Bullies never die

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Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016



I looked into the eyes of a beast,

Who smiled with his sharpened teeth,

And in his eyes I saw malicious glee,

Which honestly didn't surprise me.

He laughed when I screamed,

As I begged he blatantly ignored,

And continued stripping me,

Of my mind and self-esteem.

I begged with my eyes,

To those who would pass by,

To do something anything,

Or I might not survive.

My pleas reached deaf ears,

My pain pushed to the side,

And all I could wonder,

Was why, oh why, oh why,

Was this happening to me?

Of all people why was it me,

The beast chose to incinerate,

Why not the girl with glasses,

Or the boy with a limp gait?

Over and over again,

He hits me with his fists of words,

And uses his bare hands,

To make to the injuries worse.

It is then I realise,

How much pleasure the beast recieves,

When I bleed and cry,

And beg him to just let me continue by,

But just like all of my could be saviours,

The beast gives my cries no heed,

And everyone else only fears the beast,

Just as much as me.

When the beast finally tires of the game,

(That's right I said a game,

Because that's all he thinks of my pain),

I continue to pathetically whimper,

Hoping this isn't a feint,

And follow the beast's gaze,

To where his sight has landed.

A child a lot like me,

Scrawny and small,

Probably doesn't even know,

The meaning of a fight.

His name is Johnny,

But I think of him better known,

As the beast's next victim.

Bile rises in my throat,

But I resist the urge to release it,

A mundane but small victory for me.

The careless beast stalks his way,

Towards his doomed prey,

Already have forgotten our encouter,

But never forgetting me and my face.

These so called beasts,

Their species a burden,

Developed from others suffering,

And their own flawed personality.

At school we have assemblies,

At home we're giving warnings,

But it never matters,

What grown-ups or friends ever say,

Because as we all know,

But won't ever admit,

Bullies never go away.



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