Noir#1: Book of secrets

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He came in like a blow of wind.
To change my life.
To put me in between two different worlds.
To take away from me my beloveds.
To make me his.
For a meaning full reason
Nothing else.
To not let me out of his watch.
To keep me as his prisoner
To keep me with him.
Without ever loving me.
Hate was what I felt,
but soon enough,
Without me knowing,
I gave my heart to a demon.

Raquel pushed his body away from hers separating their lips and yelled.

"What do you think you're doing?!"..
He snorted and said

"Obviously I was kissing you until you pushed me away."

"Who gave you the right to do that?"
She asked furiously. "Raquel as I said you're going to be my wife even if you like it or not" "What? Who would marry a twisted jerk like yourself?" She grinned crazily. She just couldn't register any freaking thing in her mind.
"Well you can then bid your farewells to your father who is by the way in ICU." He stated angrily.
"You wouldn't do such a thing!" She yelled at him. He was making her lose her mind.

"Oh really now, why don't you try me huh? Cause I am pretty damn sure I can exceed your expectations."

He was right. She didnt know him well to know till what extent he could go to get what he wants.
She decided that she couldnt do any thing she didnt have any way out....


"I am not a Monster, I am the Demon Lord, who is going to be your husband and your retainer, isn't it so My little frail wife? Or you want you fath-"

"Yes... and you don't have to remind me."
And that was when her whole life took
An 180 degree turn and she was forced to be in things that she possibly didn't wanted.

She was thrown between dark secrets, her family, evil, good and a complicated dark love.

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Submitted: June 20, 2016

The sound of thunder came from outside the window. The little girl trembled with out most fear in her bed and under her covers. She felt ... Read Chapter