The Confectionery Dragon

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A young monk enters the edge of some woods and meets a hungry dragon. What could happen that has not happened before?

Submitted: June 18, 2016

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Submitted: June 18, 2016




A young traveler was entering the Splintered Woods, an area of this forest that sports treacherous landscapes, harsh winds, and few trees.

Suddenly the young traveler heard a voice call out from a nearby cave.


"Silver or Gold means nothing to me,

No jewelry, trinkets, or treasures. You See?

Give me something to eat that I've never had,

Something quite different would make me so glad.

I am the Dastardly Dragon and I guard all the trails,

My grip is like a vice and my teeth are like nails.

If you wish to pass by, then feed me my due,

And I'll give you safe passage all the way through;

But if you do not, then there's not much to say,

My lunch, you will be, and my evening entree."

The traveler, a young Monk from a nearby Monastery, looked around and saw no-one. So the Monk called out, "Who threatens a servant of God, a monk on a mission for the Monastery at Glaxo? Show yourself, or be silent with your threats!"

Soon, a stately looking dragon flew from its cave in a very dramatic and round-about fashion, and then it presented itself to the Monk.

After seeing the creature’s great size, the monk decided to feed it. However, the question was, did the monk have something to eat that the dragon had never had before?

"I must beg your pardon, fearsome dragon, I am known as Saul and I am from the Monastery at Glaxo. I am one of forty Monks that serve God at that Monastery. How might I address you?"

"I am Tri, third dragon of The Splintered Woods,” the dragon explained.

"Well, Tri, I have some Hard-Tack. Would you like to try that?" Saul asked.

Tri frowned ever so slightly and then said,

"Hard-Tack is fine, but I've had that before.

I want something different, so don't be a bore!"

"Well, how about some Oat-Bread and slices of Goat-cheese? They are the best that I've ever eaten," Saul exclaimed.

Tri made a growling sound and replied,

"Oat-Bread makes me bloated and Goat-cheese turns my tummy.

I want something new, different, and yummy!"

Saul thought for a moment and asked, "Do you always speak in rhyme?"

Tri laughed and said, "Why no, actually, I am taking drama lessons at the Old Wizard's Theater and I was told that it sometimes heightened the suspense of the moment. What do you think?"

"I don't know, it's not working for me. I find it distracting unless the entire dialog is in rhyme, but that could just be the way I read it. Why don’t you try some standard dialog for a few sentences and see how that plays out?" Saul said with a smile.

Oh, OK! Tri happily replied.

Then Saul continued, "I'm very sorry Tri, I came unprepared. Had I known that I would be required to feed someone, other than myself, then I would have brought a broader array of foods; as it happens, I have very little with me."

Tri scratched its spinney head with the tip of it's tail, scowled with exceeding drama, then he replied, "Well what else do you have on your person? If you have something tasty, then I might be willing to be lenient, this time!

How was That?."

Saul smiled and said, "Oh that was much better, see, you didn't need the rhyme at all. The Scowl did the trick and that scratching your head thing that you did, well, that just added the right amount of accent to the whole scene."

Tri replied, "I have to admit that it all felt so right. I think that I will stay with it for now, thanks.

Now, what about the food, I was serious you know?"

"Oh, I had no doubt that you were serious Tri, and not for a moment did I think that you were just reading lines. No, I was fearfully looking in my pockets, all the while," Saul admitted.

I do think that I may have found something here that might find favor with you." Then Saul asked, "Have you ever had a cookie?"

Tri scratched its head again, and said, "I don't know. What does a cookie look like?" 

Saul removed a napkin from his pouch and unfolded it. There in the napkin were six short-bread sugar-cookies. And when the light hit the tops of the cookies, the sugar granules sparkled.

"Are those tiny loaves of bread," Questioned Tri?

"No, they are not bread, they are cookies. Here, try one and see what you think?" Saul prompted.

Tri sniffed at the cookies and it seemed that he sniffed too hard, for one of the cookies lifted from the napkin and went straight into his nose. Before Saul could say anything, Tri sniffed another, and then another.

"Oh, those are so good!" Tri exclaimed, while sucking in another cookie.

"Ah, maybe you should eat one with your mouth," Saul cautioned.

"Oh, don't be silly;" quipped Tri, "Small items are best sampled in this manner. This way I do not inadvertently burn them with my hot breath, these are just slightly warmed and I think that I like them warm."

Right after Tri finished the last cookie he formed a very serious look on his face, and he began to think.

Saul wasn't sure what the dragon was thinking about, but Saul made himself ready just in case that the dragon did not keep his promise to let Saul pass.

Suddenly, Tri asked a question. "You are from the Monastery at Glaxo, is that right?"

"Yes," was the answer.

Tri questioned again, "Glaxo is a good distance and you are going away from it. Where are you going?"

"I travel to the hillsides of Urey to gather spices and herbs for the spirits that we brew at Glaxo," Saul explained.

This year is the first year that I am making the journey, the head monk sent me because I am the youngest and very strong. I will gather all the spices and herbs that I can carry and return them to the Monastery." 

"Can you make more of those Cookies?" asked Tri.

"Oh yes, we can bake many different kinds too," explained Saul in a bragging tone.

"How many kinds of cookies are there?" Tri inquired.

"Oh, I don't know for sure, maybe a dozen, or even more." Saul boasted.

"And how do you make cookies," Was the dragon's next inquiry?

Saul thought for a moment and replied, "We add some flour and water and eggs, then we mix those with other things like milk, butter, cinnamon, sugar, honey. Sometimes we add raisins, wild berries, and maybe chocolate, if we have any chocolate. Then we bake them in an oven until they are cooked just right. Cookies are even more wonderful when they first come out of the oven, all warm and a little gooey."

"That sound delicious," the dragon replied.

Saul sighed and exclaimed, "They are delicious."

"Could I make cookies?" Tri questioned.

"Hmm," Saul thought out load, "I don't think you could handle the mixing bowls and the ingredients, you might need human hands to do that, but you could sure fire an oven!" Saul said as he laughed.

"An oven, what is an oven," Inquired the dragon?

Saul explained to Tri all about ovens, about how the monks had to cut down trees and cut them up to burn them in the ovens. He explained to the dragon all about the hard work that had to be done just to get their ovens hot enough to cook and to bake with. It was not easy feeding forty hungry monks.


That conversation happened several years ago, but now things are different.

Yes, things have changed at the Monastery, and changed for the better at the nearby village too; so everyone says.

The villagers don't seem to mind having a dragon flying around at all hours. After all, this dragon brings a lot of tourists to the area; And as the saying goes, "Where tourists gather, money is made."

All the craft-shops in town now sell dragons stuff of all kinds.

There are Bed and Breakfasts around the village area and some trendy little cafes, coffee shops, and ice-cream-cookie bars at mid-village.

Someone set-up a Zip-line that goes from the village bell-tower and it ends very close to the Monastery gates; they call it "Dragons Flight".

The monks had to increase their spirits production and they printed a new label with the dragon on the face; very classy. 

Yes, these days Tri provides heat to the ovens, warms the water vats for cleaning and bathing, and is the all around fire generator for the Monastery and the nearby village. And his flights in the skies above Glaxo keep the tourists amazed and very happy.

Still, once a year Tri manages to find time to fly Saul to and from the hillsides of Urey. That is where they gather spices and herbs for the spirits that the monks brew.


What does Tri get for all his hard work?

COOKIES, of course, lots and lots of Cookies!

Tri gets to sample other baked goods too, cakes, pies, cup-cakes, do-nuts, and any of the breads that he likes. Tri is the official bakery sampler for the Village and the Parish, and he takes his job very seriously.

The Village people were going to call Tri, "The Cookie Monster," but that name has been taken; so the name, "Confectionery Dragon," will just have to do.


D. Thurmond / JEF  ---  06-15-2016


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