Please, You are not alone!

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This poem is about someone trying to save their friend from doing something they will regret in the long term which may not only hurt them but will hurt others in their passing. Its a poem showing that no matter how of a difficult time you may be facing there is always going to be someone there stood beside you holding your hand, even though you may not even notice. It's never okay to give up on your self or doubt yourself for who you are.

Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016



Please, You are not alone!


You may turn your head,

and see no one around.

You may feel alone,

You may hear the whispers,

but you are not alone.

You may see your friends,

slowly stabbing your back,

but you are not alone.

So just take my hand,

do not take a step,

dont' you dare fall off.

Move away from the cliff,

please come take my hand,

you are not alone.

Do not pop those pills,

please do not swallow,

we are here for you.

I know it may be hard,

but you cant let go,

you have so much left to live for.

I will chain myself to you,

please don't feel alone.

Open your eyes,

i am stood in front of you.

If you fall i will catch you,

so don't be afraid,

put on a brave face,

And we will make it through.

although they may be gone,

you still have some people in your corner.

who were there from the start,

Look i have to go i shall see you soon.

it will all be alright,

please smile, i am here for you.

i only went home,

how could this happen,

I am missing you.

NO, please don't close your eyes.

You don't know how much it hurts,

how much we have been through,

we could have made it through.

I know your in a better place,

but, i will always miss you.

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