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Future warfare story

Submitted: June 19, 2016

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Submitted: June 19, 2016




Below is an encrypted message, you will decipher this as you read. 
(reminded below)


Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (MingW32)







This is an encrypted message.

You will get the key when you reach a crucial moment in the storyline.









“Commander, I think we should ask Lenard if this is how he plans to go ahead.” I said.  

“Yes, you are one hundred percent right, Private. We will be calling him shortly.” Said Commander Kiani.

24 hours prior to this conversation, Zeapp Corp. decided to attempt to release a biological toxin into populated areas of Drexel, the city we live to protect.

Lenard Vanlaere, a trained professional hit man, and one of the best in the world, is on our side. He is one of the smartest and strongest individuals I’ve ever met in my life. More so than even the likes of Nova9 agents, which there is now only one left… Alek Nova.
Alek Nova’s birth name is Alek Machesky. He was the first Nova9 experiment on humans. He was transformed into a super soldier by a corrupt, and wrong intentioned corporation called Zeapp Corp. They run experiments on humans, and animals to make war machines. But they cover everything up with the intention that they only test for diseases, and help fight the biological wars that have been going on for the past 197 years. In the year 2087, Russia started to experiment on humans with the SS9 serum.

It is now 2284, and with the help of Elite German Forces, we took out all of the NOVA9 projects. All but Alek. He has disappeared, and that is a very bad thing.
Lenard Vanlaere is also a super soldier. Equally equipped as Alek, but with a stronger mindset and more people behind him.
Lenard was experimented on by what is left of the U.S Government.











Chapter 1. Revolution of Masks

Most of the U.S Government was taken down during the Revolution of Masks in 2080.

The Feds were trying to take Civil Liberties away from citizens. Let’s just say… It didn’t work out too well for them.
People were tired of it, so they rose up and took down the White House. There are very few people allowed to be in Government these days.

There is no more corruption in the Government now. All the corruption comes from Zival Styakuva. CEO and Founder of Zeapp Corp. Ran by Russians and almost impenetrable.
That’s where Lenard comes in. One of the fastest, strongest, and smartest people on the entire planet.
Linguist, Cryptographist, and Soldier.
He is hardly human anymore, but he still has a soul.

He helps the U.S Government to take down Zival.

Zeapp Corp. has locations worldwide. But their main hub is located in Alaska. Alaska was invaded by Russia in 2097 and captured. They offered a cease-fire for the land. We accepted. Then Zival’s father began construction of the facilities on Alaskan soil. All inhabitants were offered either jobs, or free flights out of the land.

Most took jobs, others either fought or left.

Ever since, the Government tried to secretly take Alaska back. To this day they have not succeeded. 

The ones who decided to flee the, now Russian controlled land, joined the U.S Military in hopes to one day recapture their beloved home. One of the men, named Galen Scofield, is on the SECTAR3 team. Alongside Agent Lenard, Commander Leif Kiani, and interception expert Lindsy Simril.

They have been a team for over 13 years now, fighting against Zival.

Equipped with the best hardware, software, and weapons on the planet, they have taken down countless facilities owned by NOVA9 in search of Alek Nova. They have had 9 encounters with him, but he have managed to escape and kill 51 SECTAR3 agents.
SECTAR3 was started when a group of NOVA9 agents bombed the U.S Embassy 15 years ago. It was a group of 55 of the best military servicemen all over the world. Germans, English, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Canadian. Alek Nova has since then been able to wipe out most of the entire team, alone.
He is good.
But not as good as Lenard.
Alek and Lenard were in hand to hand combat in one situation, and Alek was badly injured. He escaped and has never been seen since.

We are on a constant vigil deciphering codes sent from Zival to his workers, in hope of intercepting a message about Alek.

Over the past 2 years, we have secured roughly 200 shipments of the SS9 serum. The very same liquid used to create super soldiers, and the cause of Zival’s animal atrocities.


The city of Drexel is where our base is located. It is a large city located in New Germany. It is very complex in appearance and is very bright. Thus hiding any thought of us setting up here. There is a great bar across from the building we use, they serve the best Heddy Kager. Lenard likes to drink it while he deciphers code. But not nearly as much as the commander.

Our job is to make sure that the people of the world are kept in the dark about what is happening. If Zival launches out any serum attacks on public we have to ensure a counter attack before any public hits are made.

If the public knew what was happening then the past 200 years will have been for nothing. Schools, hospitals, law and order, will all be demeaned. We cannot risk another war being waged, it would ruin everything we have worked towards. Everyone in the 21st century thought that world peace was impossible, but with the end of Zival’s corporation, it would happen.

 The world has since been ridded of nuclear weaponry. After the Revolution of Masks, all the major nations of the world decided to launch all nuclear warheads into space.

All, except one.

The Russians kept it a secret for over 50 years. But then they finally decided to attempt an attack against the U.S. They launched their warhead at us.

Little did they know, 25 years prior, the U.S and Japan collaborated on a huge technological breakthrough… The SAAMF. Strategic Air-to-Air Magnetic Field. A missile that, when near heated metal, deploys a magnetic field and drags the incoming projectile to space with it.





Chapter 2. Operation Alaska

“Hey, Leif.” Said Lenard.

“Yes, sir?” The Commander said hesitantly.

“I think we should start to try interceptions soon. Is she here?” Said Lenard.

“No, Sir. She should be here within the hour.” The Commander said disappointedly.
“Don’t sound so mad, Commander. It’s perfectly okay for her to be late. We were all late to something in our lives. Even if it were saving the world.” Lenard said jokingly.
Two hours passed before Lindsy arrived.

“Hey guys, sorry for the tardiness. I was stuck in traffic.” Lindsy said anxiously.

“There is no traffic on the military highways, Lindsy. Its fine, but do not ever lie to us.” Said the Commander.

“My apologies, sir.” She said, promptly.

“Okay, Lindsy. Start with the interceptions now, please.” Said Lenard.

“Yes, sir.” She said.
47 minutes into interceptions she raised her hand with a tan piece of paper, with code written on it.





Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (MingW32)



Lenard grabbed the paper, and sat down at a desk with a pen and notebook.

“Now let’s see here.” He said.

20 minutes later, he stood up and said “They have a shipment of serum at the Alaska facility. We need to go. NOW!”

“How the hell did you decipher that code so fast?!” Said Lindsy.

“I’m just really good at this stuff, now let’s go!” He said.
“I’ll get the Falcon ready!” Said the Commander.

The Falcon is a quad jet, capable of Mach 12 speeds. Or about 7200 Miles per hour.

From Germany to Alaska takes around 35 minutes.

We have endured numerous tests to be able to handle the speeds of the Falcon.

As we step into the Falcon’s cargo bay, command sends a radio message to Commander Kiani, telling him that Alaska has upped security measures and has 4 Beholder Tanks surrounding the premises.

As we are flying to the destination, 2 miles outside of the Alaska location’s radar, we prepare our weapons. I have a 75 caliber bolt action railgun. Commander Kiani has a 22nd century heavy machinegun, Lindsy uses her P.I.M to hack into security systems and help us from the outside, Lenard uses a sub machinegun system attached to his robotic chassis.

As we arrive to our landing zone, Commander Kiani turns the Falcon to autopilot and the quad jet lands itself. As we exit the Falcon’s bay I look to my surroundings, quite flat besides the small hill that we landed behind. Its freezing cold, looks to be around -31 degrees Fahrenheit. I run to the nearest high spot, I see a huge iceberg and use my rappel gun to propel myself up it. The scope on my rifle lets me view clearly over ten miles. I turn the cloak abilities on my suit and gun to on, and begin to scout the area where we were told the tanks would be.

“Commander, I am in place.” I said.

“Tell me what you see, kid.” He said.

“I see three tanks staring back at me, wasn’t there meant to be four, Commander?” I said, worryingly.

“Yes… Keep a good eye out, we came in here invisible, so there is no possible way they already know.” He said, firmly.

I keep looking, left and right, for the fourth tank. Nowhere to be found, I turn around and see it. Behind me, in the ice cold water, is the fourth tank. It looked as if it had gotten stuck. As I turn my heat vision on to see if there is any living things inside the huge, and very intimidating death machine, I see three people moving slowly inside, as if to attempt to get it out. By this time all communications should be down for them. I aim very carefully toward it and wait for one of the heads to appear behind the left cannon of the Beholder Tank.

Five minutes pass, and one of the soldiers inside the tank is looking into the aiming screen of the tank, which is located directly behind the left cannon.

I take a very precise shot, the rifle makes a very quiet whistle sound as the rail leaves the rifle. It slides right into the cannon, and I watch as I see his head move an ever slight motion backwards. I knew I had succeeded the shot when he fell to his knees and the two other soldiers panic and lift open the hatch to look around. I load another shot, this time, it’s an explosive round.

I shoot it into his lower torso, so as to not let the shot pass through. It does, but hits a part of the tank and explodes, killing both soldiers instantly.

I turn my attention to the other three tanks, all three facing forwards. I know from past recon missions, that the tanks are completely sound proof. Anything happening outside is completely quiet. So I lay two explosive rounds next to me with one loaded in the chamber of the rifle. One shot right into each of the left cannons will disable everyone inside for good.
Pft, goes the gun as it shoots one round out.

“Two down, sir.” I tell the Commander.
“Two??” He says, confusingly.
“Yes, sir. One was behind me.” I say back.

“Well that was unexpected.” He says.

I take the second shot, right down the barrel it goes, as I see a slight orange glow inside the cannon, I hear a slight popping sound about ten seconds later. I stare at the last tank with heat vision on to make sure they didn’t hear it as well.

They don’t act out of place. I load the last round into the rifle, shoot, and wait.

“Sir, all Beholder Tanks are down.” I say, into the coms.
“Good job, kid.” He says, sternly.

Then, out of seemingly nowhere, a Devourer comes out of the facility. A Devourer is a 15 foot tall, quad treaded mech vehicle with a 25 foot long plasma cannon on the top of the cockpit, 15 homing rockets on each side of the cockpit, two laser emitters on both of the front treads, and each of the four treads has a set of hydraulic stabilizer spikes, to keep it from recoiling back due to the power of the shots from the plasma cannon.

“Uh… Sir… Please tell me you see that.” I said over the coms.
“Yes, Private. I see it.” He says.

“Should I set it up, Lenard?” The Commander asks.

“Yes, go get it out of the Falcon.”

They are talking about the C.S.A.A. Compact stationary anti-armor. When activated from the ten inch by ten inch by ten inch box, it transforms into a 5 foot tall cannon with drills that keep it grounded. Armed with a 200mm cannon, with a fire rate of 20 shells per minute, it is the worst nightmare for armored vehicles. We have the only one in existence.

As Commander Kiani aims the C.S.A.A at the Devourer, loads ten shells into the rifle, laser-sight flipped on, and unloads on the monstrosity that, given the chance, could take out half of New Germany. The 200mm shells penetrate the outer shell of the Devourer; a cannibalistic escapade ensues steel on steel until nothing left. A stroke of good luck, as it this time around merely had not spotted us.

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