Master/Slave Mentality

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An article about the master/slave mentality shaping the ways of life in this reality. And also an article about occult powers and how I use them.

Submitted: June 18, 2016

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Submitted: June 18, 2016



It's terrible...

Reading up on dark occultism on the net and hearing the same things I have come to conclude myself. That we live in a reality-construct where one can choose (among other things) to be a controller or being controlled. Being controlled means submitting to false spirituality and other systems of control on this planet.

One can also choose to be a controller. That is gaining occult knowledge to succeed on one's own and using these powers to control other's for one's own selfish gains.

That is what I always have been warning about.

But it's not occult knowledge in itself that is the problem but the master/slave mentality.

One can use occult powers to any means, to any end. The mistake of certain "enlightened" Christians is that they have seen the degenerative path of the interconnected occult societies and therefore concluded that everything "occult" is evil and that is has to be abolished.

What they don't know is that the occult powers of the controlling elite are using religions exactly such as Christianity to gain their power. And they also don't know that one can use the exact same powers to work for the benefit of others.

I have written about my own path of darkness endlessly as it is an everlasting passion. But my "darkness" is not about being a controller or being controlled. It's about personal liberation. Gaining knowledge of the occult universe to become a god in one's own right. It is truly dark but dark in a opposite sense to the mindset of the master/slave mentality.

What is this personal darkness then? It is about the hidden layers within awaiting to be awakened. Being "evil" to me is not necessarily a negative thing. To be "evil" is resonating on the frequency of inner freedom. That is something that can never be understood by the conscious mind. As it is constantly trying to form opinions on the hidden layers it cannot grasp in depth. One can just "feel" it. Think about it. Analyze it into parts and fragments but it's a totality. Impossible to describe with the possible exceptions of illusions, lies, paradoxes, metaphors, fiction, poetry, music...

And it's a positive energy to me.

I'm not trying to enforce this state upon others though. That would be to follow the pattern of the controllers. I think inner knowledge is purely subjective and my "evil" might be understood as "good" in the face of some others. Many simply don't seem to mind it. Some do but then I try to surround myself with individuals that can "sense" what this "evil" is about. It's a question of relativity. That "evil" as a word can have different connotations.

Talking about evil, darkness, transfiguration of values and so on.

But being quite pleasant to be around.


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