Places To Go

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HE is busy getting ready.......

Submitted: June 19, 2016

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Submitted: June 19, 2016



Places To Go.


I've places to go

People to see

Please would you just stop

Bothering me.

It's way too important

Would you just hush

Surely you've noticed

That I'm in a rush.

Would you just move

You're blocking my light

If I'm not ready

I'll miss my flight.

Will you stop talking

You're making me late

You know getting flustered

Is a feeling I hate.

Would you just shut up

With your trivial worry

I'm leaving right now

And I'm in a hurry.

Whatever the problem

I'm sure you will cope

Advise from me?

You haven't a hope.

I am what matters

You just get on

Back into the house

Where you know you belong.

But if there's a disaster

And my plans have to halt

You know and I know

That it will be your fault.

So go get it sorted

Whatever it is

You are the lackey

And I am the BIZ.

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