The Protector

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The teddy bear does the best he can to protect the little girl he is assigned to, but is it enough?

Submitted: June 18, 2016

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Submitted: June 18, 2016



The Protector

Thomas Burke

I was given to my human on the day of her birth. I had looked forward to this day since the day of my creation. I had also dreaded it. I knew that this would put a huge amount of responsibility on me. My human’s name is Lily. She gave me the name Mr. Snuggles-- very cliche, I know-- but I can’t help it. I am very fond of her, and she was fond of me, until one fateful day. But that’s not where our story begins. It begins long before then, for you must get to know both Lily, and me.

The day that Lily was born was a good day for me. I was sitting in the store, waiting to be assigned to a human. Finally, I was chosen by an adult. Teddy Bears do not protect adults. The Creatures at night aren’t interested in them. By then their brains are too developed for them to be manipulated. The Creatures only go after the children, and so all the Teddy Bears are trained to protect them, and convince them to keep us, until they are older. When I saw the adult pick me up, I was filled with sadness, this meant that I would only sit there, not needing to protect anyone, only being decoration. Now as I look back, I can only wish that that would’ve happened.

The adult soon went to the hospital, I was kept in a bag, covered by brightly colored paper. After  what felt like forever, I was lifted out of the bag and held high. Everyone ooed and ahed, I held perfectly still, just like I was trained, and saw that I would be protecting a young child. I was then covered again, and was not able to see much. We left the hospital and moved to Lily’s home, although at that time I didn’t know her name. I was set down on a bookshelf in her room, a room with almost no decoration. However, the walls were soon covered with memorabilia. Drawings that she had made, other toys that she collected; they were not Teddy Bears, and so were lifeless.

That first night was almost the worst I have ever gone through. The first night normally is. Lily was visited by many different Creatures that night, and it was my job to fight them off, and I did. Creatures of the night are entirely black, you can only tell they’re there if you look very hard for them. Teddy Bears are trained to find them, and fight them off. I was one of the top in all my training classes, I was ready for this night. The first Creature came looming into the room. It didn’t try very hard to hide and was very easy to sneak up on. I silently stood behind it. I watched as it stared at Lily, I suddenly felt very protective of her. I quickly lunged up and snapped its neck. The Creature silently faded to nothingness. I moved back to my shelf, only to quickly rise again as another Creature was already over her crib. I moved into position, and ended its life the same way as the other. This isn’t the only way to kill a Creature, but it is the quickest and the easiest.

I fought my way through the night, and waited out the day. Waiting for my next chance to protect Lily from the Creatures. The next several nights were all very similar, although, they gradually got easier. Fewer and fewer Creatures would visit a night. Then only one would come a night. Things were nice during these times. Lily and I had several adventures together.

Around this time she was 5 and going to kindergarten. My days were lonely, but I spent them training, to make sure I was able to protect Lily at all times. Whenever Lily came home, I would be sitting on my shelf waiting for her, and I would spend the rest of the day with her. Then at night if she was scared I would lay in bed with her, but if she wasn’t I would sit on my shelf, waiting for the Creatures.

One day Lily begged and begged her parents, and they quickly gave in and let her bring me to kindergarten with her. I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea. Lily had taken other toys and lost them, or given them away for other things. I knew I couldn’t let that happen to me. I didn’t think that Lily would do that to her Mr. Snuggles, but I couldn’t be sure, so I was nervous. We got on the bus and people were giving Lily weird looks. Then I saw them glancing at me too. I soon figured that most children didn’t bring their Teddy Bears to school. Throughout the day people kept treating her differently than everyone else. They were being very rude. If I hadn’t known better I might’ve flown up and snapped one of their necks, but I had been trained not to ever move in sight of a human.

Later in the day Lily took me to her bookbag and left me there. I was stuffed inside and couldn’t see anything. I could tell she was very upset. I tried to comfort her, but she seemed so distant. I sat there for the rest of the day, in complete darkness, with very little air. On the bus, she left me in her bag and didn’t take me out. At home she only took me out to show her parents that she still had me. Then she took me and set me on my shelf.

I wanted to play with her like we always did, but she walked away and left me there. I sat there waiting for the night, so I could protect her. I hoped that that would somehow prove to her that I cared about her and that was all that mattered. I waited for that night. Ready to prove how much I cared for her, but when the night came, I was not prepared.

Tonight was a New Moon, darker than normal, and I was on edge. I knew that I couldn’t let a single Creature slip by, or it could ruin her entire life. I sat staring at the window, waiting for a Creature to appear. Suddenly movement from Lily’s bed caught my eye. I looked over just in time to see a small Creature hover over Lily, and then slowly sink into her. I ran over, tried to stop it from happening, but all the signs were there. Her eyes were tightly sealed to the world, her hands clenched into fists. Lily’s entire body was stiff and rigid. I knew it was too late and I could only watch as her brain was slowly darkened and corrupted by the Creature.

I knew I had failed. I sagged back into my spot on the shelf. Lily’s body had relaxed and she had returned to peacefully sleeping. The damage had been done and there was nothing else I could do. I sat and waited out the night. Dreading what would happen the next day.

.  .  .

In the morning the first thing Lily did was get up and come stare at me. She almost had a look of disgust in her eyes. I knew that this would not end well. When her parents came to get her she told them that she was tired of me and had other things she wanted to put on her shelf. Lily’s mom told her she could put other things on the shelves, and took me from the room. She didn’t want to get rid of me and so set me down in her room until she found somewhere else.

The day slowly went by and things were ok, almost normal. Lily just seemed slightly off. Later that night is when everything went south. Once Lily’s mom and dad were asleep, I heard her get out of bed, and sneak down the stairs. She moved around down there and soon returned up the stairs. However, she didn’t return to her room, instead she came into her parents’. I had been trained not to move in this situation, so I didn’t. Oh how I wish I had. From my vantage point I could see everything, except for Lily’s face. I watched as her dark form slowly approached the end of the bed. Her arm raised, and was held parallel to her body, not quivering an inch.

Suddenly a loud BANG filled the room. Lily had found her father’s gun. She had fired it and killed her mother. Her father, quickly sat up, startled by the loud noise. “What . . . what’s going on?” He slowly asked, rubbing sleep from his eyes, he soon found the silhouette of his daughter standing there, “Sweetie, what are you doing here? Go back to sleep.”

Lily stood there, stared at him. He noticed her hand, held out, pointing at him. Slowly he saw the shape of the gun, “Goodnight, daddy. Sleep tight,” was her only response, and the last words her dad would ever hear.

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