The Immigrant Story

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Inspired by the Led Zeppelin Song The Immigrant Song.

Submitted: June 18, 2016

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Submitted: June 18, 2016



The Immigrant Story

By Shadowgate

Jay Trunk and his buddies got together for a weekend of sailing of the GA beach docks. It was a beautiful Saturday morning.

He called up his four friends from work.

Reginald Valley

Canton Vern

David Cotton

Michael Data

At 10 AM they hit the sea. Reginald brought his IPAD along and played the Led Zeppelin hit The Immigrant Song. Reginald joked "hey imagine if we end up in some foreign land that's never been discovered before? We'll be the first immigrants there."

David replied "well I hope they have Budweiser if we do."

Michael and Canton cheered.

They sailed off the coast. One hour later Canton said "alright let's turn back. We've been out here for an hour."

Jay commented "does anyone else want to take the wheel? I want to have my old fashioned bottle of rum."

Canton said "I just had one beer an hour ago I think I'm sober enough."

Reginald said "hey Captain Jay since you mentioned you had a bottle of rum here's a song by Mercyful Fate called 15 Men and a Bottle of Rum."

The other three crew members laughed but Jay seemed startled.

Reginald began playing the song.

Canton took the wheel and turned the boat around.

As the song began to play David, Michael and Jay had looks of horror on their face.

Michael said "I've never heard this song before have you Reginald?"

Reginald paused the song and said "oh yes I love Mercyful Fate."

Jay said "well I do to but this song might not be appropriate for a boat ride."

David commented "no shit!"

30 minutes later the wind was not just a breeze and there was no sunlight.

Canton said "shit I hope we don't end up in that Bermuda Triangle."

Lightning began coming down.

Suddenly the ocean began to take control of the boat. The waves started splashing the men big time. The boat began swerving.

30 minutes later they crashed on to an island.

When the men come to their senses and get off the boat they see large animals. Canton said "we're just like modern day Vikings. We found a new island and no doubt we're in a part of the Bermuda Triangle."

They heard a loud growl from a distance.

David said "do you think we're going to see dragons?"

Jay said "Goddamn it I know none of us graduated high school but dragons don't exist."

Then they saw a T-Rex.

All the men smiled at their big discovery of a new land that was also pre-historic.

The End



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