Insanity Stings

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Her mind was like a labyrinth. The walls changing and shifting every time you got close to the truth. Once you stepped inside you were lost forever.
Why wasn't it me.

Submitted: June 20, 2016

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Submitted: June 20, 2016



“You told me you weren’t a hero. You sat there and convinced me time and time again that you were nothing but villain. That you were this awful, horrible person who didn’t deserve an ounce of kindness in the world.  You convinced me that everything I thought about you was wrong but you know what?” tears flooded his eyes, his vision blurring as he stared down at the stone before him. The writing no longer readable. He clenched his hand tighter, the plastic wrapping around the roses crinkling under the pressure. “You were wrong. You were so bloody wrong and you couldn’t even see it.”

He stood still for a moment, taking a deep breath. Grief overwhelming inside him. Its thick fog clouding his entire body. He knelt down, his knees hitting the damp ground and bending the narrow grass that grew there. He pulled the flowers onto his lap. Droplets landed on the wrapping. The gentle patting rhythm of rain filled the world with white noise. Drizzle and tears mixed, weaving their way down his worn face. Sadness and anger ate away at him. Every breath harder than the last.

“What use even are these” He waved the flowers violently. Petals drifted down. The blood red colour decorating the grave stone. “Its not like you’re ever going to see them again…its not like you’re going to see anything again is it?” He stood up, anger flashing across his face.  He threw the roses down on the grave. The petals smashed into the ground, crumpling under the force. “Why did you do it?! Why?!” He screamed into the air before turning away sharply.

Every bone in his body ached. He felt tired, exhausted even. The kind that even sleep can’t seem to cure. Everything seemed to be going wrong. This wasn’t what was meant to happen. This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. Nothing like this was meant to happen. It was supposed to be him. It was always going to be him. God. Why wasn’t it him.

She had always been so hard to understand. So complicated. Nothing was straightforward. Why hadn’t he tried harder. Why hadn’t he stopped her.

Her mind was a labyrinth. Once inside it was impossible to escape. Everything tangled together in a heap. All her thoughts pushed together in a heap, bound and twisted. Every attempt to unravel it ended with its strings being pulled tighter. The walls would shift and everything would move, leaving you stranded in the dark.  There were no lights, only the occasional star to light your way. It was an intangible mess that left you alone and lost. Every time you got close to the exits, they would seal up and move. Every step dragged you further away than where you started. Once you stepped foot inside, you were stuck. You were a lost cause stranded from the moment you saw her.

He’d dedicated his life to trying to detangle her mind. To trying to save her from herself. Nothing ever worked. Nothing was ever what it seemed. That’s what she always used to say. He could hear her now. Mocking him as he stumbled along on the road.

“All the sadness can’t be good for you you know? I mean come on, being sad is my job.” Her voice echoed around his mind. The tears fell faster. His sobs becoming more violent.

He walked for miles. Barely noticing where he was going. His subconscious dragging him around. His body no longer in control of his mind. He could feel the madness sinking in. the familiar feeling of being lost had become home to him. Nothing was the same anymore. Everything was gone now. Insanity wove its way through his thoughts. Paranoia coursed through his veins.  Everything was coming to an end.  This was it now.

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Insanity Stings

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