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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Farrah Faith recruits while her opponents, as well as her enemies, gather to shut her down..

Chapter 5 (v.1) - GATHERING FORCES

Submitted: June 19, 2016

Reads: 378

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Submitted: June 19, 2016




A Novella

Nicholas Cochran  

Chapter Five


On the first day of school, shortly after Cal and Jake hit the deck, Wendy Durham watched Jack running after Farrah Faith. She tried to process the scene in her mind while reaching for the correct emotions. She and Jack were on the brink of break-up all summer, a fact she passed off as heat-related—or perhaps because Jack was working on a pipeline for the summer in some Province with a weird name in Canada. His letters to her dropped from three a week to one a month. She rightly reasoned Jack had at least one summer romance going. Considering how all the girls at Bethany High felt about him, it was not a major leap for Wendy to suspect that all the girls in whatever prairie way-station he inhabited, felt very much the same toward her tall, dark, and very handsome boyfriend. She would expect no less. However, summer was over, school had begun, and seeing him chasing a blonde Venus, who was taller than she was, annoyed the hell out of her.


Elizabeth Blair couldn’t resist twining her hair as she listened to Farrah Faith telling her that playing with your hair was a sign of a switched-off brain.

“What did they pick on you about in elementary school?” caring, keen, eager to help.

Elizabeth gave a little lift to her slender shoulders as she rolled down her lower lip and softly said.

“I don’t know . . . everything, I guess.”

Elizabeth was short, barely five foot two, but slender, with a soft complexion and long black hair. She had feet that were not very big but appeared to be bigger than you’d expect. They, and her legs, looked like the only powerful parts of her body. On the first day of school, Farrah Faith immediately undertook the mentoring and nurturing of Elizabeth. Farrah Faith was also trying to find out why and how the other girls in Beth’s elementary school—and already, some in her freshman class here as well—picked on her. Why was she a target for bullying before, and even now after only one day at high school?

“Well Beth—can I call you Beth?” kindly, encouraging. Elizabeth nodded and wondered why this  . . . this blonde giant from the senior class was even talking to her.

“Good. Well our first job is getting you into shape. Can you keep up with your class work?” Elizabeth barely nodded a yes, and a look of caution appeared in her eyes.

“All right then; now it’s time to get you into physical shape; do you play any sports?” efficient, pre-planning.

 “I like skating.” Her eyes sparkled and a trace of a smile rushed across her cute face.

“Wonderful,” with a quick hug,” “that’s a major asset; anything else?”

“I was hoping to play—well, try out for the soccer team . . . maybe . . .  perhaps.” She tucked her head and lowered her eyes.

“Excellent,” Farrah Faith rose and towered, “you’ll make the Varsity; believe me, you will. My aunt and uncle have a big gymnasium next to their house; used to belong to a boy’s boarding school; not used by anyone now . . . except me. I’ll pick you up and take you to meet my aunt and uncle, and then we’ll start getting you into shape. Want to go there after school?” Elizabeth Blair nodded in a stunned sort of way before they went to their respective classrooms.


When Al Fennerman arrived in Bethany, his seething incredulity was stoked, if only because he couldn’t possibly imagine an enemy of his company residing in a hick town like Bethany. Added to that, his belief system insisted such a nefarious enterprise could not possibly be spearheaded by a woman; a very young woman. He made his first stop at the Hallowed Grounds Coffee Spot, drooping directly opposite his two stars, outside-entrances motel. It was only ten blocks from the high school, where his information told him he would find Ms. Faith.


Standing grandly at the end of a modest circular drive, the imposing home of Farrah Faith’s aunt and uncle took up all the surrounding open space. Tree branches and bushes lolled against the amiable walls and windows on most of its three floors. Endless shades of late summer as well as newly drenched greens pushed forth colors of red, white, and orange that gave the nineteenth century house a remarkable presentation.

On the left side, through the foliage, peeked some grey angles of a smaller building; the entertainment room to Aunt Mary and Uncle John; the workout room to Farrah Faith; the crucible of miracles for the chosen twelve.

After Beth suffered nervously through the introductions, she and Farrah Faith went upstairs to change into workout clothes. Beth had managed to hunt up a pair of blue shorts, a sports bra, a white tee, and a battered pair of tennis shoes. Beth stopped using the latter after flunking out of her local tennis group.

Farrah Faith loomed in front of her, sporting all black tights from shoulder to toe and wearing strangely-shaped footwear that looked like soft sandals to Beth, but were Farrah Faith’s Tiger martial arts kick shoes.

“Okay?” Farrah Faith examined her friend’s attire with a pleasant smile, “well, here we go.” She opened the door, followed Beth downstairs, and led her out a side door and into the green.

Almost immediately, under a tunnel of  dripping arching rose bushes, a narrow flagstone path appeared, which, after ten yards or so, brought them to a low, narrow door on the east side of the ‘recreation’ building. Lichen spread itself here and there on the walls of the building while some drenched deep-green moss trickled over the top of the door.  Everywhere they passed enfolded them in a transitional embrace of unseasonable coolness. The air gushing out upon them from the now opened door, was as cold as a sod food-storage hut. A palpable blackness filled their view through the doorframe, when suddenly brightness burst upon the interior. Farrah Faith turned, took the hand of her friend, and pulled her into the light.

Four high walls topped with sets of long windows looked down upon a huge open floor space. Various types of athletic, gymnastic, and martial arts equipment sat in position at various carefully selected stations about the floor. On the walls hung mats and ropes.

The walls were painted a dazzling white; most of the equipment was black, with certain special items—which Beth didn’t recognize—painted red. The combination of these bold colors made the entire space appear both challenging and powerful—and perhaps a bit overwhelming, Beth thought.

Farrah Faith moved quickly through the routines she knew would be most beneficial for Beth. Next, Farrah Faith taught Beth some special moves and maneuvers to utilize Beth’s strong legs and feet.

“Well done, Beth; here, have some water.” Beth clutched the bottle with shaking hands and drank. “You did extremely well for a beginning.” Farrah Faith gave the young woman an applauding pat on the back. “Tomorrow, we’ll do the next set when all the other girls are here. Then you’ll have a partner to work with which will make all this more challenging, but also more meaningful.”

Beth stopped drinking and looking startled. “Tomorrow? Other girls? But ___”

“Absolutely. We have an entire team. We’ll all work out together, as well as decide how we can all keep our marks up . . . and, of course, when and how to use all the physical training you’ll be doing here. After a couple of sessions I’ll divide you into teams of four: three teams.”

End of Chapter Five

© Copyright 2020 Nicholas Cochran. All rights reserved.


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