Fight, flight or stay

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Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016



A sick feeling crawls into your body,

And possesses your mind,

It feeds off your discomfort,

And sucks your optimism dry.

Your stomach feels heavy,

Your tongue feels like desert sand,

You open your mouth repeatedly,

Presumably to scream,

But you're devoid of any sound.

Your skin glistens with sweat,

You can't seem to stop shaking,

And you're trying to think clearly,

But your thoughts are paralysed,

Trapped in darkness,

And a blanket of confusion.

You have trouble to breathe,

Or have forgotten entirely,

You believe you have no strength left,

But you have no idea,

How wrong you can be.

Suddenly your blood starts pumping faster,

Your thoughts travelling so far in speed,

That your thinking is limited,

But is plain, simple and free.

You feel like you can move mountains,

Or race a speeding train,

But there's no time for that,

Because you only have a second,

To use your brawn and brain.

And suddenly it is then you realise,

The answer so simple and obvious,

That you have indeed three choices,

You can either stay, fight or run for your life.

But make the choice quick,

Because as always your chances are on a timer,

And when you get that fear induced rush,

Nothing ever lasts long,

Especially when it's your instinct making the choices,

Between flight, fight or standing strong.



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