The Ring

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Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016



Sameer was unhappy hearing the news of death of Manisha. Manisha was his first and the last love, which he could not get.


Hearing that news Sameer felt sorry for himself. His best friend told him on phone about her death. Taking leave from his office he immediately set for meeting with her for the last time; to see off her from this world.

Train was running towards his home town Rampur where Manisha lived. With heavy heart he was looking out of the window of the compartment. He plunged into memories of his and her past.

He knew her from the school time. Manisha was his classmate. Her family resided in a house at the end of the same street at which his house was. Since they lived in the same street, studied at the same school, played in the same street, they were well familiar with each other. After returning from the school they along with the other children played in the streets of the town all the evening. They were innocents as children unaware of their future.

With the time they came closer to each other and became familiar to each other. After school education they took admission in the same college and in the same stream. In college life their familiarity and the simple friendship turned into love. They spent several afternoons and evenings together weaving dreams of their future, career and discussing about topics of their academic subjects. Sometimes they even bunked classes for watching movies. Those days were the best and the most colourful days of their life.

Once at the occasion of her birthday, he gave a silver ring to her as a gift. She was glad to find the gift. “I shall keep it with me always. It is the symbol of our love.” she said. She kissed the ring and wore in her right hand’s finger.


After completing college education, he managed to find a job. They wanted to marry but their families were against their love. With great effort he succeeded to convince his parents.


His father went to meet with Manisha’s parents and put the proposal for marriage before them. Her parents refused the proposal saying that they could not marry their daughter with a person belonged to inferior cast.

After heavy exchange of words, his father returned home and informed him of refusal of proposal.

He told him “As we are from lower cast, they refused to marry their daughter with you.” He was upset over the issue.  After remaining silent for a while, he told to him “It is not possible for me to accept a girl from such an arrogant and hollow family as daughter-in-law.” He further advised “try to forget that girl and be focused on your career.”


He remained silent and could not say even a word to his father.

Even after this dispute they continue to meet with each other. Manisha’s parents were searching a groom for her. After this dispute they hurry-up their efforts. They soon find out a man for her and without even informing her they fixed the date of her marriage. Hearing this she wept for hours.  

She meet with him asked him about the fixation of wedding date. He asked her to marry him without the consent from her parents but she did not ready for it. She did not want to marry against the will of her parents.

She had to marry according to the wish of her parents.

Sameer had no other option except to forget her. He was very sad. He had his transfer done in another city. He could never forget his love. After a few months his parents found a bride for him and convinced him to marry her.

 Her husband was drinker and irresponsible person. Their married life was unsuccessful. There were differences between them. Ten years after marriage her husband was died in an accident.  After the death of her husband she was living solitary life. When Sameer heard about the death of her husband, he went to her home to console her. She was surprised to see him after many years. She remained silent for some time and then began to weep in front of him. He became sentimental to see her but find himself unable to do anything for her except to console her.

After that meeting with her he was feeling himself guilty for her that condition. He thought it would have been better for her if he had not come in her life.

 After reaching his home town he straight went to her home where her all relatives and a few other people were gathered for the preparation of sending her dead body for funeral. Here he met with his friend who had informed him about her death.

He told him “what was happened to her?”

His friend told “Cancer.”

“Oh” he could not asked more than this single word.

“Come in. See her for the last time.” Saying this, his friend held his hand and proceeded to a room where the dead body was laying. He eagerly looked at the dead body.

Suddenly his eyes were fixed on her right hand. There was the ring on her finger which he once gave her as a gift in the occasion of her birthday.

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