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marie rabbit’s search for her sister and how she eventually meets with success..

Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016



Marie rabbit covered the stew that she had cooked and put it on the table. There were two plates and two glasses waiting to be filled. She made the two beds and then it was time to leave .Marie locked her front door and began her walk like everyday to that part of the forest where she had been separated from her sister Angel one year ago. Marie had never seen her father and her mother had died while giving birth to Angel. She had no one in the world except her sister Angel.

It was almost evening Marie reached that part of the forest near the village, where Angel had been playing hide and seek with her friends and Marie had been collecting berries. Marie shuddered as she recalled the scene so many months back, a jeep in which a family was travelling suddenly screeched to a halt near Angel. In a second before Marie could realize what was happening a girl jumped down from the jeep and with a cry of delight picked up Angel in her arms got into the jeep which sped away.

Marie sighed if only she had not listened to Angel and allowed her to play with her friends who had accompanied her to that part of the forest so near a human habitat just because there was a waterfall which Angel admired. Marie wiped her eyes it was getting dark suddenly in the distance she saw a white speck under a tree. ‘Angel ‘the word seemed to escape her lips in anxious delight It was not Angel but a young bunny crying her heart out.

Marie tried to control her disappointment, “Why are you crying dear?” Marie asked gently The little bunny looked startled for sometime but Marie’s presence seemed to comfort her she said, “I am scared I have no one in this world I lost my parents a few days back my father got entangled under the wheels of a truck that had come to load logs and was thrown into a gorge my mother died trying to save my father.” Marie sat quietly near the bunny and wiped her tears. “We are both alone”. Marie bit her lips “My sister was taken one year ago by a young girl in a jeep I have come in search of her each and everyday in the hope of finding her.” The little bunny shook her head, “I wish someone would take me at least I would get a lot of love and care.” She turned to Marie, “Your sister must be very happy where ever she is little girls love bunnies my mother used to say.”

Marie stared why the idea had never crossed her mind that Angel could be happy in her new home. She had failed to remember the look of joy and love on the little girl’s face as she had cradled Angel. Marie got up Angel would never come back Marie sighed she wished her sister a life of happiness.

As Marie was about to leave she saw the little bunny staring at her with anxious eyes. “What is your name?” She asked. There was a pause, “Angel” Little Rose replied. She had heard Marie utter the name as she had approached the tree where the little bunny sat mistaking her for her sister. ‘What a coincidence’. Marie’s eyes sparkled,” “My sister was also called Angel”. Marie smiled.” We are not going to be alone anymore.” She held out her hand. “Come home to supper and a warm bed sis.” Angel scampered to her feet and held Marie’s hand tightly as they headed towards home. Rose would forever be Angel since uttering that name would give Marie a lot of happiness the little bunny knew and she was not lying as far as her name was concerned for after all her father had always referred to her as ‘ My Angel’.



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