One Eye Tears

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Two eyes one weeps one is dry.

Submitted: June 20, 2016

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Submitted: June 20, 2016



I weep for my brothers and sisters,

I weep with one eye.

The other remains dry and closed,

It shows no remorse for the things it sees.


I pray with one hand....

With one hand I pray for the things I have seen with my one eye.

The other hand does not believe in prayer,

It has seen nothing worth praying about with its eye.


I stand on one foot.....

I stand on one foot firmly against the actions which my one hand prays about and my one eye weeps about.

My other foot is lazy,

It has not seen any action which is worth praying or standing for.


I wave one flag....

I wave one flag with one hand about the things I pray and weep about.

Other flags do not matter,

It is only my one flag which I show support for.

However the flag being flown is only in the direction of the WEST,


The only way to beat terrorism is by showing the world we care about the rest.

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