Knocking It Back

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There's nothing quite like a spot of whiskey when life is getting you down.......

Submitted: June 20, 2016

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Submitted: June 20, 2016



Knocking It Back.


I'm hitting the whiskey

I'm knocking it back

It's going to cure

The life that I lack.


Perhaps just a single

Maybe some more

I'm gonna get drunk

Because life's such a chore.


Why don't you join me?

Come on, here's a glass

Don't frown so much

Or the moment will pass.


Okay, don't bother

It leaves more for me

You will regret it

Just you wait and see.


So now you're all sober

I just want to laugh

But drinking alone cuts

The fun right in half.


Don't look at me like that

You could have joined in

That look – condemnation

Like I committed a sin.


I know in the morning

My head will be thick

And if I keep on

I will get really sick.


But this is a fantasy

All just a dream

I'm drinking my coffee

Hold off on the cream!



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