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"Summertime", a poem about conflicting emotions of the seasons by Roger Rodolf.

Submitted: June 20, 2016

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Submitted: June 20, 2016



Ah, the smell of summer.

My nose filled with the scent of green.
But not dark green, no.
Rather, a light, soft green that fills the air with happiness.
Blue skies filled with soft clouds,
Laughter and giggles from children across town,
who could ask for anything else but the summer time?
I could.
I hate summertime.
All the happy people, 
all the smiling faces.
Get them away from me!
I want rain and pain,
sadness and madness,
the sky should be filled with gloom!
When the clouds are angry, 
and the thunder booms,
that is the true feeling of emotion!
Not all this happiness and laughter,
no more cool skies and warm temperatures.
Throw it all away,
I'll take the rainy day any day!
But maybe I'm changing my mind,
looking outside and looking into the clear sky.
After all, the grass is green,
people walk in the streets in shirts over their elbows.
It's a happy time for all,
But forget it I say!
I hate it this way.
I prefer the snow to come down to cover the streets,
when you sleep, pull up the sheets,
help freeze the meat, the weather should be beneficial!
What does summer provide,
besides people finally seeing eye to eye,
when they finally go outside!
I can't stand summer time,
I wish it would rain. 
I wish it would rain for days and days,
so everyone can feel my pain.

© Copyright 2017 Roger Rodolf. All rights reserved.

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