Passion For Wisdom

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This description is given for your interpretation how you may relate wisdom with choices you seek whomsoever you are. If this creation ever make something awesome blessed for all, I pray those days delight this happiness you are born into our world making everyday better for all. I hope the passion for this wisdom sprout many knowledge seeds that awake your very being as human on this planet. Thanks. :)

Submitted: June 18, 2016

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Submitted: June 18, 2016



Let more than our identity in your existence,

Tells who you are appeals naturalness in all benefits we continue to live in this nourished seed of life,

If this contentment never dies in the dying days that continue forever,

Can gratitude of deserviness giveaway our existence in your heart?

When your blessing towards healthy life gives who is the master of essence nurturing non-attachment,

If we feel these rituals are always presentable,

Can this equanimity faster than one's thought within your mind,

Travel where the beauty of this natural garden,

Giving us a unique purpose ashamed of our understanding towards the path to enlightment,

Where who follows the ends of energy living within,

Those leave us to live life each moment fully no death can strike its interrelated events each influencing the other,

When your good orator of this deliverance cannot be fooled by smooth talk,

When you give this master for describing prosperity,

When this alchemist turn defeat into hope for all seekers,

Let us light our days with passion of wisdom within,

Your entitled belief and standpoint knows scaricity of its composure established in an absolute truth,

This ultimate knowledge you seek endeavor the test of supreme spiritual meditation,

If detachment fill its fawls living amongst admist chaos towards physical form of temptation,

This remains with us immaculately never be pruned into the wicked branch of death where nowhere it ends,

Stories tell us happiness write something no wealth may restore our home,

If you disappear undisturbed in the order of the natural course of life,

One's age itself is a blessing cherished in the ancient wisdom of this esteemed discourse,

More faded into the days you live now,

Blindly following unforgotten in this ritual continues thinking about their orgin and significance,

You mediatate on pillars that has been for our foundation,

When your teacher walked on this street far away pondered in no possessions our senses percieved death,

Any challenge like death cannot cripple God's way of strengthening our struggles in this life,

If you are a better and more glorious person emerged in this wings of positive energy,

When struggles and obstacles in this life make us strong,

Mother Nature's way of menacing any situation fearlessly encounter what we need to emanate in discipline of life,

When enemy is not hunted for expecting any gratitute but in maintaining a balance in life,

You cannot say spiritual path suffers from the same emotional need,

Here your enemy is for the epitome of perfection inspiring reassurance of self-satisfication,

When humanity select imperfection each need aware of the part we play wherein being human,

Our personality responds for reasons of acceptance where seasons empathize wish of deficient friendship life look beautifull towards undending peace,

If we fall away from wealth, power and position through history all ages seen incident for making a great moral story of yours,

For this strange and unfathomable ways of Almighty only happens for good,

How will you appreciate unfavourable things thrown into life without its wisdom granting the question where we exist in the rainbow of this natural divine phenomena of all life is a miracle?

Finding touched in this Nature's wisdom creation live around the throns of a deeper meaning of its flower,

Our story shows knowledge leads for the home where reaching universe conspires many answers we seek how important is this message for your ignorance,

If you are one traveller in the long journey through the ultimate paradox of human life,

What mask will you wear for all the material possession being around an unending soul lasting beyond eternity till our understanding pervades this universe we step closer in many attachment of form bringing closer the life that force in touch with these,

If the mind as its image we see through mirages on this mirror,

The body like own personalities chops its position through mythological magical creation on this window,

Finally the self of soul as most beneficient explain an interpretation how we reinvent what we seek in this life,

Through this divine nectar we enthral complete silence stronger and more dramatic as the darkness disappear interpreting what light may fall for a shade,

When the entire creation is sleeping through this dream,

Do you witness how you can guide everyone cultivating the right attitude much in a deeper meaning creating right answers how small may be the true mystery of this existence?

This inner self unlock where it get lost in eternal rituals without our true identity of being a body and mind,

If we understand this true self of all absorption our time will grow preconcieved when we keep our mind open and get rid of all ego that make learning endlessly possible,

When this action completes all lesson from practice,

Can any true burglary of our identity be lost in peaceful coexistence our kings from different faiths and traditions show how we illustrate harmonious earnings in this life?

If you fulfill this promise if you dont have one,

I ask may we provide forgiveness as the common bond of humanity,

Ahead this may rehabilitate all beyond differences of religion, race and culture in sharing bounds of love, joy, peace and happiness in everyone's heart for our awesome acceptance in any existence,

Let us let live this passion of wisdom in our days ahead on this Earth... :)

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