Through the Mediterranean Basin to the Greek Mountains

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A trans-dimensional explorer, by the name of Fred Watson, is in a parallel earth where the sea level is 4,000 metres lower. He is taken on a tour of the Mediterranean Basin which is mostly dry chaparral. But will he finish his journey through the basin?

Submitted: June 18, 2016

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Submitted: June 17, 2016



I sat in the backseat of a dark blue Nissan as we travelled through the city of Funchal on the island of Madeira. I was sent by Columbus Warp to a parallel world where the sea level was 4,000 metres lower. In the front passenger seat was Debra O'brian's counterpart who worked for the local version of Columbus Warp.


Daniel Parlinga drove us through the capital. He was a local Madeiran whose ancestors were Portuguese. Now they had developed their own language and political independence. Daniel had dark slick backed hair with olive skin and a lanky build. He wore a white T-shirt, jeans and black leather boots.


"Here we are?" said Daniel "Madeira Harbour. Isn't she beautiful?"


"Sure is" replied Debra. Debra had short curly brown hair, short build and wore a mahogany skirt with a white shirt and sky blue sneakers.


The Republic of Madeira covered Madeira Island, south of the HorseShoe Mountain Peninsula which was part of Portugal. To the east of the HorseShoe Mountains was Ampeire Island. Funchal was at the foot of the Madeira Mountains.


We climbed out of the car and walked towards the ferry terminal where the security guard waited at the entrance. Daniel purchased the tickets to the ferry as we waited next to the world map.


In this parallel world the Atlantic Peninsula ran down the middle of the North Atlantic right to the equator. The large island of Atlantis ran down the middle of the South Atlantic with Ascension in the north, Tristan Da Cunha in the middle and Shona in the south. Between Atlantis and the Atlantic Peninsula was Romanche Island.


In the West Atlantic was the Nares Sea between the Atlantic Peninsula, North American Highlands and the Caribbean lakes; Brazil Sea was between Brazil and Ascension; and the Argentine Sea was surrounded by Argentina, Scotia, Uruguay and Shona. Rio Grande Island lay between the Argentine Sea and the Brazil Sea.


The South Atlantic contained Scotia Sea between Scotia and the Antarctic Highlands; Enderby Sea west of the Kerguelen Mountain Range; the Crozet Sea between Crozet and Kerguelen; Natal Sea between South Africa, Crozet and Madagascar Mountains; and Agulhas Sea between Crozet, South Africa and Atlantis. Maud Island was between Atlantis and Antarctica with Conrad Island south of Crozet Peninsula. Madagascar and Crozet were attached to Africa.

To the east of the African Highlands was the Madagascar Sea next to the Madagascar Mountains; Somali Sea north of the Mascarine Mountain Range; the Arab Sea between India, Oman, Yemen and Carlsberg; and the Indian Sea between India, Mascarine, Kerguelen and the Nighty East Mountain Range.


The Australian Highlands was surrounded by the West Australia Sea between West Australia, Nighty East Mountains and Indonesia; The Perth Sea; the South Australia Sea west of Mount Tasman; and the Tasman Sea between Australia and the New Zealand Empire. The Australian Antarctic Sea was between Australia and Antarctica. Broken Peninsula jutted out into Perth Sea.


There was the Pacific Ocean covering the northern hemisphere from the Japanese Mountains to the North American Highlands and the East Pacific Plains. The South Pacific Sea was surrounded by The New Zealand Empire, Tonga and the French Pacific Peninsula. The Southeast Pacific Sea was between Chile, Antarctica, the French Pacific Mountains and New Zealand Empire.


The East Atlantic consisted of the Cape Verde Sea between North West Africa, Europe and Atlantic Peninsula; Angola Sea between Africa, Atlantis and Walvis Mountain Range; and the Cape Sea between South Africa, Atlantic and Walvis. In the northern part of Cape Verde Sea was Monaco Sea surrounded by the Atlantic Peninsula and Europe. Biscay Gulf was bordered by Spain, France and the UK; and the Porcupine Sea between Atlantic Peninsula, Iceland and Ireland. Madeira and the Horseshoe Mountains was in the Monaco Sea.

"OK," said Daniel coming from the ticket booth "I've paid for the tags. You guys just need to tag on and tag off when we get to Morocco".

"OK," I replied, taking the tag off him "Thank you".


We tagged on before going through the turnstyle  and up the ramp onto the Trans Monaco Ferry.


"Welcome aboard," said the captain standing at the entrance. "Have a nice trip".


We went up the stairs onto the upper deck, out onto the front balcony and sat down at the seats. It was a wonderful view. I could see the entrance to the Funchal Harbour with Saint Maria Head on the north. It was a warm hot spring day. The seagulls squawked in the sky above. Madeira Island had a warm Mediterranean climate with the houses among the chaparral. The boat started up. We left the port and exited the Madeira Harbour heading east into the Seine Sea between Madeira and North Africa.


As we left the harbour I could see the African Continent on the horizon towards the east. Daniel told us that he was taking us on a trip to the Mediterranean Basin between the African and European Highlands. The Mediterrainean was considered part of the European continent in this universe.


We travelled towards the north alongside the coast of Morocco, passing the Essaouira Peninsula. Daniel showed me Mount Essaouira at the end of the peninsula. It was kind of round. The Moroccan coast was covered in dessert with a few trees on it. It was a spectacular site to behold. We travelled into the Gulf of Sienna, turning east towards the Kingdom of Morocco.


"Here we are," said Daniel "Rabat City. Welcome to Morocco".


Rabat City was situated in the Rabab Harbour on the shore of the Rharb Valley Region. I saw the hills in the distance with the African Highlands towering above them. We approached the ferry terminal. The ferry slowed down as they maneuvered it into the docking bay. We got up from our seats and went down the stairs to the lower deck where everybody waited at the exited. The captain opened the door and let us out down the ramp. We tagged off as we left the pier.


Crossing the road, we walked through the city centre with skyscrapers all around us. There were various shops like clothing stores, dairies, pubs and restaurants. In the middle of the CBD was a garden park. The city was full of Arabs.


"Rabat is such a splendid city," I said "Such a wonderful park. All this greenery".


"Do you like Moroccan food?" asked Daniel.


"I'd love some. Thanks".


We walked across the street to a Moroccan café where I purchased Moroccan lamb on rice with lettuce, cucumber and pumpkin. Debra had the chicken kabab while Daniel had fish. The lamb tasted warm and spicy with a little tang. It was a delicious meal and I had a little bread with it. Me and Daniel drank beer while Debra had wine.


Once we finished our meal Daniel asked "Shall we head off to the Mediterranean Basin?"


"Yes, I would like that very much" I replied.


We got up and walked down the street to the European Space Agency building where Daniel picked up a set of keys from the receptionist who had a nice smile on her face. He led us into the underground garage where he unlocked a jeep with the initials ESA written on it. He unlocked the jeep and we all climbed aboard.


We left the underground car park, going down the main street of Rabat and onto the motorway turning towards the northeast. We ended up going through the chaparral countryside, the highway turning to the east. We started to gain altitude. The highway was steep in some places, going through all the various towns. All the chaparral gave way to alpine vegetation.


Once we neared the Gibraltar Valley we came across a checkpoint with a red, yellow and red horizontal striped flag with the coat of arms between the pillars of Hercules.


"We are now entering the Kingdom of Spain," said Daniel "Which owns this part of the
Mediterranean". Daniel pulled up at the checkpoint and we showed the guard our passports. I had a New Zealand Passport off course. "This is Fred Watson, from parallel Earth 4KH".


"Ahh," replied the Spaniard guard "I've never met an alien before. I am so blessed to meet you, senora Watson".


"Pleasure is mine" I replied.


"Come right through". The guard smiled as they opened the gate. "Enjoy your trip through the Mediterranean. You'll find the borders are open between European Union countries".


Daniel drove through the barrier arm as we entered the narrow Gibraltar Valley between the African and European Highlands. I could spot the Highlands on either side of us, the step valley walls. We past a mountain and climbed to the top of a hill. Daniel parked us at the lookout where I could see the Mediterranean Basin below us.


I spotted the Italian Highlands on the horizon. The European Union covered the Mediterranean Basin, European Highlands and the Northeast Atlantic including Azores. The Arab League covered the North African Highlands and Middle East right down to the Arab Sea. We continued on our way, heading down again. There were a few depressions on our right with Europe to our left. Daniel drove alongside the Iberian Foothills.


Eventually we came across the city of Gibraltar close to Mount Gibraltar at the southern tip of the Iberian Highlands. The buildings were made of terracotta plaster and concrete. We went through the city centre. In this world Gibraltar was part of Spain. We pulled into a hotel where we unpacked our stuff. Then went out on the town.


Our host was King Felipe VI of Spain and he welcomed us to Gibraltar with open arms. "You will find your stay here splendid. I heard you were travelling through my kingdom".


"Thank you," I replied "Nice to be  here in this fine country".


Felipe was 48 years old with a medium build and a few gray hairs. He sat next to his wife, Queen Letizia Ortiz. She was a striking blonde with green eyes and aged 43 years old. She was so young. They were accompanied by their two daughters, Princess Leonor of Asturias, who was 10, and Infanta Sofia of Spain, aged 9. Two gorgeous blonde girls with long straight hair.

We sat down at the table and enjoyed some lamb, beef, potatoes, pumpkin, bread and spicy stir fry cabbage. We clinked glasses and told jokes. I mentioned to them that in our world Gibraltar is covered by the Mediterranean Sea.

After we had finished our dinner with wine and beers, we went out for a walk in the main street with the Spanish Royal Family. 

"That was a fine dinner," I said "thank you".


"Your welcome," replied Felipe "Such a pleasure having you here. Enjoy your trip through the rest of Spain. You should check out the Baleares Mountain Range".


"I'll make sure I do". I looked up at Mount Gibraltar on the horizon. 




The next day we left the city of Gibraltar and continued through the Mediterranean Basin, heading downhill. We went through the Alboran Basin past Mount Alboran on our left through a narrow canyon. The alpine gave way to chaparral vegetation with a few trees here and there. Daniel pointed out the Baleares Mountain range on the horizon to the left. Mount Ibiza, Mount Mallorca and Mount Minorca. We descended down the side of the valley. Heading northeast we travelled alongside the foothills of the Baleares Mountain Range attached to the Iberian Highlands.


Once past the Baleares Mountains, we crossed the border into the Republic of Italy. I spotted the red, white and green Italian flag flying alongside the border. In this world Italy covered the Sardinian Mountains, Sicilian Mountains, Tyrrhenian Basin, Italian Highlands and Adriatic Valley. France covered the Corsica Mountains, Ligurian Basin, French Highlands and the French Coast of Biscay Gulf.


Daniel pointed out the Sardinian Mountains straight ahead of us with the Corsican Mountains on the left. The highway bended towards the right and we went through the narrow valley between the Sardinian Mountains and the Tunisian Highlands, entering into the Tyrrhenian Basin and heading northeast towards the centre of Tyrrhenia. We drove through the plains of Tyrrhenia with tall mountains all around us. We eventually arrived at the city of Rome at the foot of Mount Vavilov in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Basin.


Rome was a spectacular city with all the old buildings that dated thousands of years, made up of brick and plaster. It was surrounded  by chaparral trees and had marvelous parks. As we drove through the city of Rome, Daniel pointed out the Colosseum which was a large abandoned stadium that the ancient Romans used for gladiator battles and chariot races. He showed us the Arch of Constantine next to the Colosseum, both relics of the Roman Empire. He showed us the Vatican City where the Pope resided. It had a huge obelisk in the middle of the courtyard.


Christianity had spread across the Mediterranean Basin to the European Highlands and the coasts of the Monaco Sea and Amundsen Sea in the middle of the Arctic. The Muslim Empire once ruled the Mediterranean but now Islam is restricted to the African Highlands, Middle East and South Asian Highlands.


He took us to a fancy restaurant where he parked the jeep in the front parking lot. We hopped out of the jeep, walked across the car park and entered the foyer of the restaurant where a couple of men waited for us.


"Fred, may I introduce you to my dear friends?" said Daniel "This is President Sergio Mattarella of the Republic of Italy".


"Nice to meet you" he said as we shook hands. Sergio was a handsome elderly man with short grey hair, blue eyes, strong build and an immaculate suit and blue tie. I would say he'd be in his mid seventies. 

"Are you married?" I asked.


"I was married. She died a few years ago".




"And this dashing young man standing next to me is my prime minister, Matteo Renzi".


"Oh, please," said Matteo "I'm not that young". Matteo was the same age as me with short black hair, medium build and a suit and tie.


"Pleased to meet you, Mr Prime Minister". We shook hands.


"Come right this way," said Sergio "I have booked a reservation for us".


We walked into the restaurant and sat down at the table talking about the countries in this region. The Adriatic Valley was occupied by Italy along the eastern slope of the Italian Highlands, Croatia in the northeast, Montenegro in the Adriatic Plains and Albania in southern entrance to the valley. A lot of the Eastern European countries were in the Highlands.


For dinner I had bacon carbonara, Debra had spaghetti bolognaise, Daniel had lasagna, Sergio had salmon with risotto and Matteo had margarita pizza. The pasta tasted rich and creamy. Once we had completed our dinner we went for a walk in the street, past the nightclubs and bars as we enjoyed the warm air. 




The next day we left Rome and Mount Vavilov behind us as we headed north towards the foothills of the Italian Highlands. The hills to the north looked very steep. The road weaved between the steep mountains and through the various valleys. We eventually climbed up a steep slope, the road turning left, until we climbed to the top of the foothills onto the Circeo Terrace. Chaparral gave way to alpine vegetation.


The road turned north. The Italian Highlands came into view, the alpine region giving way to snow and rock. We reached Anzio and headed north towards a green iron cabin where Rome would have been in our universe. We finally came to a stop. Daniel parked the Jeep.


"We go by helicopter over the mountains" said Sergio.


"OK" I replied.


We climbed out of the jeep, walked over to the helicopter that was parked next to the hut. As we climbed aboard the helicopter, Sergio introduced us to the helicopter pilot, Antonios DiCaprio. We hovered above the snow and took off towards the north. We flew over the Alpinine Mountains, covered entirely in snow. Jagard rocks here and three. It was a splendid site to behold. 


We zoomed over a high altitude lake in the basin and over more mountain peaks. We hovered over the eastern edge of the Highlands until we came to a depression where Venice would be in our world. We landed next to a corrugated iron cabin and climbed out of the helicopter.

"Thanks for the trip," I said "I really enjoyed it. It was fantastic".


"Nothing to it," replied Sergio. "I enjoyed taking you on a tour. It was nice having you in my country. Come inside. Have something warm to eat".

That night we had some spicy tomato soup with garlic bread and red wine.


"In my world," I said "Italy is a peninsula that sticks out into the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia are all islands. So is Malta".

"That's fascinating," replied Sergio "The differences between our worlds. Malta is a mountain in this world. Surrounded by the Maltese". 




We left the Venice Base in an army truck driven by Daniel off course. I saw the Adriatic Valley below us as we left the Venezia Basin. We descended down into the Valley of Venice, heading downhill towards the south, snow all around us. 


The first country we came to was the Republic of Croatia with their blue, white and red flag with red and white checkered coat of arms. We drove through the smooth plateau with the Italian Highlands to the right and the Balkan Highlands to the left. We zoomed along the top of the ridge between the two depressions known as the Mid-Adriatic Basins. The snow then gave way to Alpine vegetation again.


Then we entered Montenegro, heading downhill into the Adriatic Plains. There was the Montenegrin flag which was a red flag with a two headed eagle holding a septa and globe in its talons. Above its head was the crown and on its chest was a lion. We went through the chaparral forests, passing  villagers with sheep. I saw olive trees on either side of us. We headed uphill again into the canyon when we entered Albania. Their flag showed a black two headed bird on a red background.


The canyon walls were on either side of us. Daniel explained that Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary and Macedonia were on the Balkan Highlands while Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine were in the Black Basin.


We headed downhill again, finally entering Greece with its dark blue and white striped flag with a white cross on a blue Canton.


"Greece" said Daniel. We entered the alpine region which quickly gave way to Chaparral. Greece covered the Ionian Basin, the Greek Highlands, the Peloponnesian Highlands, Aegen Valley, Greek Mountains, Crete Mountain Range and Mount Rhodes.


We descended into the Hellenic Valley, covered in hills and mountains. It was a highly Mountainous region. Daniel turned north and we finally arrived at Lake Athens south of the Peloponnese. There were trees along the side of the lake and soft sandy beaches. Daniel drove us along southern shore of the lake until we came to the city.


"Welcome to Athens," said Daniel "Capital of the Greek Republic".


We went through the residential part of the city and through the Athens City Centre with all the skyscrapers. I spotted the Parthenon on one of the hills in the distance close to the beach as we drove along the shore. We turned left into the parking lot next to a restaurant at a beach. Daniel switched off the engine. We climbed out of the car.  A couple of men walked up to us at the beach.


"Fred," said Daniel "I would like to introduce you to President Prokopis Pavlopoulos of the Greek Republic"


"How do you do?" said Prokopis with a smile. Prokopis appeared to be in his mid sixties with a strong build and hair as white as snow.


"I'm good. Thank you" I said.


"This is my prime minister, Alexis Tsipras" said Prokopis.


"Hi" said Alexis with a wave. We shook hands. He was about the same age as me with a medium build, black hair and brown eyes. "Should we take a swim, perhaps?"


"Yeah. That would be splendid. I do need to cool down a bit".


We got into the golden yellow changing sheds and changed into our togs. I wore the dark blue and sky blue togs. We then came out of the changing sheds and waded into the water. I dove into the water and we swam. The water felt nice and cool against my skin. Debra splashed me so I splashed her back. We bobbed up and down in the water. We swam towards one of the rocks, then back again.


Once we had finished cooling down, we came out of the water, dried ourselves off and got back into our clothes. We walked along the beach. I could feel the nice soft sand beneath my toes. We waded out into the water, feeling the cool water splash against my feet. Debra placed her right arm around my waist. I turned and looked into her eyes. Then placed my arms around her waist and kissed her on the lips. We French kissed for a while, then pulled back and continued walking along the beach, looking at the sunset on the horizon as the sun disappeared behind the hill.


"Isn't it beautiful?" said Debra with a smile on her face.


"Yeah. It's amazing," I replied "Look at the clouds. Amazing colour that is". The clouds had an orange tinge to it.


"Come on," said Alexis "Let's eat".


"Yes. I'm starving" I said.


We waded out of the water, put on our shoes apart from Debra who remained barefoot. We stepped into the restaurant and ordered our food. We had calamari, Greek salad, Macedonian salad, feta cheese, lamb. The others had kalamata olives, but I despise olives. I think they're gross. We had beers with our dinner.


After that we got up from the table, danced to some traditional Greek music and had a wonderful time. My heart was racing as we danced around in a circle holding hands. After that we were puffed. I pulled Debra close to me and kissed her on the lips. Her lips felt soft against mine.



Later that night me and Debra sat beneath the tree, looking out at the lake. She rested her head against my chest as I wrapped my arm around her shoulder.


"It's a wonderful night, Debra".


"Yes it is, honey. It's magical. Greece is such a beautiful country," Debra looked up at me. "We can't complete our journey through the basin. It's too dangerous to go to Syria".


I looked at Debra and said "Syria is in the basin?"


Debra nodded. "Syria is between the Arabian Highlands and Mount Cypress. To the south of Syria is Lebanon and Israel. Turkey covers an area north and east of Cyprus, the Turkic Highlands and the southern part of the Black Basin. Syria is having a civil war at the moment so I was thinking …" Debra moved her hair out of her face. "Maybe we go north up the Aegean Valley to Istanbul which is in the Marmara Denizi Basin".


"Yeah," I replied "Sounds like a plan. So I take it you have ISIS there?"


Again Debra nodded. "Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia are in the Highlands. Yemen and Oman are on the eastern coast of the Arab Sea".


Debra crawled on top of me and kissed me on the lips as she placed her hand down my shorts and rubbed my dick. My dick felt erect. It was a pleasant experience. I then rolled over on top of her and entered her pussy which felt warm and moist. I continued kissing her as we fucked. 




The next day me and Debra said our last goodbye to Alexis and Prokopis. Debra turned to Daniel and said "Well … thank you for showing Fred around the Mediterranean Basin. Pity we couldn't go to Syria because of the situation with ISIS, but …" Debra looked at the ground. She wore a white buttoned shirt, brown skirt and jandals. She looked up at Daniel again. "It's for his own safety".


"I understand," replied Daniel. He looked at me and said "Hope you enjoyed your trip around the Mediterranean. It was nice meeting you".


"Same to you," I said "In my world, you would need a ship to travel around the Mediterranean". Debra and the three men laughed. "But I enjoyed my trip. I really appreciate you showing me around and giving me a great time. I appreciate it. Thank you".

"That's ok" said Daniel.


"Enjoy your visit to the rest of the world," said Prokopis. "So you'll be heading to Asia next. Be safe. Look after yourself".


Debra hugged the three men and I simply shook their hands. They said goodbye to us and waved to us as me and Debra walked towards the helicopter and climbed aboard. 


"Head into the Aegean Valley" said Debra to the helicopter pilot.


The pilot complied and we took off towards the north. We left the Athens International Airport and flew between the Greek Highlands and Crete Mountain Range. As we headed up the Aegean Valley Debra pointed out the Greek Mountains. The mountains were capped with snow. Debra showed me the Turkic Highlands towards the east which was covered with snow and rock. We went through the Cyclades Mountains and past Mount Skyros on the left, banking towards the narrow Dardanelles Valley towards the north east as we headed to Turkey.


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