Brexit - Which Way Goes the UK?

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The UK vote this week on whether to stay or leave the European Union is a momentous decision. Here's hoping they decide to stay.

Submitted: June 19, 2016

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Submitted: June 19, 2016



On June 23, the citizens of the UK will have the opportunity to vote to stay in the European Union or to leave and strike out on their own. The vote has made headlines and is being portrayed as a momentum event in the history of Europe-- and it is. The European Union was set up in the aftermath of World War II to serve not only as a source of economic union and security, but an attempt to tie European countries together so that they would never take up arms against each other again. In this second, more important goal, the Union has been a spectacular success. If the UK would vote to leave, it would have a significant ripple effect which could jeapordize the EU and the pax Europea that has existed for the last seventy years.

Here are some of the potential impacts:

  • The UK, hit with higher tariffs and the lack of access to European markets would enter a recession, further exacerbating right wing tensions in the country.
  • Scottland and Northern Ireland would decide that is the UK can secede from the EU, they can secede from the UK and do.
  • Territories in Europe, especially Cataluna in Spain are emboldened by the secessionist wave and vote to secede. When they are blocked by the government  in Madrid, they take up arms.
  • Greece decides it has had enough and pulls out of the EU, emboldened by the UK.

The fragmentation of Europe begins, just when the contintent can least afford it and need to stick together. The waves of Middle Eastern immigrants continue unabated.

It's hard to imagine that in a world in which China and India are rising in power, how the UK plans to navigate the world's currents by itself, adrift and unable to call for support from the mainland European continent. The UK no longer wields the power or influence  to go it alone. The Empire is no more and better to be an influential fish in a big sea than a starving fish in a small bond.


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