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Chase is a man in his early 20's, that finds himself falling for her. And completely losing himself.

Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016



He was sitting in his study and going over the incidents of the last one year in his mind.  The room was dimly lit, with stacks of papers and empty bottles of vodka scattered everywhere. Chase closed his eyes and let himself sink deep into his memories. He remembered the day he met her. Her deep blue eyes flashed across his vision. They were alive as ever, and just like the ocean. You could get lost in them. He remembered everything, how her blonde hair sometimes covered her eyes. The way she laughed, it was the most amazing laugh ever. The way she smiled, and how he used to fall in love with her more every time he met her.

‘Camille..’ Chase thought to himself. Sitting in this dark room, he craved nothing more than to be with her. Camille was majestic, she brought life every where she went. And adventures filled her soul. With each and every passing moment Chase felt her bringing life into him.

He had  met Camille in a bar. Chase had newly gotten into the drug business; he worked for a drug lord. He came to a club to meet up with some buyers. But as soon as he entered the club he was taken aback by the bartender, Camille. He talked to her and it felt as if they just connected with each other. He had to leave the club soon, but he came to the bar every day from then on. He loved her company, and she enjoyed his.

As majestic and strong as she was, she was in an abusive relationship. Chase saw the scars on her face; he swore to her he would kill anyone that hurt her. But Camille wanted him to stay away, for the person she was with was very dangerous. Every day, the scars got worse.

Camille and Chase grew closer to each other; they weren’t just each other’s habit. They loved each other dearly. And soon enough it was hard staying away from Camille. Both of them waited for each other every day. Chase would come to the bar late at night, and both of them were as happy as ever to see each other. They talked to each other all night. They were completely lost in one another. Camille’s scars grew worse, but on the inside they healed and flourished in each other’s presence.

Chase showed up to the bar one day, to find the bar empty. Camille wasn’t there; instead someone else was taking her shift. This shocked Chase, considering Camille was always really particular about coming to work and meeting him. It was the only thing they looked forward to. He left a message for Camille and told the other bartender to call him if she came to work. Chase would have stayed and searched for her, or waited, but he had to go meet up with his dealer.

Chase went to meet his dealer at his house. And as soon as he entered he saw Camille lying on the floor, weeping. Her  forehead was bloody, and she had scars all over her arms and legs. And Chase’s dealer, Aiden loomed over Camille with a belt in his hand. Camille got up and rushed towards Chase when he came, weeping her eyes out and clutching to his chest tight.

Aiden stood there in shock for a minute, but then he was fuming. ‘You…’ He said, unable to contain his rage. ‘It’s you she’s been with all this time!’ Aiden looked as if he were about to use the belt to hurt Chase next. And Chase just stood there, traumatised. ‘I trusted you!’ Aiden screamed at Chase.

Chase was unable to contain his shock, he just stood there looking into Aiden’s eyes. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Camille clutched to him tighter, and Chase could see the hurt and anger in Aiden’s eyes when he saw this. Aiden whipped out a gun from his back pocket and pointed it at Camille. And in just a moment, he pulled the trigger; aiming it right at Camille’s chest.

Camille looked in shocked at Chase, and blood came out of her mouth. She collapsed to the floor. And then Chase became completely numb. Whatever happened next was completely instinctive and blur to Chase now. He held Camille in his hands watching the life escape her eyes, and it was as if a part of his soul left with her. He screamed and shouted and charged at Aiden, but his goons held Chase back. They beat up Chase, threw him in an alley, and then left him for dead.

Chase felt that the biggest regret of his life was to get up from that alley and choose to walk to the nearest house, asking for help. He should have died, for life was too sorrowful to live now. Someone who gave him back his life and now left, and took his life with him.

And so Chase sat in his room, reminiscing in her memories, and the memories of the past year. A tear strolled down Chase’s cheek. And he stared at the injection of heroin he had in his hands. Overdosing would be the death of him, and that’s exactly what he wanted. Chase lolled his head back and thought about Camille. And then his vision blacked out, never to wake up again. He fell into a deep slumber, Camille’s smile shining before his eyes, hoping to unite in heaven with her once more.

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