The Amazing Jessie

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A short story about never giving up and always believing in yourself no matter the situation.

Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016



Jessie is a small little boy who loves to play soccer. Every day Jessie has soccer on his mind, right when he wakes up in the morning getting ready for school, while eating breakfast at the dinner tables, and even during class at school. While in school Jessie  impatiently stares at the clock waiting for the slow ticks to finally signal the end of school. The reason for Jessie's impatience? You guessed it soccer, his favorite activity. What makes playing soccer even better though is playing with his dad, whom Jessie begs to play with when he gets home. Jessie's dad also a fan of soccer is very tired from work but when he sees those big blue eyes staring at him he can't refuse. Alright son one quick game and then we go inside to eat. As you can guess for this two soccer lovers one game turns into two then three then four and then five.


 They play until night and finally they decide to end it and go eat. The food from Jessie's mom smells delicious and the family begin to eat. While they eat Jessie asks his dad if he can sign him up for the junior league team. They are having open try outs this weekend and he would love to participate. At first Jessie's dad is very reluctant to say yes, but after a lot of pleading he finally agrees and says sure. YES!!! Jessie screams and begins to run for his ball and play. Hey!! no playing in the house, and finish your food first says Jessie's mom.

Clank! Clank! Clank!. The sound of the loud alarm awakes Jessie father. Its finally that special day Saturday, the day soccer try outs begin. Jessie's dad begin to get dressed and walks down the stairs only to find Jessie smiling from ear to ear already dressed up and ready to go. They take Jessie's ball and begin to enter the car and drive to the local park. The park is just a quick 10 minute drive but during the whole drive Jessie just spoke about soccer. How good are the other kids? Are they better then me? Will they be mean? Finally they have arrived and Jessie looks out the window and pauses. The other kids look way bigger then him, he does not even compare to their sizes. Jessie's dad notices his sons hesitance, grabs him and tells him do not be afraid and always believe in yourself no matter what.
 As Jessie begins to take the field he once again freezes up. The kids look way bigger up close in personal. Jessie takes another look towards his dad and remembers his words. Always believe in yourself, and have confidence. It was at this point that the ball made its way towards Jessie's feet. He stares for awhile and is scared as the bigger kids begin to approach him. Always believe in yourself echos through Jessie's mind, and then like magic Jessie is off with the ball dribbling with it between each player. None of the bigger kids can keep up with him as one by one the players begin to vanish. Before he knew it Jessie was one on one with the goal keeper. He took one quick glance and lifted his right foot and unleashed a powerful shot into the top right corner. GOAL!!!!!!!!! The crowd roared and cheered as Jessie ran around celebrating. He then ran to his dad screaming i did it. Jessie's dad picks him up and says i knew you could do it because you believed you could. Remember when things are a little rough always trust yourself and believe you can do it. 
The game ended and Jessie's team lost but that did not matter to Jessie he had a great game scoring two goals and helping his team mates score some. The coaches then gathered all the players and listed the names who should come back for more try outs. Jessie and his father read the list and finally there it was Jessie's name on the list. He did it, all because he trusted his own ability.

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