Astral war

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This story goes through life of some who has figured out his meaning in life.

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astral war

Submitted: June 18, 2016

research astral projection first :) this is a gripping and exciting story I feel I could be an up and coming story writer. I am reading this a woman I am seeing at the moment it has a lot of personal believes and imaginative writing of imagination and life time experiences read on and enjoy don't be afraid to skip a few paragraphs or scan read through it. You will either understand and step back or think what the fuck this guys crazy. Well yeah maybe to the eyes of some people but nah if you understand pure imagination and deep thoughts you will love this wonder through events witch have happened to people and true information on astral projection and near death experiences. Do to be afraid to message me add me and tell me your views maybe I will add them to the story with your permission. Drugs are a big influence on my writing but I am not a drug addict I am experimental and open minded. I take drugs to open my mind up and experience what I believe I meant to be experienced in life. Do not think that to have this sort of dream and mind power you have to take drugs. This state of mind is reached with no nor optics just pure phycological mind will to understand the other side to the human body mind and SOUL. You may compare you life to mine well great but keep it in the mind and enjoy the wonders of the human imagination each to there own. Seriously college writting courses are not needed you write from the comfort of your environment and people you are with. Try it write your thoughts down and create lets here every your mind has to say.
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