The Infinity of Words Unspoken

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Words spoken to us or about us can be disturbing, but words never spoken can kill us.

Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016



The Infinity of Words Unspoken

We are aware of different infinities. There is the infinity of odd numbers and the infinity of even numbers, and the infinity of all numbers which has to be twice as large as either of them. There is the infinity of stars, and the infinity of galaxies which contain an infinity of stars. There is an infinity of words, and an infinity of words never spoken.

In math there is the symbol i, which is used to designate an imaginary number. These numbers, while of no use in the “real” world, are quite useful in the scientific world. An everyday usage concerns the AC current used in our homes. It is also used for signal processing, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics and other scientific analysis.

What is need in our real world is a symbol and method of describing the effects of the infinity of words never spoken. I propose the symbol y to represent the question, why? Why are all of these words left unspoken when they could have had such a dramatic effect on people’s lives? Simple phrases such as, “I love you” or “I’m sorry” spring to mind.

I propose an equation. First I’ll state my theory. To say “I love you” to someone is to surrender part of your ego. Before those words are spoken, you are in complete control of your life, doing things your way, not answerable to anyone for the results. Afterwards you have given part of yourself away, and you can never get it back. It is a great leap into the void, a leap of faith. For those unfortunate enough to have spoken them to the wrong person it can devastate their lives and scar them until the day they die. For the fortunate ones it can improve their lives by several magnitudes, the sum being greater than the total of its parts. The consequences of not saying these words are unknown, and can only be imagined, like the square root of a negative number. But they are real, and affect all of our lives. My equation: i : y as AC electricity is to living in the modern world.

Let us examine another y: Someone that sincerely regrets an action he has taken or words he has spoken and cannot bring himself to say “I’m sorry” to the person he has offended. If this is a person he has previously stated his love to, previously surrendered part of his ego to, he has a dilemma. How much more of himself can he give away before he completely disappears and becomes somebody else? Who will he be then? There is only one solution, the offended person must meet him halfway. The negative and positive reactions will cancel each other out, and equilibrium will be restored.

Consider politicians. What if Chamberlain had said “no” to Hitler in Munich? A single word left unsaid led to the disappearance of a country, Czechoslovakia, and eventually to a world war that claimed millions of lives. The consequences of words unspoken can be severe. Today’s unspoken words are “Radical Moslem terrorism” Our highest government officials refuse to utter them, requiring us to fight abroad and die at home at the hands of an unnamed enemy.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” is a rhyme we learn as children, but eventually realize that words can hurt us very much. What we haven’t leaned yet is how much unsaid words can hurt us.

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