Sleeping with a Man who Has a Boyfriend

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Atticus was having his holiday in Taipei, staying at his friend's, Frank, place. He soon discovered that he loved Frank. He was enjoying the time with him. However, an abrupt message devastated his good mood --- Frank's boyfriend was going to stay at his place. So... What would Atticus do? A poignant love story.

Submitted: June 17, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016







Disclaimer: This story includes homosexual content and most scenes in the story are made up by the author . If it resembles your experience, it is a complete coincidence. If this story nauseates you, I would like to sincerely apologize. 


I am from Hong Kong. 

I love Taiwan (and Taiwanese).

I love men, too. 

So, if you are asking the basic information of this short story, here it is. If you want to know more, please read on. 

I went to Taiwan — yes I am in Taipei when I am writing this story — alone. I am quite familiar with Taiwan and I have some friends here, which all are gay, and I am staying at their place to reduce accommodation fee.

My friend called Frank, 23, Taiwanese, graduated from a top university in Taiwan. He is charming, sensual and, of course, handsome with hairy legs. People in Hong Kong say that men having a pair of hairy legs means he is sensual and always horny. Frank has a boyfriend who I don’t know. But I’ll see him soon as he is coming back to his home. 

I shall begin it from today’s afternoon. I was sleeping on train, nearly unconscious, barely opened my eyes, and I received a message from Frank — My boyfriend is staying at my place tonight. After reading this message, my eyes opened wide. I was vigilant for I am, till now, in love with him. Then, I felt nervous without a reason as if my nerves are fluttering against each others, making my heart feeling itchy. It was followed by a rise of anger. It branched up to my throat. I tried my very best to suppress it and I could not control it. I was not sure if I was so angry that I wanted to cry. Tears filled my eyes. If I blinked, it would shed, creating a wet path along my face. I would never forget this message.

Not the time to be furious at him. I told myself. First, I had to reply his message. Dafuq, that was what I wrote him. I scrolled my chat record on WhatsApp, attempting to find a guy to listen to my story. After all, I needed a guy to vent my anger. I called my friend, Adam. No sooner did I talk to him, I received a message from Frank — you may sleep on the crouch, is that okay? 

Dafuq. I hurled this bad word at my iPhone again. 

“I should book a hotel now, should I? I am so fucking angry right now. Not the time to joke. I am so fucking angry right now.  I am so fucking angry right now.  I am so fucking angry right now.” I talked to him through phone. 

“You should. So embarrassing to stay at his place.”

“Really?” I asked, though I knew the answer would be “yes”.

“Yes. You had sex with him and you’re gonna face his boyfriend. Isn’t that weird?”
“Yes it is. But it is nearly 5 now, do you think I can book a hotel right now?”

“Of course you can. Just book it on Expedia.”

“Maybe I should. Well… Have to spend more though.” I said, devising another plan but failed. “Fuck it. He should inform me in advance.”

Apparently, I was infuriated not because of the time he informed me but I knew I’m in love with him. I didn’t want to see his boyfriend hugged him or hold his hand.

Another message from Frank popped up — Or I can prepare sheets for you. 

Gimme some time to come up with a plan. I replied, as lukewarm as I could. 

“Come on. You should book a hotel. I am serious.” 

“Okay… I guess I should find one.” I was annoyed. “Give me a second. He replied me.”

Frank replied me again. Three messages this time.

I have spare mattress. 

You can sleep beside my bed. Is that okay? 

Or you can sleep at my friend’s room. 

Kinda weird to sleep with your friend :0). I replied. Most of you may not know what the meaning of “:0)” is. I guess this is exclusively used by Hong Kong people when expressing something preposterous. 

“Hey hey. He just provided an alternative that I can stay with his friends.”

“This is inordinately embarrassing.”

“May be we should think in this way. I have to go back anyway coz my suitcase is there, meaning I’ll be embarrassed no matter which option I choose. In this case, I should have a glimpse of his boyfriend to show him I am not afraid of him.” 

“This might not be a bad choice.” 

After dinner, I went back to his home. There were an array of questions hovering over my head. Will his boyfriend bully me? After all, I had sex with his boyfriend. Will his boyfriend tumble my personal belongings out? Will his boyfriend verbally bully me? After all, they are all Taiwanese. They are in the same army anyway.

I couldn't stand that. Accordingly, I called my friend, a Singaporean friend, to relieve my apprehension. 

“Don’t think too much dear. Don’t forget it is not your fault. Your friend is responsible for it too.” He said, soothingly. 

“Yes. I know it right. But his boyfriend won’t think, or cannot accept the truth, that his boyfriend betrays him.” I retorted. If he could counter my point, I’ll be relieved.

“Well. It really depends,” he paused, fetching a cup of drink as I could hear. 

“Depends upon?” I interrupted, couldn't waiy. 

“Who has the control of this relationship. If your friend does, then you’ll be fine.”

I was drawing near and near to my friend’s place. My heart started to thudded. I couldn't stand straight as if my legs were softened by the nervousness. 

“Why?” I asked, feeling doubtful.

“If your friend has the control. He’ll be forgiven no matter what he did.” 

“OMG. I am always unlucky.” I was walking up the stairs, panting slightly. 

“No. You’ll be fine. Don’t talk nonsense. By the way, I will be going back to Singapore tomorrow. Hope I’ll see you there.”

I arrived at his home, in front of his gate precisely. No one opened the door. I texted him, asking him to open the doors. No sooner did I text him, I hear footsteps, louder and louder. And , I saw his silhouette. Finally his face. His nerdy face. 

“Hope I’ll see you in Singapore. I miss you so much.” I finished my sentence hastily. And he opened the door. 

“Sure sure… Don’t get too nervous. When you’re nervous, you speak in English. But this is Taiwan, speak in Chinese!.”

“Sure. See you. I have to go.” And I ended the call. 

“You can take a rest in my room. He’s not here.” 


“No. This place suits me.” I sat on the sofa in living room.

He watched TV. And I started to write this memoir. When I was writing the first few sentences of this memoir, my friend texted me and sent me a piece of new regarding Hong Kong politics which I saw Frank shared it on his Facebook.

I tried to talk to him about this issue. He asked for some information about One Country, Two System. And I answered. I was terribly delighted to talk to him. I bet everyone is happy, or elated, to talk to the one you love. After he listened to my explanation, he started to express his opinion. I adored his eloquence. I loved the way he looked at me when talking. I, also, loved the gesture when he was expressing his view. I always tell him that he is smart and cute. I always tell him that he speaks good English. At least he is better than many Taiwanese. At least, we could communicate in English.

Thinking of these, I was determined to write a letter to him. Nonetheless, I would never send it to him. The letter goes like this…


I shouldn't have been an interloper in your relationship. Some people can forbear themselves from loving a person. However, I am quite sure that I cannot, or I am reluctant to do so. People say it hurts when you cannot avoid yourself from loving a man who is not going to love you. Yes. I know it perfectly. But don’t forget, it hurts when you’re trying to control yourself too. It hurts either way. Therefore, I followed my heart, letting it leads me to somewhere. I don’t care if it will be a pleasant place or grotesque one.

I had been trying to convince myself that you don’t have a boyfriend. You tried to tell lie. I played back our conversation in my head. You just mentioned your boyfriend once. Maybe you want to bury your boyfriend because you love me. You want me to be your boyfriend. 

Belovedest, I relished every moment with you. Of course, I won’t make you breaking up with your boyfriend. But I do hope that I can meet you every day. If only I live in Taipei… Belovedest, I love you hug me abruptly… But my heart ached and sagged when I see you sending some kissing smileys to your boyfriend though I have no right to stop you. 

I love the way you rubbed my face with yours. Your face was so smooth. I, in addition, loved you burying your face in my shoulder. I loved your mustache prodding my neck. I loved your compliment to me, saying I am good at English, saying I am cute and handsome. I swooned every time I heard your compliments. I first met you in Taipei Main Station. I didn’t expect I would in love with you. But I am now incorrigibly in love with you. I don’t have the slightest idea on how to grapple with the truth. So, I decided to continue adoring you, loving you, having sex with you… 

Belovedest. I might not see you again after my visit in Taiwan, for you may well forget me soon. You have so many people who are interested in you. I am sure many of them are better then me. I just hope you remember me one day you scroll your phone, remembering our enjoyable time. Hope you find your time spent with me was enjoyable. 



“Ah yes. Please do not tell my boyfriend we had sex. I mean he said we could if I told him. But I forgot to tell him…” He was staring at the floor while I was looking into his eyes. Beyond doubt, he was guilty. He yanked me back to reality.

“Lemme open the door.” His roommate shouted. It was followed by a thunderous footstep — he was running towards the door. 

“Oh… He’s coming.” Frank said without much emotion. He then tapped my head. 

I saw a silhouette of a man. Not tall, slightly taller than me though. He was entering the flat. I was relieved and smiled in my heart after I scrutinized his details... 






© Copyright 2018 Ralph C.H.. All rights reserved.

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