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Always Follow Your Dreams Believe Me It Is The Right Path!

Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016





This is my story,Believe me or not this life was like a scenario that repeat itself until the director decided to switch the roles.

I was a 7 Years Old when I started learning English without help of any studies,Only online friends from games,My English was so bad since then I could'nt communicate well,Anyhow I kept trying over and over and over for 6 months...I could'nt believe that my English got better that well.. I was...surprised...

I kept hanging out with my online friends and they've helped me learn English I can't explain how thankful I am right now,I was a literal maniac due to how many hours I spent In front of my computer screen...Somedays I didn't sleep,I've been through hell due my parents...they always used to scream at me alot because I was so addicted...Many days,Many Months,Many Years has passed and I'm still the changes..until I reached my 12 years old...that time everything changed,I became more socializing,I met people all around the globe,I add them on facebook and we start to talk,I had that weird feeling...It's like they seem to like me,I don't know...I could'nt keep It up due to my parents...they always take my computer away from me...I always get pissed when they do that...they just turned from nice caring people to some careless hateful parents,I could'nt handle the pressure at exact date 1/1/2011 I had really bad grades...I was so afraid to show them the results...The stupid me had to run away...I let the paperwork on my fathers desk,I packed my bags and ran away...keep walking till I reached another city I thought It was far but not really,From Salé to Kenitra,My parents kept looking for me,they went searching me all over the place they could'nt find me,Until the next week from the escape,I could'nt handle the loneliness and sleeping on the dirty streets and none even cares about my situations...I've regretted It...I went back home because simply I could'nt handle It, I was just a 12 Years Old who can't take care of himself,So I went back and new story has began with my parents,Been grounded for 2 Years they sold my phone they locked me up in my room everyday and nagging at me about study and stuff but I told them I wanna follow my dreams not their dreams,I wanna be who I wanna be,not what they want me to be,I've been dreaming to be a successful soccer player,but they don't seem to agree with that,they've locked me up,took away all electronics away except my calculator!

Anyhow these 2 Years were the most horrible years for me,but what's interesting is what happend when I turned 14,My eyes began to open more and more and realize the truth,My parents only wanted me to became a successful person so they can use me as a credit card,Anyway at the beginning of 2013 I met this guy from Saint Lucia,His name was Jarniel Gustave from an online game called "Grand Theft Auto:Vice City Multiplayer aka VCMP" He was my best friend since we've met he always was getting my back anywhere anytime,he helps me to calm down,he comforts me,he gives me tips for my problems,We've had alot of fun we never broke contact since then,Now time to talk about what really changed my whole life when I became 16 Years Old,I've joined the army academy since 16 anyhow,I continued my studies there and now working there,I've met few new online friends,One of them called Iris Pung,Girl,Estonian natonality,She was so positive she always used to make me happy,we've always been having good laughs and good times,I was lucky to have her as my friend she was simply the best,then after a few months I met another girl her name was Petrina Wraight from United Kingdom,this one was soo funny that I never could get enough of her,we used to make fun of everything even If It was boring haha...good times,Now during the new year 2015...I've always had a dream about a girl,blue eyes,American,She looked like an angel on my dreams,She was Beautiful,Sweet,Amazing,She was perfection Itself,I literaly been having this dream for the whole year (2015) I thought I was just being crazy because I've never had a true girlfriend so I Imagined one,2015 Was like hell for me,my sister had a heart surgery...I was so worried that I lose her...after all she was the only one who cares about me In family..Good thing that went well and she managed to stay alive,I was so happy about it that I could'nt explain how happy I was,Joy was filling my heart, I experienced the fear of losing a loved one phew,I was still sad and unhappy afterwards due to my family and my friends they always bring my feelings down...

Then 2016....I thought this year would be like all other years but no...I've met this Polish girl called,Ola,this girl was taking care of me and loving me as a friend for since the 3 first months of the year...Even the distance we still keeping it up and we helped each others and we were sharing our moments all the time,god she was so nice and sweet could'nt believe that such girl would exist.

But April...Exactly at 4/4/2016,I've met this girl from the US,Called Julianna,I didn't think love exist...Until I fall inlove with her,I totally fall inlove with her like when rains drops on Earth,When she showed me her face...I took a flashback about the dreams I had back at 2015...It was that girl from my dreams!!! I thought I was just dreaming or I'm having a serious headache,honestly she looked like an angel!! I loved her so much,she loved me aswell,we were so happy together even the matter of distance that she lives in the US  and I live in Morocco,She still loved me and care about me like none else would never be I believed that dream and I Followed my dreams,God,She was so beautiful,caring,loving,heart-warming... She changed my life like exactly everything I spend almost all of time with her,I even forgot how the sun looks like due to the time I sit at home texting her...we've been together for 2 months now..I am so happy to be with her she Is just amazing in all parts and I really wish If I could just visit her but I can't,We've promised each others to wait four years till she can travel to me,god I can't wait!!!She made my life better just but words from her texts and I believe these words are coming out from her heart not her fingers!!!!

We together did stuff that none else will never be able to do,We love each others,I think we were meant to be together In the Skies before we land on this Earth,She Is soo perfect In all ways,I will never ever give up on my dreams,and my dreams are her.

That beautiful girl was chasing me through my dreams now I have her In my life I can't wait till we just met,then we'll be the most happiest couple in the world!!!

With her smile I forget every sad moment I had in my life,Her voice was like a song that was singed by god from heavens,Her face was the reason why I am still alive...her love is the reason why my heart is still beating , We are still happy right now date 06/17/2016 3:23AM.

This is a short story about my life I just decided to share it hoping that the message will reach..that true love still exist,and true friends are real.

-Written by Iliass El Haimour 06/17/2016



-Grand Theft Auto Vice City (RockStar Games)

-Font:-She Always Walk Alone.-RaseOne Fill

*Autor Biography*

-Iliass El Haimour,Born 10/10/1998,At Sale-Morocco,Still lives in Morocco,Has written no books.


this is the first time hope you guys enjoy this was from all my heart


Always Follow Your Dreams Believe Me It Is The Right Path!


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