My castle

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As a little girl, I dreamed of being a princess, but how can I be a princess when one is hidden from the world. Join me as I build back my castle, my world.
A short story to share, plus other side stories.

Submitted: June 20, 2016

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Submitted: June 20, 2016



As a little girl, I dreamed of big things like being a doctor, but what  kind of doctor can heal a broken heart?  When one is desperately, desperately wanting to be in love. While I was younger Daddy would tell me stories to go to bed. Cinderella, Snow white, and Rapunzel. I’ve always thought that one day a boy would save me and bring me colours to the world. I realised that all the princesses would do is silently wait for their prince in shining armour to come. But when time passed I knew waiting was wrong. Since I never talked much to other people. Even though I was desperately, desperately in need of friends to talk to. Instead of isolating myself with the world. Still.... 


The story starts back when love gets destroyed. Mummy would always tell be to find a man that will treat you better than Daddy. That time, Mummy left Dad. But soon remarried.  

Love is a  very strong word. Just like hate. No matter how much I hated that new replacement of my dad. I came to love him as my dad. Unconditionally.  


As I grew closer to the two digits,  I yearn that taste of love. Not family love or friendship love, but that love where your heart skips a beat.  

My love story is nothing but a fairy tale. It goes something like this...  




Once there was a little girl who was playing hide and seek with the world. Gradually she found her place to hide. But as time grew, she grew bored of waiting. So she started picking up sticks around her and tried to build a castle. She made sure that she wouldn’t make any sounds. The house protected her from everything, except for one day. When she was found in that little hut of hers, people would laugh, destroying the castle of hers.  


As she grew closer to the two digits, she became curious of other castles. One day she got invited to Prince Kasshi's castle. The castle was miraculous, but lonely in a way. It suddenly turned into a ball. For many nights they danced together but one midnight she ran away without a trace. She found that he was with another girl, so she ran away.  


She went back to her broken castle, and she drew a moat, making sure that no-one got hurt. So she could hide her pain. She cried, and cried. That evening, Seji, a farmer offered some hay. She took some, a LOT. So because of her kindness, she killed him.  

The hay castle was built, and slowly tore apart. She cried, and cried. Not because, she was jealous of that girl that was with the Prince, but she regretted meeting them. Regretted that she hurt them, so much.  


Heavy rain started to pour and covered her tears. She never stopped thinking about them. It changed her, tearing her castle in pieces. For many days she was covered in rain and darkness. "Why am I like this" she whispered to herself over and over again.  


One day a kind magician appeared, in a way found the little girl in her useless state. The magician; Hentai Oji san, had a mission to stop the rain. Since it rained everywhere for the past few days without stopping. The little girl never invited him inside the castle, never to cross the moat. With many trials he couldn’t stop the rain. He noticed that the little girl was troubled. Gradually he forgot his mission, and fooled around with the little girl. The magician promised her a lot of things, and most of all he promised her that he would help build the castle. The little girl slowly forgotten about her pain and laughed. No matter how much conversation they exchanged, the little girl never let him be closer to her. Even if she was extremely, extremely in love with him. Still... maybe she wanted to protect their little friendship. To protect herself from having that pain again. 


The rain stopped and the sky was still grey. The soaked castle fell on her and reviled her. The magician  suggested me to build her castle in stone. Soon bricks were sent to her. The magician was a traveller so he left to go to another castle.  

Soon the little girl was figuring out the floor plans of a 'perfect' castle. She overlooked all of Sky's designs. Sure it was pretty, almost perfect, but she wanted to build her perfect castle by herself. Without hurting anyone. Especially the ones she loved the most. So Sky kindly left her. 

The little girl seeped into her imaginative world and daydreamed almost like forever.  

A pretty girl, drenched and cosplayed walked towards herHime; a beautiful princess stood in front of the little girl. As soon as the princess looked her in the eyes, she smirked and stripped her clothes off, transforming into a guy.  

"What are you doing," he said, almost teasing her. The little girl defended herself and played along with the half-naked boy.  

"Put some clothes on" the little girl laughed.  

Hime treated her like a fool. The little girl would always, always, play along with him. Days passed quickly, the sky parted, and the warm sun welcomed. The little girl slowly loved the way he teased her, and slowly she became to like him. She thought maybe... maybe he is the prince that is going to save me, and she would softly smile to herself.  

The little girl started moving the stones wherever she felt like it was right. The little girl, for once, welcomed the stranger, who soon became her friend. Hime was there helping her; giving encouraging words.  


From time to time she would ask herself, "Why am I so stupid?".  

"That’s right, Baka" she would reply to herself, and laugh softly.  

Slowly more and more people offered to help build the castle. Soon the grand stone castle was finally built, and it stood in the middle of nowhere. A grand opening of the castle was left opened for people to enter.  



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