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Questions of life.

Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016



Freedom. What is freedom? What is life? What is death? Is it tangible, or is it just a concept that was thought up by some god?


What is madness? Refusal to follow some sort of conformity of society? Or a concept that people thought up as a reason to hurt others?


There is no single answer to these questions.


There is nothing.


But what is nothing? The absence of feeling? The absence of that which is tangible? Simply a feeling, a thought?


Is there a point to all of these questions?


Is there a point to anything?


In the end, everything will disappear. Nothing will matter, because everything will eventually be gone.


If that is the case why do people live on their lives, knowing that it won’t ever account for anything? Do they want a sense of accomplishment, knowing that they’ve finished something difficult? Do they want to show off?


Or are they simply searching for a purpose to their lives? But what sort of purpose would have any meaning?


They are, perhaps, searching for something they can find only in the ‘Here and Now’.


Is it for hate? Happiness? Fun? A sense of fulfillment?


Is it for love?


The answer is located within the heart, the soul, of each person.


What is the answer?


Who knows?

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