The Man With A Broken Bottle

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A man is thinking of killing a presidential candidate. A policeman is trying to stop him.There are many supporters. Some resisting. What is going to happen?

Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016



The Man With A Broken Bottle



"Hey you motherfucking bastards," screamed a man, rising from his stool at the bar," Shut the fuck up!"

For a few seconds the whole place was quiet. Only the sound of music and the voice of the television newscaster could be heard.

"Cut the fucking noise off, you cocksuckers!" he shouted again raising a bottle he had picked up from the other side of the bar counter, "I wan o hear that whore!"

"We are having a little party here, sir," said a young girl from among the people sitting around two tables put together in the lounge, "We need a little music!"

"I don't give a shit what chu need!" shouted the  man  again. "I wan o hear what that bitch..." he burped before he continued, "has to say… for herself."

"Young lady," said the bartender rather loudly,"Please…!" he was making signs trying to show that the man was drunk.

"It's not our fault, sir," said a young man from among the group, "that he is drunk. If you can't control him,why don't you call the police!?"

"Shut the fuck up," screamed the first man hitting the bottle against the bar counter

The bottle broke in half, spilling its content over the counter and the floor.

"Hey man," shouted another man sitting at the counter."You'd better not touch that phone!" He continued as he got up, "You take one more step and  you're goin o be  sorry!!"He had his right hand in his breast pocket as if reaching for something.

The bartender stopped half way shaking his head.

A young man from among those who were having a party walked to the juke box and turned down the sound so low that it could hardly be heard.

The man with the broken bottle slowly moved forward  and  got closer to the LCD screen on the wall. "You fucking shit," he said spitting on the floor as the face of the presidential candidate appeared on the screen. "You stinking bitch!" he said as he moved closer.

"Hey  you, sir," said an older voice from further away in the lounge, "You've got no right to call that  lady such dirty names in front all these people. She may soon be the president of this country!"

"No she won't!" said a second voice from somewhere in a relatively darker corner in the lounge, "She ain't goin o be president … ever!"

"Let it go, Charles," said a third voice from the same place, "We've come here just to have a chat about our business deal. Forget the election for now!"

"She will be president sir," said a girl's voice from among the group who were having a party."Nobody in her right mind will vote for that bullhead!"

The drunk man was now near the LCD screen holding up his broken bottle, apparently meaning to hit the woman on the screen.

"Hey Ronald," shouted the man at the bar counter who had supported him before, "You'd better not do that, you hear!  We've got to know what the bastard has to say for herself…. "

"I've heard enough of her shit…for too long," shouted Ronald turning towards his friend," I just wan o teach her …a lesson! It's time for her to…shut the fuck up… and leave us alone!"

 He was now turning around slowly holding up his broken bottle.

He then stopped and looked in the direction of the other man and growled as hard as he could, "It's all your fault, Frank! You should 've  let me strangle  that son-of-a–bitch …before she could …hurt us so… much!"

He began staggering back towards the bar counter  holding  his broken bottle as if it were  a gun."You didn't…let me shut her up… when I had a good chance…," he mumbled.

"Take it easy Ron," said the other man in a lowered voice, "There may be some degeneratestrangers  here."

"Degenerate stranger your ass,  Mister," said a middle-aged woman sitting in a corner beside  a middle-aged man."We are degenerate or you guys!? You wan o murder an innocent lady candidate, and you call us degenerate!?"

"You shut up woman," shouted the man with the broken bottle, "None of you bitches… are worth a shit!"

The man sitting next to the middle-aged woman got up in such a rage that his seat fell to the ground. He made a move to rush at the man with the broken bottle but the woman held him back, swearing at the man with the broken bottle at the same time..

"Take it easy lady," said the man who had been called Frank. "Can't you see the poor guy is dead drunk!?"

"You're drunk yourself, you…motherfucker," muttered the man with the broken bottle as he approached the bar counter, "I've got to fix up… this God-damned bar!"he suddenly shouted, "I'll show you…who is fuckingdrunk!"

Some of the younger people having a party were now standing up. One of them approached the juke box.

"Turn it all the way up… Thomas!" shouted one of the girls sitting among the group.

"Hey buddy," yelled the man with the broken bottle,"you'd better not touch that shit!"

"You take it easy now," mumbled Frank as he reached out to help the man with the broken bottle get on a stool. "They don't give a damn about the election. They just wan o have a little fun."  He then cleared his throat and added, "If you really wan o hear the bitch, we can go sit near the TV."

The middle aged man was now walking towards the bar counter with the woman following him. They sat a few stools away from Frank.  "Why didn't chu call the cops?" he asked the bartender.

The bartender was drying some glasses.

"His friend didn't let me," he mumbled, pointing to one of the men sitting at the counter. "He has a gun!"  He coughed a little and added, "Besides, he is one of our best customers and….he is a cop himself!"

"Oh yah!?" said the middle-aged man looking at the two men sitting a few stools away.

"Hi," said the person sitting next to the man with the broken bottle who was now staring at his bottle laid  on the bar counter. "My name is Frank and I'm sorry I shouted at your wife!"

The two men stared into each other's eyes for a short while.

"It's all right," said the middle-aged man. "She shouldn't 've interfered…. She's had a couple of glasses too many."

"I'm Frank Sanders!" the police man said getting off his stool to shake hands with the middle-aged man.

"I'm Bill, Bill Ford," said the middle-aged man."Are you of any relations to…to the old man…running for president?"

"Nope!" Frank said shaking his head. "I'm one of his fans, though…and now that he's out… I have to vote for Trump!"

"Oh really!?" the middle-aged woman said,  "What  a…fucking… weird… change!"

"Yeah…, really!!" said a young girl  walking past the counter with the man she had earlier called Thomas . "Turning away from a socialist… to vote for a Fascist pig!"  she added loudly before they began dancing in the small open area near the juke box.

"Fascist my ass," said the drunken man moving his hand towards the broken bottle on the counter. The bartender moved swiftly and removed the bottle. "Would you like another drink, sir?" he asked

"Yeah," said the drunken man. "Give me … a bottle… of …brandy!"  He then put both his hands on the counter and laid his head over them.

Frank looked at the bartender and made a negative sign. They could now hear the drunken man snoring.

"Trump's not a fascist, lady," Frank  said gently. "I think he's just a regular businessman trying to buy votes. He's said a lot of things he doesn't believe in simply to get the backing of people like my friend Ronald here."

"But why?" asked the middle-aged woman. "Why not vote… for… Hillary?" she said in between her hiccups. "Being a democrat… and all, …she is the closest… to Sanders! Sanders himself…is going o vote …for Hillary , I'm sure!"

"My wife Linda here is a great supporter of Hillary Clinton," Bill said. "She's been campaigning for her all along. But I'm not so sure. Being a democrat and all, I should really vote for her… but somehow I don't feel right voting for…"

"A woman!" said Linda shaking her head. "He doesn't wan o see a woman… become president!"

"Fuck her!" mumbled Ronald trying to raise his head.

"Take it easy, Ron," said Frank, "these people here are our guests, We've got to be more respectful!"

"Respectful my shit!" mumbled the drunken man.

"He almost smashed  the LCD screen", said the girl who was dancing, apparently  eavesdropping  at the same time.

"Don't worry Karen," the young man dancing with her said, "He can't win! He is too much of a dumb-head to become a president in this country. He hasn't got a chance! No way!"

"Hope so, Thomas," said Karen, "but these guys are so rough and tough, and so sure of themselves! So…"

"Stop worrying," Thomas said in a soothing voice."The guy is just a Narcissist nut! He thinks he is a new Hitler or something. He wants to make the world safe by…. by bombing and murdering all the people he finds troublesome to his schemes."

"Well," said Karen," that's what makes me worry. Hitler came to power through an election too, remember? Then it took half the world to fight  with sweat  and blood together to get rid of him. And his country was not even half as big as ours!"

"Yes, I know," Thomas explained, "But remember that Regan said many similar things too before he was elected,  and he did not do much when he became president. These are the things politicians say to get the votes of the ignorant mobs."

"Do you really think that guy sitting there is a hoodlum or something?" suddenly asked a man standing near them. He had stopped on his way to the bar counter staring  at them.

"Well, isn't he….?" asked Thomas taken aback.

"Hi Brian," the policeman said loudly, "Nice to see you!"

"Nice to see you too, Frank!" the man called Brian said. "How're you doing, and how is our gorgeous Betty?"

"Fine, Brian, fine. Everything is just fine!" Frank said looking at Thomas somewhat irritated.

"No, he's not!" Brian turned to Thomas, "as a matter of fact, he is a rather educated person. He has a college degree in history and another one in business. He had a wonderful job with a company for some years making a lot of money. Then the company went bankrupt. He was out of work for some time before he got a job with  another  corporation. The second company closed down the branch in which he worked a while later and he became jobless again! He was unemployed for a long time,  losing his wife in the process, before he finally accepted  a job driving  a taxi part time, and sometime later he became a janitor in some  office building, doing  various odd jobs on the side to feed his kids." 

He was now looking directly into Thomas's eyes. He then added, "No sir! He is not an illiterate man deceived  by Trump ….. He is supporting Trump because the guy wants to make many changes in this country!"

"How do you know all this, sir," asked Karen with suspicion.

"Believe it or not, that's his life story. I've known the guy for quite some time!" Brian said, "I was his first employer!"

"How could that be possible?" insisted Karen stubbornly, "Just listen to the way the guy speaks! He talks like he has just stepped out of  a city slum!  How could  he possibly be a college man!?"

"I don't have the slightest clue why he talks like that!" said Brian, "The person I used to know never used a single foul word when he spoke! I suppose he has decided to speak like the people he has been affiliated with for so long,…or something!" he added as he climbed a stool to order his drink.

"Sorry," said Thomas loudly after a short while, "I didn't mean to be disrespectful of the guy. But I have seen so many low income illiterate fools support Trump that I've got the feeling he is just backed by people like that."

"Well that may actually be true to some extent," said  another man just sitting down at the counter..

"You see," he added after he ordered his drink, "I am a university man and I've carried out some research about Trump and his supporters."

 He stopped to look at his growing audience with interest, then he shook his head and added, "Trump has the backing of many low income or jobless undereducated people who believe their misfortunes are due to the influx of  immigrants , Muslims, Hispanics, and so on.. But his support is not confined to these groups." 

"So what?" said Karen challengingly, "Supposing a few educated dumb-heads are supporting the guy too. That doesn't mean that the man is not a crackpot or a fascist swine!"

"You 're going too far now, young lady," said Frank, the police man. "To tell you the truth, I'm going to vote for that guy too, and I definitely believe that he isn't a fascist!"

The university man smiled and shook his head. "It's all right ,  you can believe whatever you want."

He stopped to take a look at the faces of the people who were now surrounding them before he resumed, "I am professor  John Stevenson, and I teach political science. As I said, I have worked on Trump's case and  have come to the conclusion that his victory route is playing with our people's  fears and doubts. He is putting his fingers on some of the things that have worried us for many years, and has tried to strengthen  the doubts existing in our hearts about the  solutions offered by thepast leaders. He has declared himself to be the prophet of change and wants us to believe that he is the only person who can bring about this change; a change that will put an end to our present misery!"

"But our people are not fools," said a young man from among the group who had joined them from the dancing area. "He may say whatever he likes but people who know him will not believe any of the nonsense he is blabbering."

"Well, remember young man," said the professor," he doesn't need to convince you or anybody else that he is an exceptional person.. All he has to do is to persuade  a  small majority of the voters that he is the best choice they have at  present.That's all. And I think he is succeeding!"

"What about you sir?" shouted one of the girls from among the crowd. "Has he convinced you? Are you going to vote for him?"

"Yes, I think I'm going to vote for him," said the professor, "Not because he has any special abilities but because I have no other choice! He seems to be the only person at present who has the guts to bluntly  tell us  how things are in this country  instead of  telling us what  we usually like to hear!

"That's just what I say too man," said another man joining them on a stool behind the counter."Trump is the only person who can change things and make our country great again!"

"I thought we already had a great country, man!" said a tall man with colored skin who had left the group  dancing  in the lounge to enter the discussion."I know we've got lots of problems, man, but… who doesn't? We 've got to solve our problems one by one as we go along, man!"

"How could we?" asked another new-comer, "With all  the  fuckin  immigrants pouring  in all over the place, how can we get ourselves  a stinkin  job, not to speak of fixin up our country?"

"But amigo," said yet another  young man entering the discussion, "our immigrants just do the dirty work in this country…they take jobs nobody want. No?"

"That's not true man," said the first one, but… if they wano come in here, they've got to get permission man. When you don't get no permission, then those ISIS son-of-the-bitches can come in too! They come with bombs and machineguns to blow up our homes and rape our women!"

"Fuck the Muslims!"shouted a third man ."We're Christians, man! We don't need no fucking Muslims in this country! Trump's  right! We should bomb the shit out of them all!"

"But sir,so many of our African-Americans are Muslims! We can't bomb our own fellow-Americans!" said a man's voice.

"We can't live with terrorists buddy!" said someone from among the crowd," one terrorist in a town is enough to make everybody's life miserable and make them  live in hell …".

"We've got to get rid of them somehow?" said yet another one."We can't sit around and just wish that they won't blow up our homes and fuck our kids!"

"So you think if we build a wall between our country and Mexico, there will be no more immigrants and  no more terrorists, and there will be jobs to go around for everybody?" asked Thomas frustrated. "Don't you think the problem is with our economic system and not with immigrants?"

"This country is our home," a woman said."In our home we put locks on our doors. We put curtains on our windows. We only let people in  who  are our friends! We shoot who try to  break in. We call the police when there is an intruder. The illegal immigrants are intruders too!  They've got to be stopped! We must build walls…. all around our country if we have to!"

The bartender was now staring at two more couples who were approaching apparently to join the dance. They, however, changed their direction and joined the discussion group.

"Bur sir," one of the girls said loudly, "Can't you see that Trump is fooling us? He's had no practice working in the government. He doesn't know anything about politics. The guy is a complete crackpot! He just says the things  he thinks some of us like to hear. How in the hell can he possibly do all the things he says he wants to do?"

"Come on woman!"said another man,"Who gives a shit if  he has political experience or not .We just want him to do the things he says he will do. Yeah! We want him to make a wall! We want him to bomb the shit out of the ISIS bastards. We want him to make America Great again! And that's what he is goin o do! "

"Oh God!" exclaimed Karen "If things go on like this,  that stupid clown is sure to become  our next president!"

Everyone was crowding around the bar counter now. Ron was up too. He took a look at the people surrounding  him and then slowly pulled himself up the counter and sat on it. A second later he had the broken bottle which the bartender had placed somewhere in the back of the counter  in his hand again.

"I'm goin o fuck up that bastard woman!" Ronald suddenly shouted moving the broken bottle around his head. 

"You stop that right now," said Frank, the policeman. We are making a discussion here!"

"I'm goin o…." began saying Ronald again but suddenly stopped staring at someone in the crowd.

"Hi, Ron old buddy," said a man making his way  through  the crowd, "How are you doing?"

"He is not well!" said Bill. "He's been causing trouble all night."

"He wanted to break down the TV panel!" said  Karen.

"The guy is a crazy Trump supporter," said Linda "He wants to murder Hillary Clinton!"

"No way!" said the newcomer," He wouldn't kill a wasp which was giving us trouble at work the other day! We had to  let the crazy insect leave the building safely because of his soft heart! Kill a person!? No way!"

"He was goin o hit me on the head with that stupid bottle," said Thomas "what do you mean he couldn't kill  a wasp!?"

"Did he look like…he was loaded?" asked the newcomer looking puzzled.

"The poor guy was dead drunk!" said, Frank the policeman, " I 'd never seen him so high before. He didn't know what he was doing!"

"And you said he wanted to kill Hillary Clinton!?" the  newcomer asked.

"Yeah," Bill and several other people said together.

"This makes it the third time, then!" the newcomer said. "He actually tried to attack her one time when she was making a campaign speech. Richard and I stopped him. We practically had to carry him home on our shoulders that time!"

"You should do something about this!" said Bill," He may hurt someone  and cause himself  al lot of  trouble!"

"He's not much of a trouble–maker, nor a drinker for that matter," said the newcomer, "He rarely drinks! Maybe that's why he gets drunk so quickly when he takes a sip or two, or a couple of shots of Alcoholic drinks. . But when he gets drunk he always talks of killing  someone."

"This time he wanted to kill Hillary on the television screen!!" said Linda laughing.

The newcomer shook his head, "It's not really Ms. Clinton he wants to kill. Ron is actually a democrat, a supporter of Mr. Sanders….and…"

He stopped and rubbed his lips for a few seconds before  he began, "I don't know who he is going to vote for now, but I'm sure he doesn't want to kill Hillary. It's Helen, his drunkard stepmother who ruined Ron's whole childhood, and who scared his wife away, that he dreams  to kill. His  problem, however, is  that the vicious woman vanished a few months back, after Ron's father died of a heart attack."

He stopped again  and  took a long look in the direction of the LCD screen on the wall before  he turned to Ronald, dozing on the bar counter still holding the broken bottle in his hand.

"Whenever Ron gets drunk," the newcomer said, "he takes Hillary for his stepmother.  You can't really blame him, though.  The woman really looked like she wereMs. Clinton's twin sister!"










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