged her parents to let her go train with the monks at the monastery not too far from them but they denied it.

The next 6 years she practised in secret and got better and better at it.

One week after her fifteenth birthday—which wasn't that great—she snuck out of the village and traveled to the monastery.

The monks gave her a place to sleep and food but told her that she had to leave the next day and go back to her village.

When she told them that she wanted to train with them the monks agreed to test her with various tasks some of which she failed miserably and some she passed.

Her final test was a fight against a young monk considered to be one of the best under the students.

The fight was long and tiring but she won.

In the end it was her determination which earned her a place in the monastery.

Two weeks after her initiation her family showed up to take her home but she refused telling them that this is where she needs to be.

She trained 7 years with the monks when something life changing happened.

One night she woke up to see her standing in front of the dead body of her sensei, her Katana covered in blood she wanted to drop to the ground, to cry but she couldn't.

Suddenly her body moved on it's own, not responding to her orders, she couldn't do anything but watch as her body slaughters every monk in the monastery.

She left it as soon as she regained control again, she couldn't bare the pain of seeing the corpses of what had become her family.

In the following year she wanders around, through meditations she discovered that an Oni has chosen her as it's vessel but she is determined to not let it take control of her ever again.


Name: Kaitlin (She doesn't have a last name)

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Species: Leporidan


Running speed: Kaitlin can run slightly faster than a human.

Dust Cloak: The device on Kaitlin's ear can emit a colored dust, that molds around her body and allowing her to camouflage or appear as any object she can think of. Has a 30 minute cool down after using, or less, depending if she uses it slightly to repair imperfections while cloaked.

Place of birth: Earth.

Looks: Humanoid rabbit with white fur. Has a bluetooth-like object in her right ear. Wears a white dress with red trim and a red design on it that reaches down to her knees. No other clothing. Extremely cute.

Personality: Anxious, but quite cheerful. Speaks with a fairly advanced vocabulary, despite her age. Doesn't use slang either. Isn't very confident in herself when under pressure.

Worst fears: Needles, pain, having to stay in her Dust Cloak for an extremely long time. (Several days, maybe a few weeks)

Background: Kaitlin is the youngest in her family of 3. Unlike her sister, she was born on Earth after her family landed there. She is a Leporidan, but acts more human than her family.


Name: Skyix Jynis 

Gender: Male 

Age: 54 

Species: God 

Abilities: Skyix can enter the minds of others, while inside another mind he can create and change things within the real world using their thoughts, he can change literally anything in the world around him, however his ability has limits and cannot be used against any immortal being.  

Place of Birth: A remote island in the middle of nowhere with a few other immortals.  

Looks: He has neat jet black hair, crimson red eyes, his body build is slightly muscular, and he has golden bat wings on his back. He commonly wears a black leather jacket with small amounts of blue around the sleeves and he wears similar trousers.  

Personality: Kind, honest, humorous, playful and curious. Skyix loves to play around, but he also knows when to be serious, he can always see through a lie and therefore will never tell a lie because he worries that others will see through it. It may worry a lot when a situation gets out of hand, and he doesn't like taking charge, but instead rather stay in the shadows where no one will notice him. He doesn't show who he is until he knows he can trust someone.

Worst fears: Feeling helpless to do anything. 

Background: Skyix lived among other immortal beings like himself, but with each passing day, Skyix's power grew beyond what was believed to be possible. Fearing that Skyix was to powerful, the immortal beings betrayed Skyix and trapped him in a prison in-between dimensions where he remained for years until finally managing to escape. After being trapped for so long, the prison had drained Skyix of most of his power making Skyix unable to use his powers at will, and instead needs another mortal being in order to use his power. 


(Natasha's bird form)

CAKE09877's OC

Name: Natasha Allinburg (Fleet)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species: Flightbringer, or Flighter for short. They are all humans with the ability to transform into some type of bird. You can tell a Flighter apart from a regular human by a small, eagle-shaped birthmark on their left shoulder. They also live much longer than normal birds (or humans), about 200 years.

Abilities: Being a Flightbringer, she can obviously transform into a bird. Her 'transformation' usually just consists of a bright, white flash and then she's a bird, or vice versa. When in bird form, she is a rather large falcon called Fleet. When she is a human, she is also extremely strong and happens to be skilled with katanas. 

Place of Birth: Unknown. However, she does know she was raised in a nest in in the uppermost branches of an oak tree with her two brothers, who are real falcons.

Looks: When human, Natasha is surprisingly tall (exactly seven feet). But then, she's a Flighter, so they aren't technically human. She's white, has brown eyes and long brown hair. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail with a white scrunchie. She always wears a black T-Shirt with a pair of owl eyes on the front, and jeans. Brown sneakers that always seem to be untied. A pair of katanas are strapped onto her back in an X-Shape. When a bird, she essentially looks like a large falcon, with reddish and white mottled feathers and extremely blue eyes. Her beak is yellowish and so are her legs. Her talons are pitch-black. 

Personality: Natasha is very fierce and moody. Her mood changes in an instant, depending on how she really feels. She is determined about everything and never gives up, no matter what happens. Don't cross her when she is mad, she is willing to kill somebody and never bat an eye if it comes to it. However, even with her attitude, she does have a softer side and is very kind and caring to those she loves or cares about.

Worst Fears: Being alone. She actually works alone for the most part, but she always wants there to be someone around her to help out if it comes to it. 

Background: Nobody knows where she was born, but Natasha lived as a falcon chick in a nest with her two brothers, who were real hawks, and her parents, who were also real hawks. She was raised to be more bird than human. When a huge storm knocked their nest out, she was the only survivor. Her mother's last words were 'Go. Help the world. You have the potential to become the greatest Flightbringer there ever was...' and she has never forgotten those words.

K.M.'s OC

Name: Minks

Gender: Female 

Age: 105

Species: Sphinx- part jaguar part human her wings are clipped 

Abilities: Minks can conceal her true form from humans and other lesser creatures. Her one red eye has the ability to see the future, although her prophecies are not always accurate. She has the ability to fight with her claws and strangle things with her tail.

Place of Birth: Unknown

Looks: To a normal human Minks has the appearance of a small black kitten. To the Gods and other magical creatures that she reveals herself to she has the head of a human and the black body of a cat. 
Head: Black cat ears silvering hair due to age and mismatched colored that are keen enough to pick up even the littlest detail (one red one green). Her once black wings are now withered husks of their prior glory.

Personality: Minks has an easy going personality. She loves riddles but leaves the killing to her other siblings. Minks can often be found hanging from the highest branches of a tree and enjoys morphing in front of lesser creatures for her own entertainment. 

Worst Fears: Water, Spiders, and cages. Minks suffers from arachnophobia and she was once caught by an unsuspecting human and was forced to spend the night in a pound until she escaped. 

Background: Minks has a total of seven siblings from her litter and is the smallest. Due to her one red eye she was cast out by her family. Minks lost her wings when she stopped eating the flesh of men. Sphinx spend their time telling unsolvable riddles to men in order to maintain their wings and since she quit eating them she lost her wings.

Minks currently spends her time telling riddles to the higher beings that frequent central park. 

She moves around frequently and feels powerless to help the lesser beings who are harmed by her prophecies. Minks never shares what she sees after she accidentally altered the fate of a Pixie.


So I've gathered up the first female and first two male characters to be submitted, so the story will be viewed through the eyes of:

  • Asta
  • Triena
  • Niko
  • Skyix

Remember, even if your character is not on this list, you will always have a chance to participate even if the story has begun.

Thank you.


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