That Unforgettable Summer

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Sora is a student who was never really big on the whole love thing, especially once his was heart was broken. but now, it seems as though he can’t ignore what is happening around him, his past catching up to him and the future riddled with mystery. will he be able to love once more? only time will tell in ‘’that unforgettable summer’’

Co-written with Brick

Table of Contents

The Past and the Present

Submitted: June 19, 2016

When I was younger, I used to imagine that falling in love was the best thing that could happen to a person. I could not wait for my... Read Chapter

Crimson Confession

Submitted: June 19, 2016

The sun hits me right in the eyes, I grunt in displeasure, I unwillingly rise from my bed, and sit up to notice Youhei in the strangest... Read Chapter

The Perfect One

Submitted: June 19, 2016

“Youhei! Youhei! Wake up damn it!” I yell as I throw a textbook at him,
“Huh? What?” Youhei mumbles barely awake
As Youhei tries to walk he stumbles and has a spectacular fall onto the table, during his fall his pose was quite something, a mix of a ballerina and a monkey flailing its arms about. As Youhei gets up from the floor he rubs his head with a dazed look
“Hey why’d you do that?” Youhei asks
“Because we’re going to be late for school again!” I yell
“School isn't for another couple of hours right?” Youhei says as he looks over to his clock “WHAT!” Youhei yells as he realizes the time isn't what he thought it was.

As we enter class we hear our classmates talk about the new transfer who comes into our class today. Just as we get to our seats Mr Yoshino comes into the room and tells everyone to get to their respective seats ready for class.
“As you all know we’ve got a new addition to the class” Mr Yoshino says beckoning the new student to enter the room.
the door slowly opens and a girl steps in looking at her feet before turning and looking at the class, I hear a few whispers about how good looking she is before Youhei says to me
“Dude, she’s from the diner”
“No way” I respond
“Stop chattering and pay our new student the respect she deserves” Mr Yoshino snaps,
we all stop and look at the girl who’s standing nervously at the front
“Hello, my name is Yuuki Sakurai, you may have met my twin sister Manaka, I hope to get along with all of you” Yuuki says trying to keep looking straight and not blush
“Dude, she is so hot” Youhei whispers only to be hit with a piece of paper thrown by Hanako who heard him.
“Yuuki you can sit in front of Youhei, Next to Hanako” Mr Yoshino says glaring at us obviously aware of our antics.
As Yuuki takes her seat I see Youhei’s face light up with joy, and it looks really creepy, so creepy I felt like I’d be his next target.

During class I felt the stares of all the male classmates at me with pure jealousy of my proximity to Yuuki. the moment the lunch bell rings all the guys rush over eager to talk to Yuuki, in the process I get shoved out of the way.
“Sora, you ok?” Hanako asks as she offers me a hand up
“Yeah, just got pushed down from all the guys” I reply with a laugh,
“Come on let’s grab Youhei and go eat lunch outside” Hanako says with a bright smile.
“Youhei you perverted freak come on” Hanako says as she kicks Youhei who is smirking in a rather creepy and perverted way.
“Ouch, ok, ok I’m coming” Youhei says getting off the floor.
As we walk out of class I glance back to see how flustered Yuuki is from all the attention and to my surprise she’s already looking at me, as our eyes meet she instantly looks away and blushes slightly.
“So where do you guys wanna eat lunch today?” Hanako asks,
“With Yuuki!” Youhei states confidently,
“Youhei you are getting weird again” I say
“I agree” Hanako adds
“Yeah whatever” Youhei laughs.

As we sit down for lunch under a large tree Youhei starts ranting about how ‘perfect’ Yuuki is.
“She’s like a goddess, a saint, ah, just perfect” Youhei states
“Ew, you are so creepy” Hanako says
“Hey! Don’t insult me and my love for Yuuki, The Perfect One, she’s a gorgeous individual, she’s a divine girl whose beauty will transcends time and space” Youhei protests
“I’m glad you feel that way but I don't feel the same way about you sorry” Yuuki says standing with Manaka behind Youhei
“Holy mother of god!” Youhei says with a start obviously unaware of Yuuki’s presence.
Hanako bursts out laughing and I do the same
“Hey Yuuki looks like you already have fans” Manaka says nudging Yuuki in the side
“Manaka please don't say weird things like that” Yuuki says adjusting her glasses and looking slightly embarrassed.
“May we join you three for lunch?” Yuuki asks,
“Yeah sure I don’t see why not” Hanako says smiling
“Yahoo” Manaka yells,
“So Yuuki why’d you transfer here?” Youhei asks,
“Youhei that’s really none of your business” I add trying to stop Youhei’s advances
“Thank you Sora” Yuuki says.
“So Yuuki how do you know Sora?” Hanako asks
“Well I’ve never actually met him I just hear a lot about him via Manaka” Yuuki explains,
during the explanation Manaka gets flustered about how honest Yuuki is.
“Well it’s not like I talk about him much” Manaka laughs trying to play it off
“Manaka, you talk about him more than you talk about yourself” Yuuki states.
Manaka goes quite red in the face before panickingly packing her things
“I-I have to go see the teacher” Manaka says flustered
“What was that about?” Hanako asks
“Yeah, no clue” Youhei replies. Read Chapter

White Blouse

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Scream from the Heart

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The Start of Something Big

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Submitted: June 19, 2016

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