In Between

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Everyone say that there's a monster in the closet. What if there's one in the gap between the closet and the wall?

A/N: On the cover I know it looks like a door, but I swear it's a closet:)

Submitted: June 18, 2016

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Submitted: June 18, 2016



“I’m finally done!” I jumped on my bed, and the softness of the sheets lured me to sleep. I moved to a new apartment and being finally done cleaning and designing my new home left me more than tired. Being a big perfectionist only one thing bothered me about my room, the place where the closet stood. The wall had a socket; it prevented the closet from standing side by side with the wall. Therefore, creating a gap. It ticked me off, but I was too lazy to move the closet again.

I decided to take a shower and go to sleep. It took some time to figure out how to use the shower, but when the water rained down on my skin, it felt heavenly. My fatigue started to melt away and the warm water made me even sleepier.

When I finished the shower, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around myself. After drying my hair, I changed into my pajamas and brushed my teeth. “I’m never moving again,” I said, my voice quiet from exhaustion.

After I climbed under my sheets, all sleep left me. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t sleep. Therefore, I decided to look around my room a little and listen to the sounds. Even though it was my room, it felt unfamiliar. The ticking of the clock was missing, the items and furniture were in new places. It was like, this was my room, but at the same time, it wasn’t.

Soon, my eyes got used to the dark and I looked at the gap between the wall and the closet that bothered me so much. I noticed that when there was light in the room, it bothered me. However, now it looked like a void, somehow, I felt uneasy. Sometimes, I would imagine that a monster hid in that abyss. “This is ridiculous!” I exclaimed with my hands in the air. “It isn’t ridiculous,” I heard a low, hoarse whisper coming from the direction of the closet.

My chest was rising up and down, my eyes looked like giant coins and my mouth was hanging a little bit open as I looked in the gap. Time seemed to flow slower as I stared into the dark and hollow eyes. My heartbeat rang in my ears as a large, black hand with pointy fingers wrapped around the edge of the closet. My breathing became louder as I outlined the figure, which was slightly darker than the nothingness of the gap.

I tried pinching myself to see if it was a dream, it wasn’t. It was reality. The thing’s voice echoed in my mind, as if on replay. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like screaming for help, but I was so scared that I couldn’t move, much less talk. I kept staring and denying the truth.

As time passed, I could see the shape more clearly. It looked human, with the exception of larger hands with pointier fingers and two holes instead of eyes. The air became denser and somehow awkward. The creature could speak and I could too. Yet, no one said a thing we just stared. He gazed into my hazel brown eyes and almost begged me to come to him.

I couldn’t sleep for some time now. During the day I took naps, but at night the creature would appear and he would keep me awake by talking, staring and moving in the gap. His voice became more familiar and his features became clearer. The once great fear, turned into anxiety and then insomnia. Black circles under my eyes became darker and my performance at work dropped.

I thought of ways to get rid of that thing that lived in the gap. Soon, I decided to move the closet. It took me around a day to move the closet and soon, the gap was gone. I was relieved to see nothing on the wall or on the behind of the closet.

The following evening was the same, dinner, a shower, brushing my teeth, nothing unusual. I changed into my pajamas and turned off the light. Before climbing under my sheets, I stared at the place where the gap used to be and waited for the creature to show up. It didn’t.

It was gone and I laughed victoriously. My eyelids felt heavy and sleep whispered in my ear. I slowly walked over to my bed and fell into its embrace.

My muscles relaxed and I started to slip into slumber. This is something I will definitely tell my grandkids, I thought. I was an inch away from the world of dreams as a feeling of an abnormally large hand on my shoulder brought me back to reality.  

“Thanks for moving the closet.”

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