Politically Correct Behavior in the Restaurant

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Sometimes bad things are said in restaurants.

Submitted: June 18, 2016

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Submitted: June 18, 2016



Politically Correct Behavior in the Restaurant

By Shadowgate


36 year old Monica Billard pulled up in the parking lot of the Lin Dom Restaurant.

She along with her eight year old son Andrew got out of the car and Monica said Andrew I want you to watch what you say and do in the restaurant."

Andrew said "well you're the one who always says and does embarrassing things in the restaurant."

Monica asked "when do I ever do that?"

Andrew answered "okay maybe it was just that one time."

Monica asked "what time exactly was that?"

Andrew answered "that time at the cafeteria you ended up losing your best friend."

Monica said "I remember that night when I was on the phone with her. When I went to visit her and saw her grandmother my suspicion turned out to be right. When my best friend let me into her house her grandma screamed "THAT'S HER" and I immediately responded "YOU GOT INTO MY FACE AND PERSONAL BUSINESS FIRST!"

Andrew said "and then your best friend said 'I knew it was you based on the description she gave me of you and your kid' and you stormed out no longer best friends with her."

Monica said "I must have told everyone that story."

Andrew said "well that old lady was being a bitch."

Monica said "yes and I'm not sorry I hit her but do watch your mouth in this Chinese Restaurant."

Andrew asked "well of course mom I won't say 'they all look alike to me' like Grandpa did'. However I don't believe he ever called them chinks like you believe he did."

Monica said "alright now that's enough watch your mouth. We're going into the restaurant and I expect mature behavior in the restaurant."

Andrew replied "you want politically correct behavior in the restaurant."

Monica said "well if watching your mouth is being PC then do that."

When they enter the restaurant they come across Derrek Billard and Andrew said "DAD!"

Derrek said "oh what a surprise meeting you two here."

Monica said "the day has been full of surprises."

Derrek replied "sorry to hear that I know you hate surprises."

Derrek left since he'd already eaten his dinner.

When they sat down they ordered and so far everything seemed okay.

15 minutes after they ordered their food an angry man stood up and yelled "YOU MOTHERFUCKING CHINKS ALWAYS FUCK UP MY ORDER!"

The waitress became angry and threw the chow on him.

He started screaming and two police officers who were sitting in the restaurant arrested him for disorderly conduct.

As Monica and Andrew walked to the car after dinner Andrew said "that son of a bitch in there sure wasn't politically correct."




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