A Night of Fear Yet Peace

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The night is dark and cold and harsh and full of fears. But what if you look at it a different way?

Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016



A Night of Fear Yet Peace


Look upon the night,

and tell me what you see.

What runs through your head,

as you look at it with me?

What do you envision?

Tell it to me quick.

Then I'll tell you what I see,

and you can take your pick.


Nighttime throws out happy days,

it tosses the sun aside.

It brings an end to all my dreams,

and takes the place I bide.

It fills the air with darkness,

and makes everything cold.

It takes away the plans I made,

and makes the time seem old.

The nighttime tries to chase me so,

by using all my fears.

It uses the things I've come to hate,

that accumulated through the years.

It leaves me blind and leftf alone,

robbed of all my sight.

It leaves me down and heartbroken,

that's what it does, this night.

It makes me sad and lonely,

and tries to pull me down.

And tries to make a fool of me,

so I'm nothing but a clown.

It rips apart my happiness,

a thing that I so need.

And always comes to get me,

with some sort of evil deed.

It only wants to hurt me,

to fill me up with hate.

I know this because it never gives,

all it will do is take.

It always leaves me trembling,

robbed of all my cheer.

All it does is fill me,

with a never-ending fear.


Now that you have told me,

I'll tell you what I see.

I think you'll find that the two of us,

see so differently.

What I see can be dark, that's true,

but that's not all there is.

I'll try to do it justice now,

though I'm no bard or whiz.

To me the nighttime's pretty,

and it always sings.

It makes me forget,

all those sad and terrible things.

It has a certain calm,

that's only felt of night.

And it makes me feel embraced,

by its soft and gentle light.

It fills me up with dreams,

and the courage to fulfill.

And it has a certain feel,

that makes the dark not chill.

The nighttime gives me peace,

and time to settle down.

It gives me inspiration,

and always cures a frown.

This nighttime provides refuge,

from every single fear.

It seems to bring things lost,

and things I hold so dear.

I'd rather be the nighttime,

not the busy day.

It finds and guides lost souls,

and shows them to their way.


Now, my friend, the time has come,

time to pick a side.

Choose which view you will take,

please, hurry and decide.

I know the night seems cold and scary,

and not like day in the least.

I guess that that's what makes it,

A Night of Fear Yet Peace.

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